Where Is The Power Button On Dell Laptop

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Are you facing challenges while finding the power button? With the advent of technology, the big brands are showcased plenty of the newest and latest laptops with power-rich features. However, with new designs comes complexity. For instance, the Dell Inspiron 3000’s power button is incorporated into the keyboard, making it difficult for users to find it.

Our article will address the common question…

Where Is The Power Button On Dell Laptop?

Where Is The Power Button On Dell Laptop

Power buttons are crucial for starting the laptop. Generally, most laptop models come with a power button between the display and the keyboard. However, the Dell Inspiron series is an exception. There are a few models with power buttons integrated into the keyboard.

Location Of Dells Power Button:

Plenty of laptop manufacturers design and locate power buttons so that the users find them distinct and easy to find. They are usually elliptical metallic shapes and lie between the screen and the keyboard. Therefore, by mostly opening up the laptop’s lid, immediately searchinginging for a metallic-colored button, the in-between space of the display and keyboard, you’ll immediately recognize the power button.

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However, the biggest issue with the dell is that they adore dark tones. Therefore, finding a dark-colored power button against a background of similar color is quite challenging. Moreover, it’s even more challenging if the position is shifted to the ideal location and into the keyboard layout.

Does Dell Have A Capacitive Touch Or Button?

Tactactive touch is different from the usual button. They are touch-enabled and usually found in iPhones, phones like Samsung, etc. When pressed, they give off small vibrations indicating that something is pressed. Dell laptops don’t have such Capacitive touch and most probably never will as they don’t want to confuse the RIRs users.

What’s The Power Button Location In Dell Inspiron 3000 and 5391?

It’s quite challenging to find a power button in Dell Inspiron 3000 and Inspiron 5391. This is because of their flawed design. Many users have already registered complaints regarding its cheap and flawed design.

The power button is integrated into the keyboard. It’s mostly in the number keys. Another flaw is that the power button isn’t distinctly designed to make it stand out. It’s made of cheap plastic, and usually, when pressed on, the key gets stuck or broken most of the time. This compels people to search for how to fix the power button on dell’s laptop on google!

How To Turn On A Dell Laptop? 

After knowing the exact location of the dell laptop power button, turning it on is a piece of cake. 

Step1: Make sure that your dell laptop’s battery is enough to turn it on. 

Step 2:If your laptop doesn’t turn on; it indicates that your laptop needs charging. Insert the connector pin of the charter into its charging port, and connect the cord to the wall mount—news whether the LED at its peripheral turns on. If yes, then it means that your laptop is charging. 

Step 3: you have to wait for at least half an hour before turning on your laptop. We do this so that the laptop gets sufficiently charged. 

Step 4: After charging, gently press the power button. Your laptop will display a boot screen. This is an indication that your laptop is starting. 

How To Turn Off The Dell Laptop? 

How to shut down a Dell laptop? Its very simple 

Step 1: Save up all of your data and documents. Close all the applications. 

Step 2: Gently press the power button for 10 sec till the screen goes blank. 

Step 3: your laptop gets turned off. 

However, please note that this method isn’t considered good since you are r to shut itself.

It isn’t safe and can cause your Windows OS to crash. 

For a safer shutdown, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Save all of your data. This is important because, during this procedure, all your unsaved data will get lost. 

Step 2: Left-click on the windows logo or start button on your display. 

Step 3: you will be asked to shut down, restart or sleep. Click the short down button. This will automatically shut down your Dell laptop. Don’t immediately close the laptop lid. Wait for the screen to turn blank completely. 

What To Do When Dell Laptop Doesn’t Power On? 

If your laptop isn’t turning on since the last time you shut it down, it indicates an issue that it isn’t booting into Windows. 

For this, follow the steps! 

Step 1: Gently flip your laptop and remove your laptop’s battery. 

Step 2: Press the power button for about 10 to 15 minutes. This procedure lets out all the extra power saved up into the laptop. It’s called residual power. 

Step 3: Reconnect your battery to the laptop. Now press the power button. Wait for your laptop to turn on. 

Step 4: If your laptop isn’t turning on, then wait for half an hour and then try to turn it on. 

How Do I Turn My Dell Laptop On? 

There is a power button between the screen and the keyboard layout. He gently presses it for about 5 secs. Your laptop will immediately boot into windows. You can even use the same power button to restart your laptop if it has gotten unresponsive. 

What Does Windows Start Button Look Like? 

The Windows Start button is usually on the keyboard and is the popular windows logo. You can press that key to access the windows menu. You will mostly find this key on the lower-left side of the keyboard. 

Wrapping Up:

The Dell power button is usually between the screen and the keyboard space. It’s usually round and elliptical. Before pressing it, make sure that your laptop is fully charged. Press it for 5 to 10 secs. The power button is usually integrated into the keyboard layout in other models! You can use the same button to shut off your laptop. 

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This Article is Updated in August 2022.

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