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Have you recently bought a wireless keypad but don’t know how to connect it to your laptop? Wireless keyboards are amazingly known for their extensive mobility and flexibility. To benefit from its advantages, learn how to connect Dell wireless keyboard.

Wireless keyboards are preferred over regular keyboards mainly because of their portability. They let the user roam around with the keyboard without needing to stick to the desk. If you are struggling with your dell wireless keypad, go through our article!

How To Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard

You can effortlessly connect your wireless accessory to the Dell laptop in two ways. These two ways are:

  • USB receiver
  • Bluetooth

We will discuss the step-by-step process for each of these ways. Connecting your wireless laptop via receiver or Bluetooth is very easy. So, let’s dig into the detail.

2 Easy Ways For Dell Wireless Keyboard Connection

As mentioned above, you can easily connect your dell wireless keyboard through a USB receiver or Bluetooth. Let’s discuss the process in detail

Connecting Dell Wireless Keyboard Through USB Receiver

Firstly, we will discuss connecting a wireless keyboard with a USB receiver. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare Your Keyboard

The first step involves setting up your wireless keyboard. Since it’s a wireless gadget, it will work on batteries. Such keyboards usually work on AA batteries. To insert batteries into the keyboard:

  • You have to open up the battery slot by sliding it. You will find the battery insertion compartment below the keyboard.
  • Now, place the AA batteries in the correct sequence
  • Put the back cover
  • Power on the keyboard by pressing the power button. 

Step 2: Insert The USB Reciever Into Laptop

You must insert the USB receiver into the laptop USB port. The laptop will get connected. 

The connection is established when the wireless keyboard blinking LED turns off.

Connecting Dell Wireless Keyboard Through Bluetooth

Dell Bluetooth keyboard pairing is longer than the USB receiver. However, it isn’t difficult at all.

Step 1: Set Up Wireless Keyboard

The first step is similar to that of the USB receiver. You have to insert batteries into the device and power it on.

Step 2: Turn On The Bluetooth Button

Now, turn on the Bluetooth button on the keyboard. You will find the Bluetooth key below the power button.

This step will enable the keyboard Discovery mode, and the Bluetooth LED will start blinking.

Step 3: Turn On Laptop Bluetooth

To pair up the keyboard and laptop, you must also turn on the laptop Bluetooth. For this, 

  • Go to Search Bar and type Bluetooth. The Bluetooth settings will instantly pop up. 
  • Select Bluetooth & other device settings. 
  • Select Bluetooth 
  • This process will turn on the laptop searching mode and search for the nearest Bluetooth device. The laptop will display the list of device names you can pair up with. Suppose your device name is Dell WK717. Click on the name, and then click pair. 

Step 4: Type Passkey

If the laptop will demand a passkey, select Choose A Passkey For Me. Then type the passkey and click on pair. Both devices will pair, and you can instantly type on the keyboard. 

We hope you learned how to pair Dell wireless keyboard. These steps are one-time only. You won’t be required to follow them again. Your gadget will instantly get connected through Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard Without Receiver? 

The easiest way to connect your wireless keypad device without a receiver is via Bluetooth. You have to turn on the Bluetooth keyboard via the Bluetooth button. The Bluetooth icon on the keyboard will start twinkling. After that, switch on the Bluetooth on the laptop. For this, go to settings> Bluetooth and other devices> Bluetooth> choose the device name>pair. The Bluetooth icon LED will stop blinking, indicating that the connection is established. Hence, your laptop will get paired to the keyboard. 

How To Put Keyboard In Pairing Mode? 

You must turn on the Bluetooth button below the power button for pairing your keyboard. Turning on the Bluetooth key will immediately put the keyboard in pairing mode.

How to Turn On Dell Wireless Keyboard?

To easily turn on the dell Wireless keypad, you will first have to insert the batteries into the device. The batteries need to be placed underneath the keyboard. Then use the power button to turn on the keyboard. 


We hope you have learned how to connect Dell wireless keyboard to your laptop. During the process, you must ensure that Your keyboard is not broken and its batteries are not worn out. We have demonstrated the two standard ways to connect your keyboard to your laptop. You can connect the USB receiver to the laptop or turn on the Bluetooth for pairing. These are easy and simple processes that won’t require much of your time. So, what are you waiting for! Go and connect your device!



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