How To Unlock Keyboard On Lenovo Laptop

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Is your keyboard not typing? Consider opening your laptop only to find that your keyboard isn’t working. It can be quite a bother. Your first conclusion maybe it’s broken! However, your keyboard may be locked. A locked keyboard is easy to unlock. You must follow a few steps to learn how to unlock keyboard on Lenovo laptop

Our article highlights in detail the step-by-step unlocking process and why your keyboard can immediately get locked. So, if your Lenovo laptop keypad is acting up, this guide is for you!

How To Unlock Keyboard On Lenovo Laptop?

How To Unlock Keyboard On Lenovo Laptop

You can unlock your keyboard keys in multiple ways. The keyboard unlocking processes vary depending on the operating system. If you own Windows10 Lenovo Laptop, the OS may not lock the keyboard as it doesn’t provide this feature. You might alter its response time. You can find out by pressing the key and calculating the time at which it responds.

Top 10 Solutions To Unlock Your Lenovo Keyboard. 

Solution#1 Wait For Your  Laptop For Full Boot-Up. 

If your laptop is booting, you won’t be able to access the mouse button or the keyboard keys during the process. You need to be patient and let the device complete its boot-up. After completing the process, the keyboard will unlock itself, and you can type as usual.

Solution#2: Use Shortcut Keys To Unlock 

To unlock Lenovo keyboard, use the keyboard unlock key. For different laptop brands, it’s a different key. Use the function key and Fn key combo to unlock the keyboard. 

Solution#3: Uncheck The Filter Keys

If you accidentally turn on the filter key, go to Settings and ease of access. Click the filter keys and uncheck them. If you want to turn it on, click check. 

Solution 4: Turn-off Numpad

Sometimes, it happens that you accidentally turn on the Numpad while typing. When Numpad gets activated, your numeric keys get locked. For this, repress the num lock button on the keyboard to unlock. 

Solution# 5:  Activate Lenovo On-screen Keyboard Feature 

If your keyboard is acting out, activating the on-screen keyboard is a way to deal with this problem. You can still access this feature even if your Lenovo laptop isn’t touch-screen. After activating the keyboard, you can use a mouse. To access this keyboard, go to the system, click easy access and select on-screen. 

Solution#6: A Simple Restart 

A simple way to deal with an unlocked keyboard is to restart the device. Restarting eliminates the bugs and problems your laptop faces, resulting in your laptop working perfectly. 

Solution#7: Make sure your Lenovo Keyboard Drivers Are Updated. 

You may face such a problem when you delay Keyboard Drivers’ updates. To keep up with the updates, you must follow the following procedure.

  • Go to Device Manager 
  • Select the keyboard, update drivers, and click on search automatically for drivers.
  • By doing this, the laptop will find a driver that’s compatible with it, then install and update your laptop keyboard driver. 

Solution#8: Clean Your Keyboard

Your keyboard may freeze due to accumulated dirt and dust. The debris particles can be the culprit for your keyboard malfunctioning. Therefore, provide deep cleaning to the device.

Solution#9: Choose A New Keyboard 

If all the solutions mentioned above don’t work, then this means that your laptop is currently facing hardware rather than a software issue. The best way to fix it is to replace your old Lenovo keyboard with a new one. 

Solution#10: Go To An Expert

If all the solutions mentioned above don’t work, then it’s time you consult a technician and have him take a look at your keyboard. 

Why Is My Lenovo Keyboard Not Working? 

There can be 5 major reasons why your keyboard has stopped functioning:

Reason #1: Numpad Enabled 

Num lock in the keyboard is designed to help you use part of the keyboard column as numeric. When you disable num lock, you can access the numeric keys. On the contrary, when num lock is enabled, you cant use the number keys, which may give the impression that your keypad is locked. 

Reason 2# Outdated Keyboard Driver

Keyboard Driver is important to provide you access to all your keyboard keys. If outdated, your keys won’t function, giving the image that the keys are locked. 

Reason 3: Dirty Keyboard Keys

Your keyboard keys may be jammed by dirt, due to which they have become unresponsive. To resolve this, you need to give your keyboard a thorough clean-up.

Reason 4: Your Keyboard Battery Is Out

If you own a wireless keyboard and it stops working, then most probably, its battery has worn out. You can replace its battery for reuse.

Reason 5: Your Keyboard Is Broken 

Lastly, your keyboard may be broken, so your keys are not firing. You will have to replace your keyboard and show it to an expert technician. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Unlock Keyboard Lenovo Thinkpad?

For Lenovo Keypad locked, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Select Ease Of Access
  • Select unchecked Filter keys. 
  • Your laptop keyboard will get unlocked. 

How To Unlock Number Lock On Lenovo Laptop? 

To effortlessly unlock the number lock on your Lenovo Keyboard, follow the steps below:

  • Go to settings 
  • Click Accessories 
  • Go to Ease Of Access
  • Select keyboard
  • Click on On-screen. Keyboard 
  • Click on options
  • Select turn on Numpad
  • Click Ok

How To Disable Keyboard On Lenovo Laptop?

To temporary disable Lenovo Keyboard, 

  • Press the Windows and X keys together. The Device manager window will pop up. 
  • Go to Keyboard and select the internal keyboard from its options. 
  • There you will find enable or disable option. Select disable and click ok.
  • Note: If you can’t find disable option, hit uninstall. 

How Do You Reset A Lenovo Laptop Keyboard?

  • To reset Lenovo Keyboard layout, go to Control Panel
  • From there, select System
  • Go to system protection and click on the Next button
  • Now, select a restore point depending on the date & time. 
  • Click Finish 


To unlock your keyboard for uninterrupted productivity, we have demonstrated ways in which you can successfully unlock your Lenovo keypad. There can be two reasons your keyboard starts acting up: Software and hardware issues. Depending on the issue, you should know how to unlock keyboard on Lenovo laptop. Moreover, it’s advised that you keep your laptop plus its accessories clean as dirt, hair, and debris can also be criminals for your keyboard’s malfunction. 

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