How To Get More Storage On A Laptop

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Brutal Fact: No matter how big a storage laptop you purchase, it will max out sooner or later. Running out of storage space can slow down your computer and impede its overall performance. It’s a common issue that plenty of laptop users face.

This raises the question: “how to get more storage on a laptop”?

How To Get More Storage On A Laptop?

How To Get More Storage On A Laptop

Let’s look at various ways to expand your storage and save yourself from deleting stuff! 

How To Increase Storage On Laptop?

For those pondering “How to get more storage on a laptop,” the easiest way is to delete stuff. The second option is to expand laptop storage by adding either an HDD or an SSD.

Lastly, you can opt for external storage like flash drives or save your stuff into the cloud for a laptop with more storage space.

Add Storage To Pc:

One way to deal with temporary storage is to add more storage to laptops. Most modern-day laptops feature an SSD option, a.k.a Solid-state drive. They are best known for storing information in microchips and have fast read /write rates. Comparatively, HDDs (Hard disk drives) are not only slow but noisy as well due to the rigorous spinning of the metallic disks. However, their one benefit is their low price. 

Laptops either feature an SSD,  HDD or come with dual storage SSD+HDD. Let’s dive into the details of these laptop storage drives!


Solid State Drives make your laptop program faster. They speed up the boot-up and are more resistant to shocks than HDDs. Moreover, their compact design means they use reduced space and facilitate more IOPS, i.e., Input/output operations per second. 


All Laptops facilitate 2.5 inch HDD slot, so if your present storage is low, you can switch it with a better one as they are cheaper 

HDDs are best known for mechanically reading the data through the spinning parts, unlike the SSDs, which electronically read the data. However, their significant drawbacks include slow read/write rates, loud operation, and being vulnerable to damage. 


Combining HDDs and SSDs enables you to get out most of your laptop. SSD speeds up boot up and loading, whereas HDDs are affordable and have decent storage capacity. With both combined, your laptop’s performance and storage will get a boost. 

Combining these two storages is easy. Insert the SSD into the NVMe SSD slot, whereas the HDD is into its regular storage bay. 

However, purchase an HDD caddy if your laptop is old and doesn’t include a NvMe SSD slot. The Caddy is the case in which HDD fits perfectly in place where your DVD/CD drives are. You can install your OS into the SSD and use the HDD for storage. This will make your laptop program go faster, providing better results. 

How Can I Increase Laptop Storage? 

There is a limit to which you can rely on your physical drives. They won’t be empty for long and reach out to their maximum capacity. Therefore, if you have a stable internet connection, it’s best to opt for cloud storage options. Services like google drive and Microsoft one drive are easy to access and are free. Moreover, they provide you with a sync feature and allow you to access your files from multiple devices. 

You should delete any useless programs or bloatware. Run disk cleanup utilities, clear cache empty recycle and move the data to an external drive for making more laptop storage space. 

What’s Taking More Storage In My Laptop? 

While trying to make space, the first thing you want to find out is what takes so much space in your laptop! If you have a Windows 10 OS, you can easily find it by the storage sense feature, an automated storage optimization function. 

Let’s see how you can access the storage sense feature in different versions of windows 10 Os

Identifying Files Taking Storage Space In Windows 10 OS Version 1903 Or Later:

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  • On Windows 10, go to the settings
  • From there, click the system, and they go to the storage
  • Look at the local disk C to see what occupies more storage. 
  • You can go to show more categories as well. 
  • For more information, you can view storage uses on other devices. 
  • After this, you can select different hard drives to Identify what’s eating up your space. 

Identifying Files Taking Storage Space In Windows 10  OS  Version 1806 Or Earlier:

  • Go to settings, then system
  • Click storage
  • Select the drive under the local storage section, 
  • For additional information, you can go to storage usage and select each item

How To Get More GigaBytes On Laptop For Free? 

After identifying the files that are eating up your storage space, let’s look into how you can get rid of them and make more space on your laptop. 

We will focus on the Storage Sense feature of Windows 10 Os and create more space. 

We recommend you go for storage sense than the Windows disk cleanup because it’s more reliable and efficient. Storage Sense can be used manually or automatically. 

Using Storage Sense Manually: 

If you don’t want the laptop to delete the files regularly, you can opt for the manual option. For this:

  • Go to settings
  • Select storage
  • Go to storage sense
  • Select free space now
  • Your laptop will start scanning for temporary files. 
  • After scanning, a list will pop up highlighting the files that can be deleted. 
  • Select the files you want to delete and hot remove files. 

How To Automate Storage Sense:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then storage
  • Click storage sense 
  • Select Change how we free up space automatically 
  • Select the drives you want to be cleaned, when they should be cleaned, and how long. 
  • Click the storage sense button to activate the automated mode. 
  • If you want to scan, hit clean now for it. 


How Can I Get More Storage On an HP Laptop? 

You can get extra memory for laptops as well. Expand up the storage by adding an SSD and HDD combo. For this, delete the files you don’t need. And lastly, you can opt for free options like Google drive providing you vast accessibility.

Wrapping Up:

Having sufficient storage space is essential for optimizing the computer performance. However, running out of it is not uncommon. You can go for SSDs, or HDDs combo or opt for the cloud to deal with it. In the end, it’s your decision! 

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This Article is Updated in August 2022.

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