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Is your laptop acting out again? It is frustrating when your computer gets hung up while doing small tasks. The frequent lag makes it difficult for you to work smoothly; hence, there are two options. Either wait for the lag to go away, or factory rest your laptop. For this, you should know how to reset Acer laptop without turning it on.

When you factory reset your laptop, it will delete all your essential files and data. Your laptop system will move to factory default. This feature is quite useful when thoroughly cleaning up your laptop. Our article highlights the top 3 methods you can use to factory reset your Acer laptop. 

How To Factory Reset Acer Laptop Without Turning It On 

Acer laptops are equipped with an E recovery system. This feature is significant if your computer is malfunctioning. This software system lets your laptop recover from damage at a fast pace. Factory resetting your Acer laptop will make your laptop brand new. All the apps, files, and data that were previously present in it would be deleted. You can opt for this feature if your laptop isn’t working correctly, if you intend to sell your Acer laptop, if you want to deep-clean the system or if you want to factory reset your Acer laptop without a password. You can factory reset your computer via three methods: 

  • Reset Acer Laptop with CD
  • Reset Acer Laptop without CD
  • Reset Acer Laptop with Acer E-Recovery Management 

Lets’s dive into the detail of these steps.

Factory Resetting Acer Laptop Without Turning It On- A Step by Step Guide

Method 1: Reset Acer Laptop With CD

Factory resetting the Acer laptop with CD is easy as it requires only a few steps to follow. This simple process is possible only with an installation disk. To factory reset the Acer laptop, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Boot Up Acer Laptop

You must insert the installation cd into the Acer laptop in the first step. After inserting the CD, you have to boot up your Acer laptop. A Window setup will pop up. Then, hit the next button. 

Step 2: Troubleshoot Acer Laptop

After clicking the Next button, a new window will open. On the bottom left, you will find repair the computer option. Click on it. This step will open a set of options. You will be given three options:

  • Continue 
  • Troubleshoot 
  • Turn off PC

Click on Troubleshoot 

Step 3: Reset Acer Laptop

Hitting on Troubleshoot will further provide you with two options:

  • Reset PC
  • Advanced options. 

Click on reset PC. 

It will provide two options: 

  • Only the drive where windows are installed ( resets only the drive with windows) 
  • All drives. ( this option will reset all your drives) 

Choosing either of the two options will further provide you with two options: 

  • Just remove my files
  • Fully clean the drive. 

For hard reset, select the second option. Then click on reset. 

Your Acer laptop will be factory reset. 

Cons of Factory Resetting Via Installation CD

  • It would be best if you have the installation CD for factory reset. If you don’t have the Cd, you won’t be able to reset your device.
  • This method is overall quite lengthy and time-taking. 

Method 2: Reset Acer Laptop Into Factory Settings Without CD

This method can be done without CD and isn’t as lengthy as the previous one. However, this method isn’t compatible with all windows versions. You can use it with only windows 10/8/8.1.

Proceed with the steps below:

Step 1: Boot Up Laptop

In the first step, you must turn off your Acer laptop using the power button. After 5 seconds, turn on the computer using the same key. 

Step 2: Press the Alt+F10 key.

When the laptop logo pops up, immediately press and hold the Alt+F10 keys. 

Step 3: Troubleshoot Acer Laptop

Pressing the Alt+ F10 keys will pop up an options window. There you will find four options to choose from:

  • Continue 
  • Use device
  • Troubleshoot 
  • Turn off PC

Select Troubleshoot 

Step 4: Reset Acer Laptop

When you select the troubleshooting option, you must choose between advanced options and reset. Click on reset. From there, click on remove everything

Then hit the restart button. The Acer laptop will start resetting. This process is short and would take a few minutes only. 

Cons Of Factory Reset Without Cd Method

  • This method can only work when the system isn’t operating. If the system is functioning, you can’t use this method. 
  • The recovery partition is essential without the CD method to work. If it gets deleted, you cannot factory reset the Acer laptop. 

Method 3: Reset Acer Laptop With Acer E-Recovery Management System

Acer E-Recovery Management operates separately from the regular windows and is where your backup data is stored. Keeping data in the management system will protect it from potential danger if your Windows starts acting out. To factory reset via Acer E-Recovery Management, follow the steps below:

  • Power off your laptop and then turn it on via the power key
  • Press both Alt +F10 keys simultaneously 
  • Click on Restore. It will provide you with four options: restore OS, reinstall applications/drivers, retain user data or restore the system into factory default. 
  • You have to choose one as per your preference. 
  • A list of instructions will appear. 
  • Follow the instructions to restore the Acer. 
  • Following this will restore your laptop to its old version since it has utilized the backup you have saved. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to Reset Acer Laptop To Factory Settings Without Password? 

You can factory reset your laptop without password by three methods. 

  • In the first method, you can factory reset the laptop using an installation disk. However, this method applies to only windows 10 and windows 8.1 laptops. 
  • The second method is resetting Acer’s laptop using the Alt+F10 keys. This method doesn’t need any installation disk and applies to only laptops with windows 10 and 8.1
  • Lastly, you can factory reset Acer using the Acer E-recovery management system. This system restores the original Windows that was saved on your hard drive. This method applies to only windows vista and windows 7.


We have demonstrated how to reset Acer laptop without turning it on. The laptop is prone to damage and will start acting out at some point. To deal with this issue, you need to factory reset your computer. For resetting, you can opt three methods; you can either reset the device via CD, reset via E-Recovery management and lastly, reset the laptop without CD. All these methods are easy and are sure to succeed. However, do note that they do not apply to all windows versions. 



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