Why Does My Lenovo Laptop Keep Freezing

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Lenovo is the most widely used laptop brand as it offers premium features and superior built at an economical price. Though it has a good customer rating, many people report that their laptop hangs. This issue is quite annoying, especially when you are doing an important task on your laptop. So, it’s paramount to know: “Why does my Lenovo laptop keep freezing

Laptop hangs mostly occur when you are starting up your computer or using heavy software, which takes up much space in your ram. Before going for the solution, one must know the reasons causing Lenovo frozen on startup. So, let’s begin.

Why Does My Lenovo laptop keep freezing?

A Lenovo frozen on startup can be due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is the problem with the operating system. You have to boot your laptop in safe mode to fix this issue. If the operating system is exemplary, there could be any damage to hardware that makes it faulty and causes the Lenovo laptop to freeze. You have to repair the hardware component or replace it if needed. Sometimes, the software and drivers require an update; and the laptop hangs unless the update is done. Suppose the freezing issue on the Lenovo laptop continues after these. In that case, you should try updating your Windows as the newer version of windows fixes bugs related to the Lenovo laptop freezing. 

why does my lenovo laptop keep freezing

What Happens When Lenovo Laptop Freezes?

Laptop freezing is when everything in your laptop comes to a grinding halt. You cannot open or close any program or software, and the screen is still. The laptop becomes unresponsive, which can last a few minutes or longer. Many reasons account for laptop freezing.

What Might Cause Your Lenovo Laptop To Freeze?

Let’s uncover some significant causes of Lenovo laptops freezing on startup.

Hardware failure:

Due to the dust entering your laptop through spaces, the hardware can get damaged. The damaged CPU or motherboard fails to function normally. Especially if the fan system is not working, it causes overheating of the laptop. Hence the laptop hangs because the laptop hardware fails to meet the needs of Windows OS.

Non-Updated Windows:

Experts are always working hard to optimize the performance and user experience of Windows OS with each new update. If you miss any latest windows updates, you will notice that your laptop gets slow and freezes frequently. The Windows Update fixes any previous system bugs and improves the OS’s performance.

[icon name=”lightbulb” prefix=”fas”] Quick Tip:

If you have disabled the auto-update feature in your laptop, it would be best if you manually check the system update once every month. Just write Check for Updates in the search bar and Enter. It will take you to the settings where available updates will be shown if any

Malicious Software: 

Malicious software and viruses can cause the Lenovo laptop to freeze. The viruses can be in the form of encrypted files that occupy ample space in your storage and drive a slow Lenovo laptop. Corrupted software also occupies much of your ram. You can access the Task Manager from the search bar and check which software is eating up your ram and causing the Lenovo laptop to freeze.

Background Running Apps:

When you are working simultaneously on different apps, the laptop is sure to get slow because these apps take up much of the processing power of the CPU. Furthermore, some of them keep running in the background even after you close them and take up ram, thus causing Lenovo to freeze on startup. You can go to the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+del and see which programs are running in the background.

Driver & Software Outdated:

Software and drivers must be updated to the latest version to keep working fine. Once outdated, they cause the Lenovo laptop to freeze randomly. When the drivers are not up-to-date, they cause the malfunctioning of associated hardware and eventually lead to hardware freezing.

Unresponsive Site/Page In Browser:

Sometimes it’s not the laptop freezing but the page or site in the browser we are working on. So, we mix it up with laptop freezing. The browser gets stuck on a particular page or site and does not respond for a few moments. 

[icon name=”screwdriver-wrench” prefix=”fas”] QUICK FIX:

Open the browser’s Task Manager by pressing Shift+Escape. It will show you different sites and pages open in your browser. You can assess which site is consuming much CPU power and is frozen. From here, you can end such tasks.


When you are doing any power-intensive work, it’s normal for laptops to get overheated. The actual cause of concern is when this excess heat does not go to the sink or dissipate effectively. It can be due to several reasons, including blocked air vents due to dust or dirt, damaged fans, and torn thermal compounds.

[icon name=”triangle-exclamation” prefix=”fas”] WARNING:

Never put the laptop on your lap, mattresses, or unlevel soft surfaces as they block the passage of hot air from inside and cause laptop overheating to the extent of total failure.


  1. Always place your laptop on hard and flat surfaces like wooden tables.
  2. Use cooling pads for better performance. They effectively take away all the heat from the computer.
  3. If the laptop is warrantable, consult the manufacturer for a component replacement if any is damaged due to overheating. You can also ask the manufacturer to apply the thermal paste again if it is torn.

Insufficient Ram:

Viruses, background apps, and heavy software occupy the ram and cause low memory. Insufficient ram affects the system performance and may be responsible for the freezing issue of the laptop.

How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Freezes-Top 7 Methods?

Boot your Device: 

Booting your laptop will help resolve the freezing issue with any complex software or files. You can boot your Lenovo laptop with the USB. Pressing the Shift key while restarting will give you the boot options.

Clean your Laptop: 

Clean your laptop of all the unwanted software, apps, and files unnecessarily taking up the space in ram. Disable the programs running in the background. It will solve the laptop issue to some extent.

Replace the Damaged Hardware: 

If the hard drive, CPU, or motherboard is faulty and your laptop hangs due to hardware issues, repair it if possible. If the damage is severe, replace the damaged hardware component.

Update Windows & Software: 

Updating the Windows, most of the time solves the laptop freezing issue. You should update drivers and software for optimal laptop performance. 

Upgrade Ram:

If you frequently multitask, the laptop freezes because the ram is short in space. Upgrading the ram may help to fix the issue in this case. SSD is relatively better than HDD regarding speed and optimal performance.


Good antivirus software scans and kills any malicious files or viruses that enter your laptop, causing your Lenovo laptop to freeze. Install the Avast Antivirus from the official website and activate it to protect your laptop from all threats.

Factory Reset your Laptop:

Factory resetting your device makes it zero meters as it was when unboxed. It clears up the disc space and ram by erasing all the data. Hence, it improves the system performance and causes little or no laptop freezing. Make sure to back up your important data before performing a factory reset.

Frequently Asked Questions:    

How To Unfreeze Lenovo Yoga Laptop?

To unfreeze the Lenovo yoga laptop, try troubleshooting the device. For that, type troubleshooting in the search bar and open the setting. Then click on view all and select system maintenance. It will give instructions regarding troubleshooting. Follow them to troubleshoot the Lenovo yoga laptop safely. If it fails to work, boot the operating system or disable all the background running apps to deal with the freezing issue.

Why Does My Laptop Randomly Freeze?

If your laptop randomly freezes, the hardware might be the problem. The hard disk may have insufficient storage due to which the laptop hangs. The other reasons could be the software and drivers, which are not updated. Damage to the hardware, such as the motherboard, CPU, and fan cooling system, can also cause the freezing of the laptop. The outdated windows and the low ram are also responsible for Lenovo frozen on startup.

[icon name=”receipt” prefix=”fas”] Conclusion:

“Why does my Lenovo laptop keep freezing?” this query is well answered in this guide. The Lenovo laptop hangs due to many reasons. Knowing the different causes will enable you to opt for the right solution. Simply rebooting your device may solve the Lenovo laptop’s frozen issue. However, if the problem persists, overheating may damage the internal hardware components, or the laptop may be infected with malware. Repair the faulty hardware and install an antivirus to rectify the problem of Lenovo laptop freezing. Insufficient ram can cause your laptop to hang frequently. Performing a factory reset might help.

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