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This article will enlighten you on how to flip the screen on a Dell laptop. So, let’s dive into it!

Is It Possible To Flip The Laptop Screen? 

Screen rotation is a very intriguing feature. Yes, you can rotate the laptop screen. This screen rotation feature is present in plenty of laptops; however, one aspect that differs is how the screen gets flipped. If you own a computer or a monitor, this feature is helpful as these devices can be transformed vertically. However, it’s one of the few functions of laptops that we would rarely be using. 

How To Flip Screen On Dell Laptop?

How to Flip Screen on Dell Laptop

However, in laptops, it isn’t the best feat. To view the flipped screen perfectly, you need to tilt your entire laptop in that direction. But since the keyboard comes attached to the display, it’s neither ergonomic nor convenient nt. Therefore, it’s unlikely that anyone will rotate their laptop scr en. However, whether you will flip your screen or not isn’t the quest. This is a piquing spec that almost every dell laptop offers. 

Why Should You Flip the Dell Laptop Screen? 

Dell laptops run on the Windows Operating system. Windows is a common operating system, and laptops can flip their screens. 

However, the question is,” Why does this feature exist”? 

As stated earlier, the inclusion of this feature on desktops makes sense, but on laptops, it doesn’t. 

So, the only possible reason why this function exists is that it’s incorporated into the Windows operating system. Since the laptop runs on Windows, you get this feature as a bonus. 

Occasionally, you may face a situation where your animals or children mess around and accidentally bump into your laptop and flip its SCR en. So, its only possible advantage is to change the flipped screen back to the original one. 

Now, let’s find out how you can flip your screen back to normal. 

How To Rotate Screen On Dell Laptop?

Using Shortcuts:

One way to achieve a dell laptop flip screen is to use keyboard shortcuts.


  • Press the up arrow key while holding on to the ctrl and Alt keys. 
  • Your screen will be rotated to the traditional landscape orientation. 
  • The screen rotated on a laptop will be in portrait orientation by pressing the down arrow key while holding on to the ctrl and alt. 
  • Similarly, press the right arrow key while holding the ctrl and alt, and you get a flipped laptop screen sideways at 90 degrees towards the right. 
  • By pressing the Alt+Ctrl  plus left arrow key, you get a screen flipped sideways at 90 degrees towards the left.
  • If this method doesn’t work, you directly rotate the screen by going to the settings.

Through Settings:

  • Firstly, go to start or system setti gs. From there, click the display settings.
  • In display settings, select the scale and layout opt on. After that, click display orientation.
  •  In the next step, you have to choose the display orientation. In-display orientation, you will find 4 different orientations: Portrait, landscape, Portrait (Flipped), and Landscape (Flipped).
  • The landscape reflects the horizontal orientation (default), whereas the portrait refers to the vertical orientation. Portrait(flipped) is the vertical orientation with a 90-degree f IP. Similarly, landscape (flipped) is a horizontal orientation with a 90-degree flip.

Now, the choice is yours. You can go for either one of t em. When you choose an orientation different from the default landscape, you will be impressed to see how your perspective instantly changes. Moreover, when you choose a different orientation, the operating system will warn you to confirm the operation. Upon confirming, the orientation will be chan ed. However, if you don’t confirm the operation, the operating system will wait for up to 10 secs before switching to the default orientation.

How To Rotate the Screen in 2 in 1 Laptop?

A convertible 2-in-1 laptop also comes with this feat. Therefore, if you are fed up with your screen getting flipped automatically or want to work by rotating the screen, a simple method is to switch it off and on like your smartphones. 

For this, go to settings, then click the rotation l CK. Verify whether it’s locked or not. If it’s locked, then your screen won’t get flipped. However, if it’s unlocked, your screen will automatically get flipped in the direction your device is tilted. 

How To Rotate Screen With Action Center?

An alternative way to flip your screen is through the action cen er. This action center caption is located at the downright side of your device. Click the icon. 

After clicking, the action center will provide you with several settings. Choose a rotation l CK. Activate it. This way, your device screen will be fixed. 

Although it’s a very convenient feature, you should remember that it’s not offered on every 2 in 1 lap op. They have a Windows Accelerometer to sense the physical orientation of your convertible laptop. 

Wrapping Up:

Dell screen rotation isn’t a tough ob. It’s one of the rarely used features of a lap op. Every Dell laptop has this feature mainly because they all run Windows operating systems. To access the screen rotation feature, you can either use keyboard shortcut keys, flip the screen by going to settings, or unlock the rotation lock feat e. Now you know how to flip the screen on a Dell laptop. 

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This Article is Updated in August 2022.



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