How To Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard

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Wireless keyboards are now taking over wired keyboards due to their comfortable working style and the user convenience they provide. You don’t have to sit close to the pc to work when you have a wireless keyboard, as the wireless keyboard can operate from a range. But for that, you must know “How to connect Dell Wireless keyboard.”

 The wires can get entangled in a wired keyboard, making it difficult for users. So most people prefer wireless keyboards these days. Suppose you have recently bought a Dell wireless keyboard and don’t know the ABC of its connecting methods to the computer. Worry not; you have landed in the right place. We will guide you through the straightforward connecting processes and explain how to pair Dell wireless keyboard.

How to Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard?

There are two basic methods: dell Bluetooth keyboard pairing and wireless USB receiver. In the Bluetooth keyboard, connection requires pairing your keyboard with the laptop. You have to switch the Bluetooth option on the laptop, power the keyboard, and press the Bluetooth button near the power button. The laptop will detect the Bluetooth keyboard and show its name. Now select the name and pair it. For the wireless USB connection, you must insert the USB receiver to connect the keyboard to the laptop.

How To Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard

Step-By-Step Guide To Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard:

Here is the step-by-step guide to connecting the wireless keyboard to the laptop or pc. 

Step 1-Keyboard Assembling:

The first step in the process is preparing the keyboard for connection. For this, you need to insert the two AA batteries provided in the package. Carefully insert them inside the keyboard after removing the battery cover on the bottom of the keyboard. Once they are fixed in their place, press the power button of the wireless keyboard.

Step 2-Connection Establishment:

The second step involves making a secure connection between the wireless keyboard and the laptop. Two ways can establish the connection: Via Bluetooth or Via Wireless USB receiver.

Step 3-Connection Assessment:

As the connection establishes, as indicated by the light on the wireless keyboard, check the connection status by typing something with the keyboard. Suppose the keyboard types without lag; the Bluetooth keyboard has a secure connection with the laptop. If it freezes after typing a word, the association is unstable, and you must connect it again.

How to Pair Dell Wireless keyboard-2 Popular Methods?

Method 1: Via Bluetooth:

Step 1-Keyboard Bluetooth Activation:

In the setting up process of the keyboard, you have already pressed the power button on the Bluetooth keyboard. Now press the Bluetooth button near the power button on the back of the keyboard. It will make the blue light blink, showing that the wireless keyboard is in pairing mode.

Step 2-Laptop Bluetooth Activation:

Now it’s time to switch on the Bluetooth in the windows. You can switch it on by pressing the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. In the Bluetooth settings, click on Add a Bluetooth device option. The other way of switching it on is by going to the control panel and navigating the Bluetooth option in the devices. 

Step 3-Pairing:

Once you have clicked the Add a Bluetooth device option, the system will look for the nearest Bluetooth devices. It will show the name of your Bluetooth keyboard in the devices list. Click on the title for pairing your keyboard. Sometimes, the system might require a passcode for pairing the Bluetooth keyboard. You will select the option Choose a passkey for me in the passcode dialogue box. 

You will see the Bluetooth light has stopped blinking and becomes stable, which means the Bluetooth keyboard has been connected to a laptop or pc.

Method 2: Via USB Receiver:

This method is fast as compared to Bluetooth pairing. It simply requires the wireless USB receiver to be inserted into the laptop. Press the connection button on the receiver and power on the keyboard. When the keyboard is connected, the Bluetooth light will become stable.

[icon name=”triangle-exclamation” prefix=”fas”] WARNING:

Remove all the factors and objects that interfere with the wireless connection, like wireless phones and devices. Metals also interfere with signals, so try to keep them from the wireless range.

Which Method Is Best:

Bluetooth connection is a more reliable method as Bluetooth is compatible with many devices. However, at the same time, connecting via Bluetooth is time-consuming. First, you have to put both devices in pairing mode. Then wait for the two devices to pair up.

