How To Connect Wireless Mouse To Dell Laptop

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Wireless mice are trendy today. They have successfully replaced the traditional wired mouse and provide users with ease of movement and freedom. You can easily connect the wireless mouse via a USB dongle or Bluetooth. Let’s learn how to connect wireless mouse to dell laptop.

You can connect your wireless device to your dell laptop in two ways; the USB receiver and Bluetooth. Both these methods are straightforward to follow. Our article will outline both these methods in detail. So, let’s dig into this guide.

How To Connect Wireless Mouse To Dell Laptop?

Establishing a connection between the wireless mouse and the dell laptop is simple. If the wireless gadget comes with a USB dongle, insert it into the laptop USB port for your mouse to work as the regular one. Whereas, if the wireless peripheral has the Bluetooth feature, switch on your laptop Bluetooth and pair it with your computer to work. Let’s dive into detail regarding the step-by-step process for connecting your wireless mouse to dell’s laptop.

How To Connect Wireless Mouse To Dell Laptop

Best 2 Methods To Connect Wireless Mouse To Dell Laptop

There are officially two ways in which you can connect your wireless mouse to dell’s laptop. These methods include:

  • USB receiver method
  • Bluetooth method

Hence, wireless peripherals are quite fashionable; you can use these two methods to establish a connection, whether a mouse or keyboard. 

Method 1: USB Receiver Method

Wireless Mouse comes with a USB dongle that’s a receiver. You will find the USB dongle inserted at the bottom or back of your mouse. Remove the USB dongle and plug it into your USB laptop port.

The USB dongle will receive the mouse’s radio frequency signals and establish a connection. 

This is how the wireless mouse with a USB dongle works.

  1. First, insert the USB dongle into the laptop USB a port
  2. The laptop will install a USB driver 
  3. Put batteries inside the mouse and turn it on via the button present at its present
  4. Press the connect button to establish a connection
  5. Your mouse will start working as an ordinary mouse.

Method 2: Connecting Via Bluetooth

This method is applicable if the mouse doesn’t come with a USB dongle. It indicates that it’s a Bluetooth mouse and can be connected via Bluetooth. You must first activate the Bluetooth on the laptop and mouse and pair them both. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to settings,
  2. Click on devices
  3. Select Bluetooth and other devices,

4. Switch on Bluetooth, then click on add Bluetooth or other devices

5. Select Bluetooth.

6. It will start searching for a nearby device with Bluetooth.

7. Turn on your mouse, and hold the mouse button to activate the pair up.

8. The mouse Bluetooth will switch on.

9. Its name will get displayed on the laptop screen.

10. Click on it and pair up.

11. Now both devices are paired and would work.

WARNING: Keep your Dell Bluetooth mouse away from static surfaces; otherwise, it won’t be able to function.

What To Do If Wireless Mouse Stops Working?

Connecting the wireless mouse via A USB dongle or Bluetooth should start working like a regular mouse. The mouse clicks, moves, and scrolls should be effectively translated and performed by the laptop. However, if, at some point, it stops working, then it could be due to an unknown cause. Try replugging the USB dongle into the laptop’s USB port. Similarly, if your mouse is Bluetooth, then switch on and off the Bluetooth function. If all these two methods fail to work, it could be due to dead batteries. Replace the batteries and see whether the mouse works. 

As a last resort, connect the wireless mouse to another laptop or computer and see if it works. If the mouse works, there is an issue with the laptop USB port or Bluetooth. If the wireless mouse still doesn’t work on the computer/laptop, it is broken and needs to be replaced.

WARNING: Beware of MouseJack. These bugs affect the wireless peripherals and can compromise the device to which they are connected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Use Dell Wireless Mouse Without Receiver 

You can use the Dell wireless mouse with its Bluetooth function. Plenty of wireless mice now come with a USB dongle and Bluetooth features. You will find the connection button on the mouse; press it to activate the mouse Bluetooth function. At the same time, start the Bluetooth function of the laptop, then pair them together. The mouse and laptop will get synced together.

Why Is My Dell Wireless Mouse Not Working 

There can be multiple reasons;

Dead batteries: One reason may be that your wireless mouse batteries have run out of juice. You need to open up the battery compartment at the mouse bottom and replace the dead batteries with the newone.

No pairing: The Bluetooth feature on both devices may not be turned on. To sync them together properly, reactivate the Bluetooth on both mouse and the laptop.

USB Receiver: The USB receiver maybe not be correctly inserted into the laptop USB port. Therefore, replug the receiver into the laptop port.

How To Change Battery In Dell Wireless Mouse 

All the wireless mice come with batteries. If the batteries are dead and need to replace, look at the bottom of the mouse; the bottom of the mouse cover has a compartment for batteries. Open the compartment, and replace the AAA batteries with new ones. You will also find a slot for a USB receiver within its vicinity.

How To Change Dpi On Dell Mouse 

To change the mouse DPI (sensitivity); 

  1. Select settings, and go to Devices
  2. Choose mouse, and click on additional mouse properties

3. A window will open; click the pointer options tab, and adjust the pointer slider to adjust the mouse DPI.


We have demonstrated how to connect wireless mouse to dell laptop. Currently, there are two methods. You can connect the wireless mouse through a USB receiver or Bluetooth. These methods are straightforward and would facilitate stable connectivity. The Wireless mouse adds comfort and freedom of movement. If the mouse stops working after connecting it to the laptop, check out its batteries, switch it on or off or connect it to another computer to highlight where the fault lies.

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