How To Get My Cursor Back On My Dell Laptop

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Have you ever faced a situation where your mouse cursor suddenly disappears? There have been cases where your mouse cursor gets stucked or disappears, causing chaos; navigating via keyboard takes a lot of practice. Keeping in view the issue, we will assist you in resolving your query about how to get my cursor back on my dell laptop. 

There can be multiple reasons for your cursor to cause issues; it may be due to out-of-date drivers, your touchpad being disabled, or some automatically downloaded software interfering with your mouse functioning. So let’s discuss how to bring your cursor back to life!

How To Get My Cursor Back On My Dell Laptop?

The easiest way to return your disappeared mouse cursor is to restart your laptop. Apart from that; your touchpad settings may be disabled; enable it; use troubleshooting to investigate and resolve the issue; update your out-of-date windows and mouse drivers; delete temporary and malicious files/software; if you are using a wired mouse; then plug it into another USB port; as the previous one may not be working; peripheral may be interfering with mouse working; so unplug all the peripherals. Let’s discuss the solutions in depth.

How To Get My Cursor Back On My Dell Laptop

Top 10 Solutions To Bring Back Disappeared Cursor

Solution 1:Reboot Your Laptop:

Rebooting your laptop can repair some glitches; therefore, you should restart your laptop. For this, go to the windows icon; 

  1. Click on the power icon
  2. A list of options will appear; 
  • Restart
  • Shutdown 
  • Sleep
  1. Select restart.

Solution 2: Enable The Touchpad

Sometimes when you update the windows version; or activate your laptop from sleep mode, your mouse cursor disappears. To fix curser, you can use the function keys. In the laptop manual, you can find the right function key to bring back your cursor. Usually the combo Fn + F3/F5/F6/F9/F11.

For Dell laptops, it’s usually Fn+F5 keys.

If this doesn’t work, you must use the mouse settings to activate the touchpad.For this, 

  1. Type: mouse settings in the search bar
  2. The mouse settings will open up; under the devices, select the touchpad
  3. From there, check the touchpad; hence it will enable it.

Solution 3# Update Drivers

Sometimes, outdated mouse drivers are the issue; to resolve this, you need to update the mouse drivers. For this:

  1. Click on the windows icons.
  2. Type: Device Manager in the search bar, and click on it from the best possible matches list.
  3. Click on; mice and other pointing devices, and select the mouse driver that needs to be updated.
  4. Left-click on it and select update driver
  1. A set of on-screen instructions will appear; follow them to update the driver.

Tip: If you don’t want to update the drivers manually, you can use the Driver Easy application.

Important: If after updating your mouse drivers; you are facing mouse cursor issues; then it means that the updated driver isn’t compatible with your windows version; To deal with this; you can roll back the driver; by:

  1. Go to the device manager; and select the affected driver
  2. Go to its properties.
  3. Under the driver tab, click on the roll-back driver
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Solution 4# Activate Device Troubleshooter

If you cannot identify the issue, you should use a troubleshooter to identify and repair the issue automatically.

For this

  1. In the search box, type cmd
  2. Click On Command prompt app
  3. Once it opens, type the following Command: msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic
  4. This Command will open the troubleshooting window
  5. Check the box for Apply repairs automatically and click next.
  1. A set of on-screen instructions will appear; follow them.

Solution 5# Repair Files

Corrupted or damaged system files can also cause your mouse cursor to disappear. To deal with this malfunction, you can use Restoro. First, you have to download and open this application. It will scan your laptop and provide you with the report highlighting the defects; you have to click on start repairs to deal with the issue.

Solution 6# Delete Useless Files and Applications

Unwanted and useless files can also cause your laptop, particularly your mouse, to malfunction. To deal with this, you must clean up your device and garbage apps. For this, use the Device disk cleanup software.

  1. In the search bar, type disk cleanup
  2. Open the disk cleanup; a window box will open, asking which disk you need to clean.
  3. Select the disk; a window will pop up with disk information; select the temporary files and recycle bin and then click ok.

Your disk will get cleaned.

Solution 7# Alter the Power Settings

Changing the Dell laptop power settings; can also deal with the the mouse disappearance issues.

For this, 

  1. Type: control panel in the search bar
  2. After opening the control panel, type: power in the control panel search bar
  3. Power options will pop up; select change what closing the lid does; a window will pop up; choose to Do nothing (both in battery and plugged in). Click Save changes.
  4. Now, your trackpad cursor will stay as your laptop won’t go to sleep mode.

Solution 8#: Disable Cortana

Sometimes, the Cortana application is causing the issue; disabling it can also resolve it.

Solution 9: Unplug The Peripherals

Sometimes, the peripherals cause the trackpad pointer to malfunction. Therefore, you must remove all the peripherals to deal with this issue.

Solution 10# Replug The Wired Mouse

If you are using a wired mouse, replug it into another laptop USB port, as the previous one might not be working.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs):

How To Enable Touchpad On Dell Chromebook 

  1. Go to Google chrome and paste the following: chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts. A new tab will open. 
  2. Activate the Debugging Keyboard shortcuts. This will allow you to use the shortcut keys to turn off and on your touchpad. 
  3. Next, restart your Chromebook and use the Shift+Search+P keys to activate/deactivate the trackpad.

How To Change The Cursor On A Dell Laptop 

  1. To change the cursor, go to the search bar and type; Control panel
  2. Go to ease of access, and select the cursor and pointer option. 
  3. Over there, you can change the pointer shape, size, and even color. In addition, you can customize your mouse cursor.

Why Is My Dell Laptop Cursor Not Moving 

  • The most common cause of your laptop cursor stopping working is when you accidentally disable touchpad. To need to enable it to bring back your cursor. 
  • Apart from that; some viruses, malicious software; or temporary, useless files can cause unwanted load on the system; and causes your mouse to malfunction.
  •  Your mouse drivers may also be outdated.


While navigating and typing, the mouse pointer helps a lot; if it disappears, you won’t be able to work correctly. To deal with this mouse malfunction, we have effectively highlighted the common fixes for the query on how to get my cursor back on my Dell laptop. The most straightforward way is to restart your laptop; other options include enabling your touchpad via the functionkeys or by system settings, updating your mouse drivers, deleting useless and unwanted applications, etc. Putting unneeded load on the laptop can cause its system to malfunction; mouse cursor included; Therefore; you should keep your device in optimal condition and get rid of nasty bugs for smooth functioning. 

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