How To Restart Computer Without Mouse

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How would you operate your computer if suddenly your mouse becomes unresponsive? Sometimes your computer mouse starts acting out, and when you need to restart your pc, you find yourself in a pinch. However, the answer to how to restart computer without mouse is one word -keyboard. Even if your mouse stops operating, your computer keyboard is covered.

Our article highlights the various methods you can employ to restart your computer without a mouse. 

If your mouse or laptop touchpad has stopped functioning, this guide is for you!

Let’s learn how to restart your device!

How To Restart Computer Without Mouse?

You can easily restart the computer with the keyboard if your mouse stops working. You can use the keyboard to access the restart option in the start menu. You can also use specific keyboard shortcuts to restart the computer directly. You can also use the Run command procedure, command prompt, power button or BAT file process to restart directly. Let’s see how you can make use of your keyboard to restart.

How To Restart Computer Without Mouse

5 Methods To Restart Computer Without Mouse

Method 1: Restart Through Start Menu 

The first method is to access the start menu via the keyboard and select the keyboard option. This method varies in the different Windows version. We will discuss how you can apply methods of Windows 10 and Windows 11

Start Menu Access for Windows 10:

  1. To access the start menu in Windows 10, follow the steps below:
  2. Press the Windows key. It will open up the start menu.
  3. Press the tab key to activate the expand option, i.e., three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the start menu.
  4. Now, use the up/down arrow keys to access the power option and choose the restart option.
  1. Press enter key.

Start Menu Acess For Windows 11:

  1. For Windows 11, you won’t have to press the tab key. Press the Windows key, and use the up/down arrow keys to access the power option
  2.  Select restart and press enter.

Method 2: Restart A Computer With The Keyboard


This shortcut is used for closing all the applications running in your background. You can use the same key combo for restart. When you press the Alt+F4 keys, a Shutdown window will pop up.

Use the arrow keys and select restart, and then enter.

Windows +X:

  • This key combo is another way to restart your laptop/pc 
  • Using the Window+X key will open up the shutdown menu.
  • Use arrow keys to choose restart and hit enter.


This deadly key combo will open the following options.

  • Press the tab, which will access you to the shutdown option, enter it, 
  • choose the restart option and enter.

Tip: The Pop-up window for these key shortcuts will be different for every windows version; however, they all will provide you with the restart feature.

Windows +R (Run Command Method):

  • Using the Windows+ R key will open the run command window
  • Type: shutdown -r and hit enter
  • Your computer will automatically restart.
  • This step lets you control the time you want to restart your computer. For this, the command will change to shutdown-r-t. For instance, if you want the restart after 5 minutes, you need to type the command shutdown-r-t 300. The specific time has to be converted into seconds to work.

Method 3: Command Prompt Method

  1. To open command prompt; simply go to thesearch bar and type;command prompt; it will open.
  2.  If your computer lacks the applications; simply type run in search bar; and open the run windows; then type cmd. This will open the command prompt. 
  1. Then type the command similar to method 3 shutdown-r and enter. This will restart your compuer.

Note: The command prompt method can be used for shut down; type shutdown-s.

Method 4: Restart Via BAT file

You can use the BAT file to restart your computer. But for this method to work, you first have to create one. For this,

  • Press the Windows+R key. It will open the run command window
  • Type: notepad and hit enter
  • Then Type: shutdown-r 
  • Press Ctrl+S. It will save your file.
  • Then go to the save as option, using the arrow keys
  • Choose the file name 
  • Use arrow keys to move to file Type and choose all files.
  • Enter the save option.

It will create the bat file

Now, to access it, follow the step below:

  • Press the Windows+E key. Explore will open.
  • Use the arrow keys to find the file you named.
  • Once found, select and enter.
  • The computer will restart automatically. 

Method 5: Restart Via Power Button

You can also restart the pc by pressing the power button to shut down the PC and repress it to restart it. 

Warning: If your computer freeze or hangs and doesn’t shut down, press the power button, then hold the button for 5 secs to shut down. This action is called a hard reset. A hard reset will set your computer system to default.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Happens When You Restart Your Computer

When you restart your pc, all the useless files running in your background and other unwanted applications/ data get flushed out of your computer. These suspicious login files usually have viruses that occupy your RAM/ROM and slow down your computer. Therefore, restarting your device is equivalent to cleaning your computer of such hazardous applications/bugs.

How To Restart Computer Without Start Menu

There are plenty of ways, but two methods top our list are keyboard shortcut keys and the manual method.

Method 1: Power Button For Restarting The Computer

You can press your computer power button to force shut down your computer. Then repress it again to restart your pc.

Method 2: Keyboard shortcut key For Restarting The Computer

  1. You can press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously. 
  2. A new window will pop up. Select the power icon on the bottom right side, then click restart. 

How To Shutdown Your Computer With Keyboard 

To shut down or restart your computer without the start menu, press the keyboard keys Alt+Ctrl+Del combo. This action will open up a window providing you with 4 to 5 options; use the arrow keys and select shut down. Your computer will shut down automatically.


No doubt, navigating your computer apps via mouse is super easy. But, as a device, your mouse is bound to malfunction at some point. Therefore, you can use your keyboard if you ever need to restart your computer without it. Before restarting, save all your work using the Ctrl+S keys, as restarting your device will make your work lost. The methods discussed above are super easy. There are no drawbacks to using them. I hope you have learned how to restart computer without mouse.

If your laptop touchpad stops working, you can apply the same methods.

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