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The minimum amount of ram necessary to run a Windows 10 pc is 2GB. At such a low ram, the operating system will allow only light tasks to be done, like browsing, writing documents, and mailing. Even such light tasks become difficult to perform after some time with 2GB ram. So knowing “Is 4GB Ram Enough For Windows 10″ is important.

The amount of ram for windows 10 depends primarily on the user’s requirement. However, 2GB ram is still not enough. You ultimately have to boost it to 4GB ram for satisfactory performance, which will be a good amount of ram for light-duty work. A higher ram, like 8, 16, or 32GB, is required to run windows for heavy-duty tasks like video editing or gaming.

Our article highlights the suitable amount of ram for various tasks required for the operating system of windows 10pc. Let’s get into the details!

Is 4GB Ram Enough For Windows 10

is 4gb ram enough for windows 10

The minimum ram for the operating system of windows 10pc is 2GB, which is insufficient for daily usage. Yet, at 4GB ram, one can conveniently perform tasks like writing assignments, mailing, and web surfing. If you want to enhance the performance further, adding ram will help. The more the ram, the better it is, as the more ram offers smooth performance while multitasking. The 4GB ram is insufficient for the game freaks, and the higher ram, like 8GB or 16GB, might suffice. For power-intensive games and video editing apps, you might require 32GB ram for smooth and fast performance.

Why you need to upgrade Ram

Random-access memory is internal hardware used for storing the data temporarily and providing access to it when needed. The system performance entirely depends on the amount of ram. Most of the time, the operating system hangs, which annoys the users and reduces work efficiency. It’s usually caused by the low ram, making multitasking a hassle. The system will take time to load the applications and files.

Eventually, the system will come to a grinding halt when unable to load documents and apps. So, upgrading the ram to 8GB or higher is always better to troubleshoot such problems. Before upgrading the amount of ram of windows 10 pc, keep in view your working requirement.

If you are a casual user and perform light tasks on pc like writing emails, watching youtube, or browsing on the net, then 4GB ram is just fine. However, upgrading your ram to 16GB or 32GB for smooth and uninterrupted performance might be necessary if you are a graphic designer, video editor, or game pro.

4GB Ram in various tasks

Before upgrading, you should assess the performance of 4GB ram in multiple jobs.


The operating system should have at least 16GB or 32GB of ram for playing video games with a smooth performance. You can easily play light games like purble place with 4GB ram. But when it comes to video games like Call of Duty or PUBG, playing on 4GB ram is a no-go. Game streaming is also impossible at such a low ram.

Video editing

The video editing apps cannot work at their best at the 4GB ram. It will cause the computer to overheat and slow the system’s performance. 8GB ram will be good enough to perform the video editing task and prevent system lagging and failure.

Graphic designing

Graphic designing requires heavy software and tools for outstanding results. With a 4GB ram, the software cannot run smoothly, and the system will lag. The ideal amount of ram for graphic designing is 16GB, allowing the software to work fine without overheating the CPU.

Watching videos

Watching videos on youtube or Facebook at good video quality is possible with 4GB ram, provided you have a stable internet connection. You can also upload videos on social media conveniently. Web browsing can also be done with 4GB ram without the system hanging or slowing down.

Writing assignments

If you are a student and need to write assignments in Word, you can do it well on the 4GB operating system. You can write documents and prepare files in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint without facing any difficulty due to system lag.

Live video calling

Communication is not a problem with 4GB ram. You can video call easily on skype or other messengers with the satisfactory video quality. A stable net is all that is needed here.

To check the amount of RAM

Click the Start button. Then go to the system and check the installed ram line. It will show the amount of ram you have on your windows 10 pc.


can I use ram from my old laptop?

Ans: yes, you can use ram from your old laptop and fix it into the new laptop. The only thing you should consider before using it on the new laptop is compatibility. If it is compatible with your new device, fit it inside your new laptop precisely with the help of a screwdriver.

Is 2 GB ram enough for laptop?

Ans: 2GB ram is just the basic requirement needed to run the operating system of the windows 10 pc. But, it is not sufficient for the smooth and fast performance of the laptop. One may perform light tasks like writing documents and google searching with 2GB ram, but the working will be slow. So, it’s better to upgrade the ram to 4GB for optimal performance of light tasks.

Is laptop ram the same as desktop?

Ans: Because of the difference in size and configuration of the laptop and desktop, the laptop ram is not the same as that of the desktop. There is a difference in compatibility, so the laptop ram cannot fit inside the desktop and vice versa.

Bottom Line

This article has explained well, “Is 4GB ram enough for windows 10.” The performance of various tasks with 4GB ram is also discussed in detail. To summarize, 4GB ram is fine for performing light-duty tasks like writing documents and browsing; however, it’s not a good choice for gaming and video editing. It would be best to upgrade the ram to 16 or 32GB for heavy-duty tasks because the system will lag, and the performance will be affected if power-intensive apps and games run on 4GB ram.



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