How To Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button

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Is your Lenovo laptop not turning on? Losing out your laptop’s power button is terrific. The power button is the only key that turns on your laptop. It’s a fundamental feature without which you can’t even turn on the gadget. However, if your Lenovo laptop’s power button breaks or malfunctions, you should know how to turn on Lenovo laptop without power button.

Worry Not! We are here to aid you in this task. We have highlighted the top alternative methods to power your Lenovo laptop without a power button. This guide is for you if you are among the fellas with a faulty power button!

How To Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button

Usually, when your laptop doesn’t start when pressing the power button, it could be due to an interrupted power supply. However, sometimes, the issue isn’t the faulty power supply; the problem is RAM, battery, worn-out video card, etc. To check for interruptions, you must ensure that the connector and battery are properly plugged in.

Let’s discuss some fixes for the broken power button to deal with it effectively.

Top 7 Methods To Turn On Lenovo Laptop Without Power Button.

Let’s discuss the popular alternative methods for turning on your laptop.

Method 1: Installing A New Power Button

If the laptop’s power button has lost its functionality, then one effective way to deal with it is to replace the broken button with a new one. However, this method is quite technical and requires the help of an expert. There are chances that a novice not familiar with the hardware may ruin the laptop.

To successfully install Power Button:

  • Remove the battery and unscrew the back lid of the laptop
  • Remove hardware, RAM, and even keyboard frames.
  • Below the frame, you will find the power button switch
  • Replace it with a new one.
  • Put back everything
  • Test the laptop by pressing the power button.

This process is in no way easy, and a single mistake can ruin your device. Therefore, absolute care is necessary.

Method 2: Use Keyboard Keys

Using the Lenovo laptop keyboard keys is one easy way to boot up your laptop when its power button not working. You just assign a role to some keyboard keys as the backup power button when the original isn’t working. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to BIOS by pressing Del/F 2 key or the F10 key. 
  • When the BIOS opens, search for the Power Management option and choose power on the keyboard. 
  • In power on the keyboard, you must select the keys that should backup up. 
  • Click on save 
  • Now, test the back -up keys and see whether the feature works or not. 

This method is less tricky and is an excellent countermeasure for power button issues. 

Method 3: Manually Connect Button Wires 

This method is yet another tricky one that requires great care. A minor mistake can damage the motherboard and make your laptop useless. Therefore, you should perform this task along with an expert. For this:

  • Remove the battery
  • Unscrew the back cover except for the screen
  • Remove all the hardware 
  • Remove the power button. 
  • Beneath the power button, there will be 3 to 6 pins. Use a wire to connect the pins. 
  • Place back everything and turn on the laptop. Your laptop will easily turn on. 

Method 4: Disable Clock Battery

This method allows you to power your laptop automatically whenever it connects to a power supply. For this, you need to disconnect /disable both the battery clock and the battery cable. Using this method will return all your hardware to factory settings. 

Method 5: Activate The Open Lid Power On Function

This method is designed, so your laptop immediately starts booting up when you open up your laptop lid. This method is a good alternative for a broken power button. 

To accomplish this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Press F2 to gain access to BIOS
  • Go to Power Management 
  • Select Power on with an open lid as something similar. 
  • Save. Close the lid and open it again. Your laptop will power on immediately. 

Method 6: Direct Power Supply

In this method, the laptop doesn’t need a battery or a power button to turn on. With the direct electricity supply, it gets turned into a desktop. You can turn it on and off with the socket button. To turn your laptop into a computer, follow the steps below:

  • Disable the connection between the power button and the motherboard 
  • Remove the battery. 
  • Directly plug into the power socket. 
  • The laptop will turn on. 

Method 7: Enable The Wake-ON LAN

Enabling the Wake-on Lan can also help you in powering your laptop. It’s the best alternative for a broken Lenovo ultrabook power button. For this, 

  • Press F2 and go to BIOS
  • Choose power management 
  • There you will find enable option for wake on LAN
  • Click it, select keys from the keyboard, and save changes. 
  • With this step, your laptop will begin functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On?

Usually, your Lenovo laptop fails to turn on due to a faulty power supply. Maybe you were in a rush and didn’t properly connect the battery with the connector. Unplug and plug the connector into the battery for a smooth start-up. If the laptop still doesn’t turn on, it indicates that the power button is broken. You may either need to replace the power button with a new one or use alternative methods to turn on your laptop without a power button. 

Where Is The Power Button On Lenovo Thinkpad? 

The power button on the Lenovo ThinkPad will be found on the right side, in the middle of the device. When you press the button, ut will start blinking, indicating that the laptop is powering up. If the power button doesn’t blink, it indicates that the button is broken and needs replacement. 

How To Restart A Lenovo Laptop That Won’t Turn On?

To restart the Lenovo laptop, you need to get access to the BIOS. For this, either uses a sharp tiny object to press the reset hole so that you can gain access to BIOS. Or use the Novo button, which most Lenovo laptops have nowadays. Pressing the Novo button will take you to the BIOS, where you can restart your laptop. 


I hope you have learned how to turn on Lenovo laptop without  power button. It can be quite frustrating when your laptop doesn’t power up after pressing the power button. The power button is a fundamental component for powering up your gadget. Without it, your laptop won’t power on and would just be a useless piece of junk. However, you can use many alternative methods, including changing the power button, using a direct power supply, manually connecting the button pins via wire, or enabling the wake on LAN. All these methods are effective and can help you power up your device. 

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