Most laptops don’t have compatible USB ports for USB dongles, so connecting via a USB receiver is not possible. USB ports may also get damaged or faulty, and wireless devices with USB dongles would be useless in such cases. But to state a fact, connection via a USB dongle is faster than Bluetooth if your laptop has a compatible and working USB port. 

Issues While Connecting Wireless Keyboard & Their Fixes:

Weak Batteries:

Suppose the wireless keyboard is not turning on or off immediately after the connection. The batteries are weak in the first place.

Fix: Remove the batteries and insert quality new batteries. The keyboard would work fine if weak batteries were the culprit.

Outdated/Corrupted Drivers:

Wireless keyboards may behave weirdly if the keyboard drivers are outdated or corrupted due to viruses. 


  1. Go to the Device Manager from the search bar.
  2. Select the Keyboard option; a dropdown menu will open—Right-click on the wireless keyboard and select Update Driver. The keyboard driver may be corrupted if the problem persists after the update.
  3. Consider reinstalling the keyboard driver to fix the issue.

Faulty USB Port: 

The USB dongle will not send or receive wireless signals if the USB port is damaged. Hence, it will not connect the wireless keyboard to the PC.

Fix: Insert the USB receiver into another USB port. 

Nearby Bluetooth Devices:

There is a chance that the Bluetooth system of your pc is not very effective. The Bluetooth signals are weak due to other paired Bluetooth devices.

Fix: Remove all the other Bluetooth devices from the Bluetooth range and unpair them if they are paired with the Bluetooth system of your device.

[icon name=”lightbulb” prefix=”fas”] Quick Tip:

The Bluetooth signals gradually become weak the farther you move from the Bluetooth system. So, try to sit not too far away from the range.

 Advantages Of Wireless Keyboards:

Wireless keyboards are smart, modern, and easy to carry. They have two primary advantages:


You don’t have to sit bound near a pc to work on the wireless keyboard. You can carry it anywhere to work if the keyboard and pc are in range. Furthermore, it frees up the desk space for placing other things.

No Wire Entanglement:

Cable entanglement is the worst drawback of the wired keyboard. In wireless keyboards, there is no such issue. You don’t have to deal with the messy wire before starting to work. Just connect it and sit comfortably on a sofa to work.

 Minimizes Wrist Pain:

Typing with a keyboard on a desk makes you bend your wrist or hang your hand in the air while typing. Both these situations strain your wrist and eventually lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Wireless Keyboards minimize the risk as you don’t need to work on the desk now. You can place the wireless keyboard on your lap or pillow and work without suffering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Connect Dell Wireless Keyboard Without a Receiver?

Yes, you can connect a dell wireless keyboard without a receiver with dell Bluetooth keyboard pairing. All you have to do is switch on the Bluetooth option on your laptop and power the Bluetooth pairing mode on the keyboard. The system will detect the Bluetooth keyboard and enables pairing your keyboard with the laptop. Once the Bluetooth keyboard is paired and the connection is established, you can write your task.

How To Put Keyboard In Pairing Mode?

you can put the Bluetooth keyboard in pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth button on the back of the keyboard close to the power button. After the button is pressed, the blue light blinks, showing that the Bluetooth keyboard is in pairing mode.

How to turn on dell wireless keyboard?

First, insert the two AA batteries inside the dell wireless keyboard and power it on by pressing the power button on the back of the keyboard. After that, you can connect it either via Bluetooth or USB receiver. Both methods are simple, yet the USB receiver connection takes little time compared to the Bluetooth connection because it does not require pairing your laptop.

[icon name=”receipt” prefix=”fas”] Conclusion:

This guide has rightly explained How to connect Dell Wireless Keyboard. Both two methods for connecting the wireless keyboard to the laptop are super simple. However, to connect it fast, you must know the correct sequence of the steps. You must push the receiver inside the USB port and power the keyboard to type in the USB connection. Bluetooth connection requires more time than the USB receiver because you need to pair the keyboard with your laptop, which may take a few minutes.

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