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Lenovo laptops are frequently used worldwide due to their affordable prices and convenient features. However, after some time, their performance is not as fast and remarkable as before. The system lags so often, making a simple task a hassle. Before knowing How to make a Lenovo laptop faster, it is imperative to understand the reasons for the slow Lenovo laptop.

The causes of a Lenovo laptop running slow are diverse. It could be as trivial as the dust accumulating and affecting the cooling system, leading to poor computer performance, to as complex as corrupted windows. Just a little maintenance and care can make your laptops faster and save you from the time taking process of upgrading.

Suppose you are experiencing Lenovo laptop lagging and don’t know the reasons and solutions. Here is the place to learn the basic causes with the possible solutions. Let’s investigate!

How To Make Lenovo Laptop Faster?

How To Make Lenovo Laptop Faster

To make the Lenovo laptops faster, the first thing you should do is clean up Lenovo laptop. Most of the time, unnecessary applications and files make the laptop sluggish and affect the computer performance. So, uninstall all the preinstalled apps that you are not using. Look for windows updates and install updates if shown. Restart the computer three times as a first-line solution if you feel your Lenovo laptop is running slow. If nothing works, reinstall the windows or replace your laptop HDD with SSD. It will add more space for the operating system and the programs to run swiftly.

Reasons behind Lenovo Laptop Lagging

The reasons behind the sluggish and lagging Lenovo laptop are usually different. We have mentioned the most common ones.


If you don’t keep your laptop in a safe place, the dust can enter the laptop through openings and accumulates inside the laptop. It badly damages the fan cooling system. When the fans fail to cool down the system, the laptop gets overheated, thus, slowing down the performance.

Poor maintenance

Poor maintenance of the laptop’s components can lead to the Lenovo laptop lagging. When the cooling system doesn’t work due to dust accumulation, it can damage the internal components. So, proper maintenance is required when you work heavily on the Lenovo laptop daily.

Low Space 

When your laptop runs low in space, there is insufficient space to perform the tasks. The space is usually occupied by windows updates and installed software. So, the processing speed is reduced, and the performance is slowed. 

Insufficient Ram

Ram is hardware that temporarily stores the data, and system performance depends on the amount of ram. When the ram is small, the system will take much time to load applications. Most of the time, the Lenovo laptop hangs due to insufficient ram and makes multitasking quite a hassle.


Bloatware is any software or program preinstalled on your laptop. It is usually useless for the users, yet it occupies much space on a hard drive. If you have a brand new Lenovo laptop and are unsatisfied with its speed and performance, the bloatware program is the mere cause of the Lenovo laptop running slow in this case.


Viruses can enter your Lenovo laptop from an unauthorized website or malicious USB. They occupy enormous space and are in the form of an encrypted unauthorized file. Once your laptop is infected with a virus or malware, it will slow down the speed and affect the system’s performance.

Background running applications

Applications running in the background occupy much of the space in ram, which eventually leads to slow computer performance

Excessive tabs & multitasking 

One chrome tab occupies a huge space in the ram. If you are surfing the web and open five tabs simultaneously, the system slows down due to low ram space. The same happens when you are multitasking.

Unupdated windows and drivers

When the windows and drivers are not updated, they are responsible for the Lenovo laptop lagging. 

Hardware Issues

If the hardware, like ram or CPU, is physically damaged, it will affect the computer performance and make it sluggish.

How to Speed up a Slow Lenovo Laptop 

Now that we know the reasons behind the slow Lenovo laptop let’s find out how to speed up Lenovo laptop.


The simple and quick solution to the slow Lenovo laptop is restarting it. It will resolve the update issue automatically and make laptops faster.

Clean up Lenovo laptop

Here cleaning refers to both physical and digital cleaning. Clean the dust setting on laptop fans to optimize the cooling system and make laptops faster. To free up space in ram, clean up Lenovo laptops by deleting unwanted files, applications, or useless data. You can use the Disk clean-up option from the control panel to clear up storage space or use specialized apps like CleanMyPC or MightyPC Cleaner.

The disk clean-up tool in the system setting is easy and quick. Yet, the latter alternatives are more effective in freeing up space as they not only uninstall apps but also permanently delete any associated files.

Install antivirus

The antivirus protects your laptop against viruses. If your laptop is infected with the virus by chance, it scans the system and kills it, thus optimizing its performance. Installing antivirus software can deal with the slow-running Lenovo laptop due to malware.

Update Windows & drivers

Regularly update the drivers for fast operation. When windows and drivers require an update, and you don’t schedule the update, the laptop will start lagging unless the update is done. Hibernating the laptop prevents update; restarting the laptop will automatically undergo a windows update. 

Replace HDD with SSD

SSD has more spinning speed than HDD and makes less noise though it’s more expensive than HDD. Replacing the HDD in the Lenovo laptop with SSD can enhance the system’s performance and make the laptops faster.

How to Speed up Lenovo Laptop in Windows 10

The working solutions mentioned above can effectively deal with a Lenovo laptop running slow in windows 10. However, if they fail to make laptops faster, you need to reinstall windows 10 on your Lenovo laptop. It will erase all the data on your hard drive. So, be sure to back up the important files before windows reinstallation.


why is my Lenovo laptop so slow 

Ans: Lenovo laptops can become sluggish due to several reasons. It can be due to hardware damage, low storage capacity, unnecessary apps, malware, or bloatware. Proper maintenance and windows updates can prevent Lenovo from slowing down, allowing smooth performance.

how to stop my laptop from running slow 

Ans: Uninstall the unnecessary apps that are preinstalled on your Lenovo laptop. It will free up space from ram and prevent it from getting slow. Avoid hibernating your computer as it prevents important windows updates. Keep your laptop away from dust to avoid hardware failure leading to a slow-running laptop. Add more ram to your laptop for smooth and fast performance.


You are now updated on How to make Lenovo laptop faster. Knowing the causes, we have discussed above will enable you to avoid them as much as possible to prevent a slow-running laptop. To conclude, once you assess the reason causing the slow Lenovo laptop, you can use any working solution that’s feasible for that case. Even if it gets slow, the solutions are straightforward.



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