Where Is The Power Button On A Lenovo Laptop

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You cant work on a laptop if it isn’t turned on. Different laptop brands offer power buttons to turn on their laptop devices. However, some users need help finding it. Considering this common issue; we will provide a detailed guide on where is the power button on a Lenovo laptop

Lenovo enterprise is well-reputed among its fanatics. However, different Lenovo models; have different features and power button locations. This button is crucial, as without it; you won’t be able to power on/off your device; hence halting your work progress. Its location usually depends on the ease of the users; therefore; you will always find the button where you can easily spot it. Let’s discuss the various locations where you may find Lenovo laptop power button.

Where Is The Power Button On A Lenovo Laptop?

The location of the power button varies depending on the type of Lenovo laptop. The location highly correlates with the needs of the users and the laptop design. You will mainly find the Lenovo power button in three locations. These are;

  • On the top edge of the laptop; near the keyboard
  • Integrated into the keyboard
  • On the side; near the hinge of the laptop

Similar to the Lenovo brand; the Dell enterprise also offers varying power button locations for its laptop models. 

Let’s discuss in detail; why the locations vary and how users can benefit from these locations. 

where is the power button on a lenovo laptop

Locations Of Lenovo Laptop Power Buttons 

Lenovo enterprise always prioritizes its consumer’s needs. Therefore; considering its user’s ease; it offers different Lenovo laptops with 3 common power button locations.

On the Top Edge:

Some Lenovo laptop models offer a power button near the keyboard; on the top edge of the laptop. This location makes the power button easily accessible and convenient to its users. They won’t have to go the side of the laptop or back; to simply power on/off the device. Presenters and other individuals who have to frequently turn on/off their devices; find this location beneficial. 

Tip: Don’t use your power button to turn off the Lenovo laptop if it inst working. It’s unsafe and can corrupt your system. Use the keyboard shortcut keys Ctrl+Alt+Del to access the task manager. From there go to the power icon and shut down the device. It’s a safer way to turn off your device.

On The Side:

Some Lenovo laptops have a power button near the hinge; on the side of the laptop. This is usually found in convertible laptops; when you convert the gadget into tablet mode or tent mode; you can easily access the button; without having to flip it back into a laptop and then power it off. Digital creatives and graphic designers usually use such convertible Lenovo gadgets for ease.

Warning: Since the button is near the hinge; you may accidentally press the power button for more than a sec. Pressing and holding your power button for 15 secs can force shut down your laptop. 

On The Keyboard: 

Another common power button location is on the keyboard. Instead of having a separate physical power button; standing out; a few models are having a power button key in the keyboard; that turn on or shuts down the device. All you have to do is press the key. This key is usually found in the top row. For typists; it’s a convenient feature. However, incorporating it into the keyboard layout; increases the chances of accidently pressing it and shutting down your device. 

Note: Some Lenovo laptops have a power button labelled as a Novo key/ button. The Novo key is designed to access the BIOS setup. Pressing the Novo key ( located on the side or front edge of the laptop); you can enter BIOS setup for system recovery; allowing you to configure the settings.

Why Isn’t The Power Button Working?

Sometimes; your power button doesn’t turn on the Lenovo laptop. This may be due to various reasons:

Reason 1: Low Battery

When your laptop is low on battery; no matter how many times you press the power button; your laptop screen won’t turn on. 

Solution: To deal with this issue; charge your laptop battery and then power on the laptop. 

Warning: Faulty battery can also cause issues; disabling the power button function. For this; you need to remove the battery and fix it.

Reason 2: Loose Wire

The wire that connects the power button to the motherboard is either loose or faulty. 

Solution: Disassemble the laptop, and either replace or tighten the wire with the motherboard. 

Warning: If you make an error while disassembling and assembling; you may start facing hardware issues. Your Lenovo laptop may even start turning off. 

Reason 3: Shutdown error

If you frequently put your laptop to sleep or hibernate it; then your laptop won’t boot properly.

Solution: Avoid putting your laptop to hibernate mode or sleep mode. When trying to power off thelaptop, properly shut it down instead of forcefully powering it off using the power button.

Warning: When you force shut down your Lenovo laptop; all the work you have done; won’t be saved and hence will get lost; unless they were autosaved by the application. 

Tip: If your power button still doesn’t work; then you can turn on your Lenovo laptop without power button; by using the keyboard F10 or F2/Del keys, the Open Lid Power On function or by using a direct power supply.


Targeting the common query: where is the power button on a Lenovo laptop; we have explained in detail the common locations. Different Lenovo laptop models have varying power button locations; however, the three most common are on the top edge; on the side and on the keyboard. These locations provide convenience to the users. Moreover, the Lenovo laptop offers a Novo key/button for resetting or rebooting the system into BIOS setup. It is important that you are knowledgeable regarding the power button location; so that you can immediately turn on/off the device. If you are still unable to find the power button on a Lenovo laptop, then read the instruction manual or visit the Lenovo website for more information.

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