How To Get Cursor Back On Hp Laptop

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Fixing a vanishing mouse cursor is not a big deal when you have the proper knowledge of How to get the cursor back on Hp laptop. A mouse pointer can disappear from the screen due to some causes, and knowing them proves beneficial during fixation.

Though a disappearing cursor is irritating, it is not difficult to fix it. Some easy hacks can set the problem in no time. Here are some of the top solutions that can work to get the cursor back. Let’s get to the details.

How to Get Cursor Back on HP Laptop?

To fix the disappearing mouse cursor on Hp, try the combination key Fn+F3/F5/F9/F11 to get the cursor back on the laptop. You can enable the Mouse from the mouse settings if it’s disabled unintentionally. If the problem is with the touchpad driver, update the driver or reinstall it. You can use an external mouse to work if you cannot fix the issue yourself and need technical help. In Windows 10/11, you can run a system troubleshooter to fix the disappearing cursor. The mouse driver needs reinstallation sometimes if updating the driver doesn’t work.

how to get cursor back on hp laptop

4 Quick Ways to Recover a Disappearing Cursor On Hp:

Let’s unsheathe some ideas to get the cursor back.

Connect External Mouse: 

Well, it’s not a hack to fix the cursor on a hp laptop, but a time saver hacks for doing any urgent work when the touchpad is not working. You can connect a USB or wireless mouse to your hp laptop when the mouse cursor disappears.

Unlock The Mouse: 

The combination key unlocks the Mouse or enables the touchpad when it’s unintentionally locked. Function key is used with F3, F5, F9, or F11 for the operation. You can also unlock the Mouse by clicking the mouse settings from the search bar.

Update Mouse Drivers:

The touchpad stops functioning when the touchpad driver is outdated or incompatible. You can update or reinstall the hp mouse driver to get the mouse cursor back on screen from the official website of the hp laptop.

  1. Go to the device manager from the search bar.
  1. Navigate to Mouse and other pointing devices option with the tab key.
  1. Press the right arrow key to expand its option. Select a mouse driver and press shift+f10. 
  2. From the sub-options under mouse driver, select update driver and press enter.

Reset the Touchpad:

Going to the touchpad settings from the search bar, you can enable or reset the touchpad as it may bring the mouse pointer back to life.

  1. Open the settings from the search bar.
  2. Then go to the devices section with the tab key and select it with the spacebar.
  3. In devices, navigate to the Touchpad section with the down arrow key.
  4. You will find some options in the Touchpad section, go to the end option ‘Reset Your Touch Pad’ and select Reset with spacebar. It will restore the touchpad to the default setting.

How To Fix Disappearing Cursor In Windows 10?

The cursor may disappear on the HP laptop when Windows 10 is updated to the latest version. You can fix the disappearing cursor in Windows 10 with the following methods.

Enable Mouse In The Settings:

You can enable Mouse with the combination keys, i.e., Fn+f3/f5/f9 or f11. Another way to enable the Mouse is by going to the Mouse Settings from the search bar. Then navigate to the Additional Mouse Options. Go to the Device Setting tab and select Enable. Now choose Apply and OK with the spacebar.

[icon name=”circle-info” prefix=”fas”] NOTE:

To move from one option to the next, use the Tab key and up/down arrow keys for moving up or down to an option. Spacebar is used for selecting any option.

Repair or Update Mouse Driver:

The cursor will stop working if your mouse driver is not compatible or updated to the latest version. Sometimes the driver also needs repair. Go to the Device Manager from the search bar. Then go to the Mouse and other pointing devices option with the tab key. Open the drop-down menu with the right arrow key. From the menu, select a mouse driver and press Shift+10 for the right click. Some options will appear; you can either repair, update, or uninstall the mouse driver for reinstalling it.

Run Troubleshooter:

You can use the built-in troubleshooter if the cursor disappears in windows 10. Type Settings in the search bar and enter. In the Settings window, type troubleshoot in the search box and enter. Go to the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter with the Tab key. Select the Run the Troubleshooter option with the spacebar and then enter. 

[icon name=”circle-info” prefix=”fas”] IMPORTANT:

You can apply similar methods to bring the cursor back on the HP laptop in Windows 11. You can check if the ‘Hide the Pointer while Typing’ option is on in the mouse settings. You can disable the option by going to the Mouse control from the search bar and then navigating to the Pointer tab. You will see the Hide The pointer option there. Uncheck the box next to it with a spacebar and press Enter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is My Cursor Not Working On My HP Laptop?

A cursor can stop working on the Hp laptop due to the outdated mouse driver and windows. The Mouse may be disabled in the mouse settings, causing the cursor not to work. You can enable the touchpad by the combination key Fn+F3/F5/F9/F11 or by turning it on from the touchpad settings. You can also reset the touchpads from the device settings, as it works to fix the problem in many cases. You can update the Touchpad driver from the official website of the hp laptop.

How Do I Get The Cursor Back On My Chromebook?

To get the cursor back on the Chromebook, go to Accessibility in the settings. Then navigate the Mouse & Touchpad section there. Toggle the switch on to turn on the Mouse. If the problem persists, restart your Chromebook, it may fix the issue.

[icon name=”receipt” prefix=”fas”] Wrapping Up:

Now that you have learned “how to get cursor back on hp laptop,” it will prove handy for you whenever you face a disappearing mouse cursor on your hp laptop. Using the combination key, updating the mouse driver, and enabling the touchpad from the mouse settings are possible ways to get the cursor back on the screen.

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