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A broken or damaged USB is inevitable. Laptop ports are subjected to getting faulty over time. A broken USB port will require USB port replacement. It is a must to know why is a laptop USB port not working. When the problem is identified, one should know How to Replace USB port on laptop.

Laptops with USB ports might have one or two USB ports that are not working. The simplest of all reasons is that dust and dirt have accumulated in the USB port, causing it to malfunction. Sometimes, the USB driver is not updated, which is the reason: Why is the USB port not working on computer. The worst reason is a broken USB port. In either case, you need to fix or replace the USB port.

Our article has some simple methods for USB port repair. Let’s explore!

How to Replace USB Port on Laptop?

How To Replace Usb Port On Laptop

Replacing USB ports on pc is simple as compared to laptops. However, you need to know the root of the problem in both cases. Just restart your laptop or pc as the first solution. If nothing changes, check if the USB driver needs to be updated. The computer has a broken USB port if the problem persists after updating. USB port replacement is necessary at this point. First, unplug all the power connections. Open the back cover of the laptop by using a screwdriver. Disconnect the motherboard from different parts and look for the faulty USB port. If possible, fix it or replace it with a new one. Assemble everything back and close the cover.

Reasons for malfunctioning USB port

Some reasons lead to the malfunctioning of the USB port requiring either USB port repair or replacement. To replace the USB port in laptop, you have to be careful not to damage the other components in the process, as the laptop is a delicate gadget. 

Let’s discuss some major reasons:

Dust or Dirt in USB Port  

When you don’t protect your laptop from dust and dirt, it may sit in the USB port and resulting in the USB port not detecting the USB device. Therefore, cleaning the USB port is necessary every week to avoid its malfunctioning due to dust. Vacuum cleaning of the USB port is proven successful. It clears the port of dust and prevents overheating of the laptops.

Problems with hardware 

If the USB is inserted too harshly into the USB slot, it may damage the USB port in laptop and causes hardware changes. If the USB card is loose into the expansion slot, it will be failed to detect it. In some cases, the connection of the USB port to the motherboard may be disrupted and causes malfunctioning of the laptop ports. 

Incorrect Software settings 

Sometimes, the USB port in laptop is not compatible with the laptop’s operating system. Due to software incompatibility, the USB port fails to function properly and seems damaged. It happens when you have changed your computer, installed new software, or equipped your laptop with a new port. You can rectify this issue with the right program settings.

Faulty USB device

When connected to the working USB port, the defective USB may cause it to malfunction and become inoperable sometimes. A simple restart may help to resolve the issue. If it doesn’t work, look for hardware damage, which may require USB port replacement.

Check If the USB Port Needs Replacement

First, you need to make sure if the laptop port needs replacement. To check the port status, go to the device manager from the search bar and click the USB controller option. If the port has dirt in it, clean it. Check all the ports from the USB controller option; if the driver is not installed, install it and restart the laptop. If the problem is still there, the USB port in laptop is damaged and needs replacement.

How to fix USB port on laptop: Easy Steps to Replace USB port on laptop

To replace the USB port, you must be precise and technical. The steps for USB port repair are simple. You need a simple tool: A screwdriver.

Step 1 

Unplug all the power supplies to the laptop for your safety. Turn the laptop upside down, and open the back cover by removing all the screws.

Step 2

Carefully remove the motherboard from the laptop by disconnecting it from different parts. 

Step 3 

Remove the USB port from the motherboard by removing the screws using a screwdriver. Disconnect the wire connections. Clean the area with alcohol before fixing the new USB port.

Step 4 

Attach the new USB 3.0 port to the motherboard in the right place with the help of screws. Connect the wires with the help of connectors

Step 5

Close the back cover of the laptop carefully using the screws. Turn on the laptop and check if it’s working fine. Install the compatible drivers. Sometimes, you need to update the driver by going to the device manager and USB controller options. 

You are all done replacing the USB port on the laptop.


How do I fix a broken USB port on my laptop?

Ans: Broken USB port might need a technical hand to be fixed. It is difficult to repair a broken USB port on your own. However, it is preferable to replace the USB port if it’s broken. Being a little careful, you can do it yourself.

How to check if laptop USB port is working?

Ans: Attach the USB device; if recognized, the laptop USB port is working. If it’s not detected, the USB port might be broken, or the drivers might need to be updated to function properly.

How much does it cost to replace a USB port on a laptop? 

Ans: The USB port on a laptop can be replaced for a max of $100. If the motherboard is damaged too, the cost can exceed. If you are a little technical-minded, you can replace it yourself. Otherwise, you would have to hire a professional, which might incur additional charges.

How to change USB port settings in windows 10?

Ans: Go to the device manager from the search bar. Then click the USB controller option. You can easily change the setting of each USB port from here. You can either enable the USB port or uninstall it if it’s not re-enabled.


You are now well versed with “how to replace USB port on laptop.” The steps are straightforward if you are a little technical and careful. A simple tool is needed, i.e., a screwdriver, for the whole process. After opening up the laptop cover, remove the motherboard and detach the faulty USB port. Disconnect the wire connections and fix the new USB port in its place. However, if you are still confused about how to do it, hire an expert to do it for you, as it’s better to spend some money than to damage your laptop.



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