How To Identify HP Laptop Charger

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Laptops are today’s necessity. These mobile beasts can be taken anywhere you want. However, you have to provide them with adequate power for running. This can be done through a charger. You would probably require a charging adaptor, but it requires great compatibility.

Different laptops like Hp laptops require different hp smart adapters. This doesn’t mean that every model requires a unique and distinct charger. However, there are similar and different hp models compatible with the same charger. This raises the most debated question: ” how to identify a hp laptop charger”?

How To Identify HP Laptop Charger?

How To Identify HP Laptop Charger

Two basic steps help you recognize the right charger for your hp laptop.

These two include:

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  • Please find out the correct hp laptop voltage and ampere, including its connector and pins.
  • Investigate your laptop’s model and look through the charger options available online.

Tips For Identifying the HP Laptop Charger:

There are several HP several distinct designs; however, one thing that they share in common is they all convert the Ac into Dc. 

Moreover, the hp chargers come in 3 distinct parts. 

  • The cord
  • Power surge connector 
  • Pin connector


This is usually between the power surge connector and the wall mount. Its primary function is to supply power. Manufacturers make sure that the hp laptop power cord is compatible with both the charger and the laptop model. That’s because incompatibility leads to the inability to supply power to the laptop properly. Therefore, make sure your hp pavilion charger cord is compatible.

Power Surge Connector:

A cable has a pin connector. Ever seen that bulkier part that’s in the middle of the charger? That fellow is the power surge connector to which the cord is connected. It has an integrated circuit mechanism to protect against damages due to sudden charge shifts. Moreover, it’s also significant because it properly delivers the correct voltage and amperes to the laptop.

Pin Connector:

This pin comes in varying sizes, and it’s important as, ultimately, it’s the one you are going to push through the charging port to charge your laptop. It’s the part located at the end of the cable connecting the power surge connector. If the size of the pin connector is too much for your charging port, then you won’t be able to power up your gadget. 

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These are the important hp charger parts that play a vital role in charging your hp laptop model. 

Now, let’s move on to the tips that help you identify the right hp charger for your laptop! 

Find The Right Voltage & Amperes:

Your selected hp charger should have a tight amount of voltage or amperes. It’s important because Insufficient or too much voltage or ampere can damage your battery even if the pin connector and everything else are compatible. 

But, in terms of amperes, it’s not the same. Generally, the input voltage is different in every country. However, the standard is 100 to 200V. That’s, every laptop model you see has different ampere requirements. 

You find out the current and voltage of your hp laptop following the steps below:

  • Flip your charger and see a white-labeled sticker on its back. 
  • There you will find hp laptop PSU, a.k.a input and outputs 
  • Input would be given in ranges, whereas the ampere would be single. 
  • For example, input V 100-240V and ampere is 1.6A. 
  • Similarly, output V is 10V, whereas the ampere is 3.42A.

Along with voltages and amperage, you also need to note your hp charger’s watts. Watts determines the ability to change the laptop quickly. Therefore, a 65W charger would be able to charge up your laptop compared to a 20Watt charger quickly. 

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Hence, if you purchase a 20-watt charger, you will have to wait several hours before your laptop starts working again.

Measure The Diameter Of The Connector Pin:

Sometimes, watts, voltages, ampere, and everything on your charger are on the spot; however, it’s too thin or too thick to fit in when you try to insert it into the charging port. To save yourself from trouble, you need to measure the diameter of your broken hp charger’s connector pin. 

If you are going for a 65-watt hp charger, you would have to choose from 2 connector pins of 7.4mm and 4.5mm variable diameters. Match your broken charger connector pin with your newly purchased one to prevent incompatibility. 

The easiest charger to find is the USB type C charger of the HP tablet, as it’s universal. It can fit into any device as there is no hassle of finding a compatible pin connector. However, voltages and amperes may vary.

Explore Your Laptops Model & See Online:

If you have lost your hp charger, there is a much more efficient way to match the charger parts with your broken one instead of going to a physical shop and matching the charger parts with your broken one. 

Firstly, search up your laptop’s model and serial number online. After obtaining that information, you can search online for the various hp chargers compatible with your laptop model. 

For this, follow the steps! 

  • Click the search bar and type run. Open the app shown on the laptop. 
  • From there, a dialogue box will pop up. Just type dxdiag and enter. 
  • This shortcut will directly open the direct x diagnostic tool. From there, click system and select system information. 
  • This step will provide you with information regarding your laptop’s model, system manufacturer, etc. You only need to know these two specs. 
  • Now copy this information, paste it on google and search online—for example, HP Elitebook charger( 840G model). You will stumble across plenty of vendors that would be selling them online. 


Do All HP Laptops Have The Same Charger? 

No, they do not have the same chargers. You may borrow the charger from your buddy; however, you must take note of its voltage and amperes because incorrect voltages can damage your laptop’s battery. 

Can I Use Any Hp Charger On My HP Laptop? 

No, you cannot. This can damage your lithium-ion batteries, or it may even damage your hardware. Therefore, even if chargers claim to have a universal orientation, avoid them. 

Wrapping Up:

We have highlighted ways how to identify hp laptop chargers. For this, your laptop hp charger has to be compatible. It should have good current and voltage. You can search online by using your serial number and laptop model information! 

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This Article is Updated in August 2022.

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