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We can easily buy a new laptop when our old laptop has stopped working, but at the same time, a thought comes to our mind to recycle old laptop. We can, but some considerations should be kept in mind before throwing out old laptops. We must get rid of the personal information stored on the hard drive. That’s why we should be aware of “How to dispose of a laptop that won’t turn on.”

It is crucial to click erase our hard drives before throwing out old laptops because the scavengers can misuse the personal information stored in them. The real problem is when the laptop won’t turn on. Otherwise, it would be easier if we could turn on our old laptop,  perform a factory reset, and then recycle old laptop.

Our article will highlight some useful tips for properly disposing of laptops that won’t turn on. Let’s explore!

How To Dispose Of A Laptop That Won’t Turn On?

How To Dispose Of A Laptop That Won't Turn On

As the personal data stored in the old laptop’s hard drive might contain private information like finance, confidential business information, and private pictures, it must be destroyed before throwing out old laptops. For safely disposing of an old laptop, take the hard drive out and connect it to another PC for deleting files. After wiping your hard drive, you can use it as an external hard drive for additional storage. If you don’t have another Pc or laptop, destroy the hard disk by drilling holes.

What to do With a Laptop that Doesn’t Work

If you want to get rid of a laptop that doesn’t work, the first and foremost thing you should do is to protect your personal data and save it from misuse by impertinent snoopers. Your finance can be at stake if the sensitive financial data reaches the wrong hand. In addition to that, you don’t want your pictures to get misused by the scavengers. 

Therefore, wiping your hard drive is a must before throwing out old laptops. Selling the old laptop for spare parts is also not a good idea from a security point of view. Whoever buys your old laptop will be able to read the information stored in the hard drive, which might be risky. 

Some simple tips can help you safely dispose of your old laptop without any security hazards. 

Simple Ways For Safe disposal of old laptop

You can follow the following simple ways before throwing out old laptops:

Back up Important Files 

Remove the hard drive from the nonworking laptop and connect it as an external hard drive to another PC. Back up and transfer all the important data and files that you might need in the future because once the hard drive is destroyed, you can’t recover it.

Deleting Files

Delete all the confidential files and private data permanently by installing a specific cleaning software. If you delete them without specialized software, they can be restored from the recycle bin.

Remove your accounts

Remove all your accounts like google chrome, Gmail, and Microsoft office as they may contain personal information you don’t want to share with any stranger. Furthermore, deauthorize the registered program so that no one can use it on your license.

Perform a Factory Reset

After managing the data on the hard drive, perform a factory reset for full formatting of the hard drive. Wiping your hard drive by factory reset may take some time because it is the process of freeing the entire space of the hard drive. So, you have to be a little patient.

Break your Hard drive

Suppose you don’t have another PC to connect the hard drive of your old laptop and perform the operations mentioned above. Then as a last resort, you have to destroy your hard drive by drilling several big holes through the magnetic disk of the hard drive. In case of high security, soak the prepared disk in the salt and soap solution to make the data irretrievable. You can also break the drive into several pieces.

Sell your old laptop for spare

Finally, you can easily dispose of your old laptop without worrying by either throwing it away or selling it. The latter option is the best. Although your laptop is not working, people will still want to buy it for spare parts at a relatively low cost. It’s better to get something in return for your old laptop than just throwing it away.


how to get rid of an old laptop that doesn’t work 

Ans: To safely get rid of an old laptop that doesn’t work, take out the hard drive and connect it to another laptop or pc as an external hard drive. Back up the important files and permanently delete any confidential files. In the end, perform a factory reset for wiping your hard drive. 

Put it back in the old laptop or use it as an additional hard drive. If you don’t have another laptop or PC, destroy the hard drive by making large perforations.

can you recycle old laptops for money 

Ans: Yes, you can recycle old laptops for money. Many people want to buy old laptops for spare parts. It will be a good deal if you get some cash for your old laptop. But before recycling, either format your hard drive or destroy it as the buyer can read all your data on the hard drive, and that personal information can be misused.

what to do with old laptops that still work 

Ans:  If your old laptop is still working fine, you can sell it at a reasonable price. Some markets specifically deal with old laptops and will readily buy your old laptop at a good price. You can sell your old laptop for spare parts too. The price will not be so high, but something is better than nothing. On a lighter note, you can donate it to your younger siblings.


This article has given the enlightenment on How to dispose of a laptop that won’t turn on. The ways to safely dispose of the old laptop are straightforward. The chief concern before recycling the old laptop is the personal data on the hard drive, which the scoopers can misuse. So, if the laptop won’t turn on, remove its hard drive and destroy it completely by drilling large holes or breaking the hard drive into pieces, thus making the private information unrecoverable. After killing the hard drive, you can dispose of the laptop without fear.



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