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Did your laptop screen blackout? A laptop screen randomly turning black isn’t unusual. Many people have complained that their device works fine, but the screen frequently goes black, hindering work progress. This issue led them to question why my laptop screen go black randomly.

There can be numerous causes for this issue. Window users are mostly facing it. To deal with a problem, you should be able to outline your cause. We have investigated all possible causes for your screen blacking out and the effective fixes.

Why Does My Laptop Screen Go Black Randomly?

The frequent display blackouts are annoying and reduce your working efficiency. As stated earlier, there can’t be a single reason for your laptop display to go black. The problem can be a hardware or software problem, an intense overheating issue, an interrupted power supply, or a defect in the video card. Let’s discuss the major causes and possible fixes that we can employ to deal with this issue.

Top 10 Causes & Fixes For A Laptop Screen Going Black

Cause 1:Defective Battery

Sometimes a laptop’s battery can cause problems. Even if the gadget is fully charged, the battery is faulty and will interfere with the laptop’s display ability. This issue can cause frequent screen blackouts occurring at random times. A bad battery can disrupt the everyday smooth system boot-up and make your screen go black.

Fix: Discharge Extra Power

If the black screen is due to a faulty battery, you must discharge all the extra power built into the device. For this:

  • Turn off your laptop
  • Remove the laptop battery
  • Power on the laptop 
  • When powering on the device, you are letting out all the power that has otherwise built up into the device due to a bad battery.

Cause 2: Corrupted Operating System

The operating system can sometimes cause your display screen to act out. But how will you know if it’s due to your operating system? It’s simple; your laptop screen will black out immediately after logging in. Moreover, you will only be able to see your mouse cursor on the black screen. Nothing else. Usually, an operating system gets defective when you install any corrupted program or app, consequently corrupting the OS and making your screen blackout. 

Fix: Reinstall OS

If the laptop screen works upon restarting, it’s a temporary problem, and restarting the device has resolved it. If the problem remains, you need to reinstall the Operating system. Only then will your display work smoothly.

Cause 3: Dim Display Brightness 

It may seem an unusual issue, but you might have unintentionally pressed the screen brightness down button, turning your screen partially black. The partial visibility indicates that your display brightness level is low. 

Fix: Adjust Screen Brightness 

To deal with the partial visibility, you need to look for the brightness up key located in the function key row and increase your screen’s brightness level. 

Cause 4: Defective Display 

Your laptop screen is defective; there’s no display. If the screen has a problem, it doesn’t display. Another way to determine whether the display is the issue is by connecting your laptop to an external display. You can connect your laptop to any monitor or even a TV. The issue lies in your screen if the external display works fine on connection. 

Fix: Replace The Screen 

The best way to fix the faulty display is by replacing it. It would be best if you showed your laptop to an expert. 

Cause 5: Faulty RAM

A damaged RAM chip can also cause your laptop screen not to work. 

Fix: Replace The RAM

To make your laptop screen work, you need to either replace the chip or seek expert help to fix it. 

Cause 6: Connectivity To External Display 

Usually, during dual displays, you configure the settings up to your preference regarding which screen should display the image. Should it be the laptop screen or the external display? If you select the external monitor, the laptop screen will turn black. If your laptop screen has turned black after connecting the device to the external display, this may be due to the display settings. 

Fix: Press F4/F5 keys

If you want the laptop and the external monitor to display the image, you need to press the Fn+F5 key. 

Cause 7: Unstable Power Supply

Your laptop display can go black due to an unstable power supply. You might wonder what the power supply has to do with the display. The answer is it does. Suppose the power supply isn’t stable and irregular. It can cause your laptop screen to get dim and bright, resulting in a screen blackout. 

Fix: Stable Power Supply

To deal with screen blackouts due to power supply, you need to look for a stable power supply. Plug to a socket where the current is stable. 

Cause 8: Overheating Issue

When your laptop overworks, or if its ventilation system isn’t working properly, then the laptop starts to overheat. As a precautionary measure, the power to GPU gets cut off; hence your display goes blackout. If this precaution isn’t added, then your laptop may get fried. 

Fix: Wait And Give Thorough Clean

The ventilation system may become non-working due to accumulated dirt, debris, and hair. You should turn off your laptop and give it a deep clean. Thoroughly clean the air ducts to prevent overheating. 

Cause 9: Faulty Hardware 

The peripheral devices, like the mouse, keyboard, etc., can also be the cause for corrupting your display. These devices can get corrupted and interrupt your laptop from displaying images properly. 

Fix: Disconnect The Devices 

Disrupt the peripheral devices to determine whether the problem is due to faulty hardware. If the display starts working, the fault lies in the accessories. 

Cause 10: Outdated Video Card Drivers

Video Card drivers assist in displaying content on the screen. When the graphics drivers become outdated, the screen stops displaying.

Fix: Update Video Card Drivers

If the issue is due to outdated graphic drivers, you must immediately update the drivers to the latest version for smooth display. 


We hope our article has successfully answered your query, “why does my laptop screen go black randomly.” The display is extremely important for smooth working. It’s a productivity-centric feature, without which work isn’t possible. If your laptop display suddenly goes black, it can mean various things. It may be due to corrupted software or a hardware issue. Your video card, battery, or display may be defective, due to which problems are occurring. This problem is faced by many, so we have highlighted the fixes side by side. 



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