How To Make Your Chromebook Keyboard Light Up

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Due to the powerful emergence of the backlit keyboard, the newer Chromebooks support the keyboard backlight feature. The Chromebook with a backlit keyboard makes the task easier in darker surroundings, just like the other lighting keyboards. Yet it is significant to get knowledge of “How to make your Chromebook keyboard light up” to enjoy its total productivity.

Unfortunately, most Chromebook users are unaware if their Chromebook has a backlit keyboard because the brightness is set to zero in the Chromebook keyboard settings. Stay calm; you can easily adjust the brightness to your comfort in the Chromebook if you are one of them. Let us walk you through the process.

How To Make Your Chromebook Keyboard Light Up?

For school Chromebook keyboard light up, simultaneously press the Ctrl+alt+I, which will open the lighting menu on the screen. From the menu, select the lighting effect you want to apply: Steady on or Off. After selecting, click OK to activate the lighting effect. If you wish for the keyboard backlight to light up automatically upon startup, you must go to Chrome Settings and select the Keyboard option. From there, select the Turn-on option for all the keyboards. Now the backlit keyboard will automatically light up at startup, and you can enjoy working on the Chromebook at late hours.

How To Make Your Chromebook Keyboard Light Up

How to Turn on Keyboard light on Chromebook-Step-by-step Process?

The keyboard backlight has greater significance when you need to type something in the dark. The old Chromebook does not have a backlit keyboard; however, considering the higher demand for such a keyboard, the Chromebook with a backlit keyboard has entered the race.

Let’s get straight to the steps now.


Press the combination key ctrl+alt+I to light up your chrome keyboard. It will show the lighting effects menu. There would be different lighting options to select. The two basic ones are steady on & off and OFF. You should choose the ON option to turn on the backlit keyboard.


Now you have turned on the keyboard backlight, but it doesn’t light up the next time you turn on your Chromebook. You must assume changes in the Chromebook keyboard settings if you want the backlit keyboard to turn on automatically at the startup. Go to the Chromebook settings and navigate the keyboard section. Select the Turn-on option for all Chromebook keyboards. It will enable the keyboard backlight to turn on at startup.

[icon name=”triangle-exclamation” prefix=”fas”] WARNING:

Rebooting the Chromebook will restore the settings to default, and the keyboard backlight won’t turn on at startup.


Brightness level comfort varies from user to user. A higher brightness might be comfortable for older people and those with weak vision, yet at the same time, it will be irritating and painful for young, healthy eyes that work on the lighting keyboard for long hours. 

Fortunately, the Chromebook offers the feature to adjust the brightness of the backlit keyboard with three crucial keys: one ‘alt’ & two ‘brightness keys.’ Brightness keys have a sun icon on them which is a brightness symbol. One brightness key has a more prominent sign than the other to indicate it’s a brightness-up key. The other with the small icon is the brightness down key. 

To adjust the brightness to your comfortability, press and hold the alt key, then press the brightness up or down key as required to gradually increase or decrease the brightness. You should set it to the best comfort level possible.

The keyboard backlight Is Not On After Turning on the Backlit keyboard:

Sometimes the backlit keyboard doesn’t light up after turning it on in the lighting menu. If that happens to you, don’t get worried. It occurs when the brightness level is set to zero, so the keyboard backlight is not on even after enabling the backlit keyboard. In that case, you have to adjust the brightness with the three keys, allowing you to brighten up the keyboard suited to your comfort. When the backlight is not required, you can reduce the brightness to zero instead of turning it off from the lighting menu. It will also save some power.

Does your Chromebook support Backlit Keyboard?

To check if your Chromebook supports a backlit keyboard, press Ctrl+alt+I together. If the lighting options appear, you are lucky to have a backlit keyboard. If it happens otherwise, your Chromebook is without the keyboard backlight.

How To Light Up HP Chromebook’s Keyboard?

The backlight key for HP Chromebook is either F4 or F5. The key has an illumination icon, which helps you to identify it. Press the F4 or F5 key to turn on the keyboard backlight. Also, you can adjust the backlight brightness by pressing the same key. 

[icon name=”lightbulb” prefix=”fas”] Quick Tip:

If the backlit key does not work, press the Fn key together with the backlit key.

How To Light Up Lenovo Chromebook? 

Press the Fn key with the spacebar to turn on the Keyboard backlight on the Lenovo Chromebook. If you want to increase the brightness, press the same combination of keys again. However, pressing the Fn key with the spacebar the third time will turn off the keyboard light.

Pros & Cons Of Backlit Keyboard:

Since a backlit keyboard is so prevalent in laptops and Chromebooks, let us look into some of its pros and cons. 


  1. Pleasing to the eyes
  2. Enhance productivity by enabling work in a dark environment
  3. Comfortable design
  4. Looks cool


  1. Expensive
  2. Requires more power
  3. Not everyone’s preference

There are still many people who prefer plain-looking keyboards to backlight keyboards. Furthermore, the standard keyboards are also cheap and durable. However, if you have never used the lighting keyboard in your life, we recommend giving it a try once; you will be amazed. It is undoubtedly worth trying and might change your perspective if you were not into backlit keyboards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my Chromebook keyboard not working?

There are many reasons for a nonworking Chromebook keyboard. It can be due to the stuck keys, faulty keyboard, and corrupt Chromebook account. Following hacks can help fix the Chromebook keyboard, which is not working:

  1. Restart your Chromebook at least three times.
  2. Browse with the guest account. If the keys work with this account, your Chromebook account is corrupted. Delete that account and add a new account for the Chromebook keyboard to work.
  3. Hard resetting your Chromebook can help resolve the keyboard issue. Shut down your Chromebook, and after 30 seconds, press and hold the refresh key with the power button. Once the Chromebook starts up, release your press from the refresh key.
  4. If nothing works, factory reset your Chromebook. It will erase all the data on the Chromebook, so be sure to back up the data before performing a factory reset.

how to turn off keyboard on Chromebook?

The touchpad keyboard is automatically disabled when you fold your Chromebook to use it as a tablet with a touch screen. However, the onscreen keyboard may appear on the screen, which annoys you while working. To turn off the keyboard on the Chromebook, go to Settings in the bottom right corner of the login screen. Select Accessibility and then the Manage Accessibility Features option. In the keyboard option, turn off the Enable Onscreen keyboard in the dropdown menu.

how to change keyboard on Chromebook?

You can change the keyboard on the Chromebook by pressing the Ctrl+spacebar keys. It will change the keyboard on Chromebook from international to the US. It will be indicated by the US or INTL icon on the bottom right corner. This key combination is used to switch between different keyboards on the Chromebook. You can also change the keyboard by accessing the keyboard option in Settings and selecting the other keyboards on your Chromebook.

[icon name=”receipt” prefix=”fas”] Conclusion:

With the simple steps mentioned above, you are now well versed in “How to make your Chromebook keyboard light up” quickly. You can only customize the lighting settings if your Chromebook has a backlit keyboard. Specific combination keys can also adjust the brightness to the convenience of different aged users with the particular combination keys. We hope that information shared has helped you in your journey to light up your Chromebook keyboard for working in a dark environment.

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