Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

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Are you facing laptop charging issues, or is there any problem with your charging port?

Laptop charging ports are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to damage-unlike other computer counterparts. Your system won’t operate unless your laptop has enough power supply, provided through charging.

Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost?

Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

However, if your charging port has issues, you must repair them.

Why Isn’t My Laptop Charging?

The inability of your laptop to charge can be due to the following factors:


Your laptop might not be able to charge because of the battery. Remove your laptop’s battery to determine whether the battery is causing the use or use. Then directly plug in the charger to the power supply. Try to turn on the computer. If your laptop smoothly turns on, the problem lies with your battery.


Sometimes, connecting your laptop to the charger for a long time can make it get hot. Moreover, if your charger can charge your laptop, check its wire for any cuts or breaks. Also, see the Ac brick and the wire end. If you see any discoloration, then it indicates that your charger just got hot burned! It would help if you had switch charger repairs.


When you connect the charger to the charging port, you normally see the charging icon on the laptop display. However, if there is a problem with the connector, your laptop won’t change.

Laptop Settings:

Rarely can this be the cause? Sometimes, your laptop won’t charge because of its power settings. Go to the control panel, then to power settings, and reset it. Then plug the connector. Hopefully, the laptop should start charging.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Laptop Charging Port?

The broken charging port laptop repair cost varies according to the model.

The average laptop charging port repair cost is usually $100. However, this price may fluctuate depending on the laptop model.

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Excessive use of a laptop battery port can cause it to either get damaged or dislodged. The type of damage usually decides the final repair cost.

Laptops may get shipped for repairs through UPS ground or via FedEx ground. The client usually pays the shipping cost. Payment is made via credit card. 

Cost Factors:

Laptop repairs cost fluctuate depending on the type of damage. Whether its deformed metallic tentacles or an issue with the power socket, 

There are plenty of factors that could affect the repair cost. This includes:

Labor & Parts Replacement:

Like all repair agencies, the repair cost depends on the amount of labor required to repair the damage and the parts that need to be replaced. In short, the more severe the issue, the higher the cost. The problem with charging ports can often be solved with just some software tweaks or by replacing the charging cable, battery, or power plug repair.

 However, the real problem lies with the laptop. If there are issues like faulty motherboard or battery sensor or burned charging circuit,  These issues are delicate and need professional assistance. Hence, they cost more. 

Service Providers:

Vost also depends on the repair service provider that you approach. Some expensive service providers want you to ship your device to their shop for accurate assessment and repairs. Such service usually costs around $100, with shipping cost exclusive. 

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On the contrary, few service providers would come to your home and fix your laptop. It allows you to wait and see what the repairer does to your laptop. 

Urgent Repairs:

 Standard repairs take about 2 days. However, if you need your laptop in less than half a day, you’ve got to cough up more money. On the other hand, if you can wait for 2 days, paying extra would be unnecessary. 


Before any repairs, you should make sure that your laptop’s warranty is still active. This helps a lot. If the issue of your laptop is within the limitations of the manufacturer, then you can get them to assess your laptop first before coughing up money. 

Laptop Model:

The cost of repairs also depends on your laptop’s model. You need to pay more for repairs if you have the latest laptop model.

Asus Laptops:

 For instance, for Asus charging port repairs, you need to give 25$ to 300$.

Acer Laptops:

If your Acer charging port is not working, the total repair cost would be 100 to 300 bucks.

Lenovo  Laptops:  

The Lenovo laptops are quite robust and reliable. Therefore, for Lenovo laptop charger port repairs, you’ve got to cough up around 113$ to 300$.

HP Laptops: 

For, hp charger port loose repair, the total cost is 100 to 300$

How Do I Know If My Laptop Charging Port Is Broken? 

A broken charging port isn’t challenging to spot. 

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  • Firstly, you will face some charging problems. The battery won’t charge, or it may discharge whenever you turn your laptop on. 
  • The battery won’t charge beyond a certain percentage. It will never fully charge the laptop. 
  • Lastly, your laptop won’t boot up. 
  • You can connect your charger to another laptop if that laptop charges that it indicates that the charging port has some issue.


How To Protect The Laptop Charger Port? 

Laptop users usually neglect their charging port safety. And once it gets damaged, they need to spend extra bucks on its repair. Below are a few tips that can help keep your laptop safe. 

Use Unwrapped Wire:

Many people believe that using wrapped laptop wire keeps it safe. But it is wrong; the wrapped wire causes pressure on the copper wire. This ultimately shortens the charging wires’ life. 

Power Strip:

A power strip can help reduce your laptop charger port getting damaged. At best, you should use one with plenty of power sockets. A reliable power strip with an integrated surge protector would be ideal. 

Prevent Sitting Near Sharp Edges:

It would help if you did not sit near objects with sharp edges, as they can damage the charger rubber and affect its pin function. 

Wrapping Up:

Charging ports are the lifeline of your laptop. If it gets damaged, you’ve got to cough up money for its repairs. This article highlights the laptop charging port repair costs, different issues you might face if the charging port is broken, and some precautions to keep your charging port safe. I hope it was helpful to you!¬†

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This Article is Updated in August 2022.

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