How To Make Your Chromebook Louder

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Is your Chromebook not loud? A Chromebook having low volume is a common issue that you can resolve quickly. You can boost up the device volume by using Chromebook volume features or by some extensions specially designed to target volume problems. Our article will highlight how to make your Chromebook louder.

A Chromebook with good sound levels can provide you with the best entertainment experience. 

The low volume makes it impossible to interpret and understand the contents. Hence, a reasonable volume level is a must need. For this purpose, we will highlight the best apps to mitigate the issue.

How To Make Your Chromebook Louder?

You are probably wondering how to make sound louder. The chromebook comes with a built-in volume control feature. You can access this feature through the keyboard; display settings or via the volume buttons. If you want to crank up the volume beyond max; then you can use the software. Through software, your speaker will be louder; however, the loud volume does not guarantee good audio quality. You may hear sound cracking or extreme distortions.

The company tests the speakers and labels the volume max at which perfect pitch is maintained. The above options are all excluded. You can increase the volume through software like Ears, VLC, and MLX players. 

Note:  Although you can boost the volume through the volume booster apps, they don’t guarantee good audio quality. Your speakers can also get damaged in the process, don’t use them too much.

How To Make Your Chromebook Louder

How To Increase Your Chromebook Volume?

Your Chromebook may not be able to sound louder; as you might have set the volume too low; there are three ways in which you can in case the volume in your Chromebook.

Method 1: Use Keyboard Shortcut Keys.

On the Chromebook keyboard; you will find three keys with a speaker icon on them. These keys will allow you to mute, increase or decrease the volume. To increase the volume; press the key with a speaker icon with sound waves.

Method 2: Use the Screen Settings

You can use the screen settings to adjust volume. For this 

  1. click on the time; a window will pop up. 
  2. There you will see a volume slider; increase the volume to how much you want.

Method 3: Use Chromebook Volume Buttons

Newer Chromebook models now offer volume buttons; installed at the side of the Chromebook. You can use those to control volume

Method 4: Switch Off Noise Cancellation

Another way to turn up volume; is if you disable the noise cancellation feature.

  1. For this; click on the time; then next to the volume slider; you will find audio settings. Click on it.
  2. There you will find the noise cancellation option. Disable it

How To Crank Up Volume In Chrome Browser?

As you are using a Chromebook, you would be spending a considerable amount of your time using Chrome. You may watch YouTube clips or listen to your favorite podcast. If the audios are too low, you can increase them by using the extension Ear.

The Ear is an equalizer that operates exclusively with all the web pages opened on the chrome browser. If you are listening to your audiobooks, podcasts, etc., with Ear extension, you can quickly turn up the max volume.

Quick  Note: Ear presents you with a volume bar that starts at the Chromebooks preset volume.The higher you drag the volume bar, the more distortion and cranking you will hear. It’s best to stop as soon as the sound starts getting weird since it strongly indicates that things could get ugly. It increases individual frequency levels. You can set individual frequency levels to avoid distortions.

How To Increase Volume For Chromebook Videos?

If you are using another application apart from the chrome browser, Ear won’t work. But, you can use other apps like MLX or VLC player. These apps help increase the volume of videos exclusively. The playback bar on these applications will provide you with plenty of volume options to set the sound levels which you find appropriate. 

Let’s discuss these two apps in detail.

VLC Player: 

VLC player is an old competitive app that can boost volume for any file you throw at it—However, it’s a little complicated to use since its volume boost option is probably hidden.

Here’s how you can increase volume via the VLC player:

  1. When playing the video, click on the screen to open the playback bar.
  2. From there, click the three dots icon, and click on the equalizer app. A black window will open, with a horizontal bar on the top. Drag this horizontal bar to the right to increase the volume levels.

MX Player:

MLX player is the one that most people like due to its simplicity. Unlike the VLC player, the volume bar isn’t hidden and can be accessed by swiping the touchscreen up/down or using the trackpad up/down. This action will increase or decrease the volume immediately. You must open the file in the MLX player app and then try the up/down action to access the volume.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Do I Fix The Volume On My Chromebook 

Chromebook comes with built-in volume adjustment features. If your device volume is too low; you can use the volume keys on the keyboard and the side volume buttons to control it. If the built-in features don’t work; then you can install a Chromebook volume booster extension to make the sound louder

Why Is My Chromebook Volume So Low 

Your Chromebook volume may be low; because you haven’t adjusted the device volume yet. For this either use the volume icon keys on the keyboard; or go to the volume slider and turn up the sound. If you are using any headphones or microphones; you can increase the sound levels by going to the input/outpout options

Why Is There No Sound On My Chromebook 

You may not be able to what as your Chromebook might be muted. For this repress the mute key on the keyboard and your Chromebook will unmute. You will start to hear sounds again. If you are using any headphones; you can go to the audios settings, and adjust the volume of your headphones

How To Make Headphones Louder On Chromebook 

To make it louder; go to the time, and see the volume slider. You will find input tag alongside it. Click it. There you will find another volume slider, but that one is for the headphone. You can change sound settings by adjusting the volume slider for headphones as per your need.  


We have demonstrated how to make your Chromebook louder. You can increase your Chromebook volume via keyboard volume keys; volume buttons or using the display settings. If you are unsatisfied with your Chromebook max volume levels, you can boost them beyond max by using extensions like Ears or video players like MLX or VLC. However, keep in mind that increasing volumes don’t maintain good sound quality and even puts speakers at risk. Hence, use the apps with caution.

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