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What Happens If You Break A School Laptop

Mishappenings are a part of one’s life. Sometimes they leave the person guilty in front of people. But nothing to be embarrassed about as everyone is subjected to dealing with them at some point in their life. The best way to counter them is to remain composed and look for possible solutions. Likewise, you should be aware of “What happens if you break a school laptop” to find the right solutions.

Laptops are not as sturdy and durable as desktop PC. They are usually built from delicate components which can wear out if mishandled. So careful handling is required in part from you. The responsibility on you gets bigger if it’s not your own. School laptops are issued to every student by the school authority for digital learning. They are used throughout learning but can fail due to students’ recklessness.

Some ways cause your laptop to break; we will discuss them in detail so that you better avoid them and stay away from the embarrassment. The article will also highlight the possible things you should do once your school laptop has broken so that you can handle the situation with your brain instead of panicking.

What Happens If You Break A School Laptop

What Happens If You Break A School Laptop

If you break laptop, it’s not a good thing for you. The school administration might charge you a penalty for it. But if it is broken accidentally and you prove them well, you might be absolved of the charge. Ultimately, the school authority will issue you a new one in both situations because they would not like to make you compromise learning.

If you intentionally break a school laptop, the school authority will charge you a fine for bad behavior and might call your parents for a meeting. It is not very comfortable for you and your parents too. The best advice is to be careful and not clumsy when working with your school laptop.

What to do to avoid breaking a school laptop

You must know a few tips to avoid any bad incident. First, you should bear in mind that laptops are not computers. They are fragile and constructed from fine components which are easily broken. 

Tip 1: Always keep the school laptop in its bag when not in use. It will reduce the risk of the school laptop getting damaged. 

Tip 2: Never place your school laptop on a high or unstable surface. The damage can be severe if the laptop has fallen from a certain height. 

Tip 3: Don’t place your laptop on an unstable surface while working. Don’t place it in your lap as it can fall. 

Tip 4: Keep the liquid in the form of water or juice away from the school laptop. Use a capped glass if you are drinking while working.

Tip 5: Keep your school laptop out of the reach of children. They are unpredictable and can harm your laptop in many ways. 

Tip 6: for the safe side, back up your important files.

What to do once you break laptop

Firstly, you should be extra careful and avoid clumsiness when working on a school laptop. 

Suppose you have broken a school laptop. Now the first thing you should do is check if you can fix the damage yourself. Better it is if you can; however, if the damage is severe, you must inform your teacher about the incident. The teachers are usually trained on how to deal with such situations. They will try to fix the damage if that’s possible. 

If the damage is irreparable, then the IT department will be informed. They will give you a replacement. Some schools might charge replacement fees to the students and incur extra fines if the school authority finds out the student broke it intentionally. Many schools don’t ask for replacement fees if the incident happens for the first time. Even if they charge, the replacement fee is not unaffordable.

School Insurance Policy

The laptop insurance policy provides indemnity for any unintentional damage to the laptop by the student. So the school will provide you with a new laptop for learning if you have broken your school laptop because they don’t want to put your education at stake.


What happens if you accidentally break a school computer 

Ans:  if you accidentally break your school laptop, ultimately, you will be given a new one in replacement. If you are lucky, you won’t be charged a replacement fee. But the worst that can happen in this scenario is you will be charged a replacement fee with some fines by the school authority.

What happens if you break a school Chromebook 

Ans: if you break a school Chromebook, you should try to fix it if you know the technique. If not, then inform the teacher and IT department about the damage. You will be given a replacement to continue your learning. A replacement fee can be imposed or not, depending on your luck.

How much is a school Chromebook if you break it 

Ans: A damaged school Chromebook can be fixed at approx. 100$. However, schools usually buy a bulk of Chromebooks at the rate of 200$ per item. So, a total of 300$ might be charged to a student as a replacement fee for breaking a school Chromebook.


We hope you are now well guided about what happens if you break a school laptop. You should not panic if you break a school laptop, although it’s embarrassing. Stay calm and inform your teacher and IT department, you will be given a replacement for not compromising your studies. In the worst scenario, you might be charged a replacement fee and fine, but the fee will be reasonable enough. Mostly, the school has an insurance policy for accidental laptop damage. To conclude, you should learn to be careful when using a school laptop. 

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