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The technology utilized in the components of laptops and desktop pcs the same except for a few differences. Due to the same technology for storing data, their hard drives are interchangeable with slight compatibility issues. Information on how to connect laptop hard disk to desktop pc is necessary if you are planning to throw away your old laptop.

All that is needed for connecting laptop HDD to pc is the data and power cable for SATA, and a 2.5″ inch hard drive. Although you can easily connect HDD to a pc by overcoming some compatibility issues, the performance and the speed will not be the same as in the case of a computer drive.

If your laptop has stopped working and you want to back up important data, connecting HDD to the desktop pc is quite easy. We will discuss everything from basic SATA cables to the step-by-step guide for connecting laptop HDD to pc.

How to Connect Laptop Hard Disk to Desktop PC?

How To Connect Laptop Hard Disk To Desktop Pc

As the components and technology utilized in the laptop and pc drives are the same, we can use the laptop HHD in the desktop computer with some modifications. You can connect HDD to pc directly to the motherboard using SATA and IDE ports. Such adapters and connectors are necessary to connect laptop hard drive computer. The other methods include connecting HDD to the desktop with the help of a USB connection. This method is super simple, and you don’t have to open the whole assembly to connect, but the motherboard must have USB support. Devices like docking stations connect multiple hard drives to the computer at a time.

SATA Cable & Interface

SATA cables connect HDD to pc through the SATA interface. The laptop HDD and the computer HDD can be used with the SATA interface, making them compatible. So, the laptop hard disk can be attached to a desktop pc; however, the desktop HDD is bigger to fit in the laptop. Hence, they are not entirely interchangeable.  You can use SATA to connect HDD to pc motherboard directly.

How to Connect PC Hard Drive to Laptop

Due to the size limitation, pc hard drive cannot fit into the laptop. However, we can connect it externally with the USB connection.

How to Install Laptop Hard Drive to Desktop

Connecting HDD of a laptop to pc is simple and requires three items:

  1. SATA power cable
  2. SATA data cable
  3. Laptop HDD (2.5″)

Just remove the laptop hard drive and connect it to the motherboard of the desktop pc via SATA power cables, and you are ready to go.

Some Connecting Methods

With Connectors & Adapters

To connect HDD to pc motherboard directly, you need adapters. You can use the SATA, IDE, and SSD for this. This connecting method is complicated as you need to open the cover to connect HDD.

With Mounting Bracket

if you don’t want to use the connectors for connecting HDD, you can use the mounting brackets. As the laptop’s 2.5-inch drive is smaller than the desktop’s 3.5-inch drive, the former would be loose inside the desktop and not fixed. Mounting brackets are used to fit the laptop HDD inside the desktop perfectly. First, the bracket has to be fixed in place of the 3.5-inch drive; then laptop hard drive is inserted into the bracket.

With Removable Case

The removable case utilizes the SATA port to attach the laptop drive. The whole case is then connected to the desktop with the help of a USB connector. The removable case also protects the drive from any accidental damage.

With Docking Station

Docking stations connect multiple drives of different sizes to the desktop simultaneously. It’s the most convenient and easy way to connect HDD to pc. You can easily find the high-quality docking station on amazon.


Can You Use a Laptop Hard Drive on a Desktop?

Ans: Yes, using the SATA cables, you can use a laptop hard drive on a desktop. You can also connect it to the desktop pc externally via USB cable. Before attaching it to the desktop, always check the compatibility.

How do I remove the hard drive from my laptop? 

Ans: firstly, remove any power connections, then turn over the laptop and remove the battery. Find out the location of the hard drive. Remove all the screws and take the hard drive out of the laptop.


After reading our article, we hope you are now well guided on how to connect laptop hard disk to desktop pc. To summarize, it is quite easy to connect your laptop HDD to your computer and use it as an additional storage device. You can connect the hard drive laptop directly to the motherboard with the help of a SATA or IDE cable. Yet the simple method is via USB. Removable casing and docking stations utilize a USB connector to connect HDD to pc. You don’t have to open the casing in this case. The other comfortable method is using a mounting bracket that accurately fixes the laptop drive into the pc drive place.



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