How To Connect A Wireless Mouse To A Different Receiver

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Wireless peripherals are a lot more common these days. They provide you with flexibility and excellent mobility. You won’t be bound to your desk to use them—these wireless peripherals, whether keyboard or mouse, comes with a USB receiver for connection. If you lose it, you can use a different receiver to connect, but the question is, how? Our article outlines how to connect a wireless mouse to a different receiver.

A USB receiver acts as a signal receiver. You attach it to your laptop or computer to establish a connection. It receives the signals that are transmitted by your wireless peripherals. This function proves that the USB receiver is of great significance. However, since they are designed to be minor, it is common to lose them. Let’s find out how you can use your wireless mouse with a different receiver.

How To Connect A Wireless Mouse To A Different Reciever?

Logitech and other companies have brought forward unifying wireless connectors to deal with this problem. These connectors are specially designed for wireless Logitech mice, and you can purchase them online. In the case of Logitech, the unifying receiver can connect to a maximum of 6 Logitech devices (mouse & keyboard included). However, there are a few points you should note

  • To pair/unpair a wireless mouse, you must install unifying software.
  • A wireless mouse compatible with the unifying receiver is also compatible with other receivers.
  • If wireless mice are compatible with a unifying receiver, they can only work with their receiver or Bluetooth.

To connect your wireless mouse to a different receiver seamlessly, let’s dive into detail.

How To Connect A Wireless Mouse To A Different Receiver

Syncing Your Wireless Mouse With A Different Reciever-Detailed Process

As mentioned earlier, you can sync only a mouse compatible with a unifying receiver with other receivers. You must first download a unifying software and pair your device with it. In case you own a Logitech wireless mouse, Let’s see the steps below:

  1. Firstly, unplug or disconnect the unifying receiver if it’s connected to your laptop/computer.
  2.  Install the Logitech Unifying software.
  3. Open the Logitech App

Information: Logitech Unifying Software works with Windows OS (10, 8, 7), macOS, ChromeOS  

  1. Click Next
  2. Then, connect the unifying receiver by inserting it into the USB port
  3. Click next
  4. The on-screen will ask you to turn off and then on your wireless mouse. Do as it instructs,

Your wireless mouse will be connected. 


  1. Some windows updates can interfere with the connection process. Uninstall the updates for smooth connectivity.
  2. Corrupted drivers or files can cause connection errors.
  3. Third-party Applications can cause a connection error; delete them. 

Unpairing Your Wireless Mouse

You can also use the same Logitech unifying software to unpair your wireless mouse. For this:

  1. Click on the Logitech Unifying application.
  2. Click on Advanced
  3. A list of devices will open up currently connected to our laptop. Click on the device you want to unpair and hit the unpair option.
  4. Your wireless mouse will be unpaired.

Why is It Important To Use A Receiver With Wireless Mouse?

It’s simple: your wireless mouse won’t operate without a USB receiver. Connecting your USB receiver to the PC will notify you that it has detected the device and downloaded the suitable driver software. Your device will get synced with the PC, and hence signals transmitted will be received by the USB dongle, which will transmit it to your PC. Your mouse will start operating as a regular one. 

Note: USB receivers are small built; hence their chances of getting lost are great. However, many wireless peripheral brands have installed small storage within the Wireless mouse to deal with this issue. You can store the USB in the storage box when not in use, preventing it from getting lost.

Does Every Wireless Peripheral Come With A USB Receiver?

Yes, every wireless peripheral has its receiver. A mouse of the same model designed by different manufacturers may have the same receiver but operate at a different frequency. It is essential to keep interference at a bare minimum. If two individuals use a comparable wireless mouse model and the same USB receiver, there will be significant interference. Hence, they are given different operating frequencies to respond. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Connect Wireless Mouse Without USB Receiver 

Every wireless mouse has a matching USB dongle that can only receive and transmit messages for that particular mouse model. If your USB receiver has gone lost or broken, search the mouse specs and see whether your device supports Bluetooth connectivity. Almost every mouse does have a Bluetooth feature. You will find the Bluetooth activation/connection/pairing button on the mouse; press it; at the same time, activate the Bluetooth of your desktop/pc/laptop. Both the mouse and the device will get paired together.

How To Reprogram Wireless Mouse Receiver 

You can easily reprogram your wireless mouse receiver is only possible if the mouse has a rest button underneath it. To reprogram/reset the mouse receiver, you need to plug in the USB dongle, power on your mouse; and bring the device close to the receiver. If the mouse has the reset button specifically, then press it. If the mouse doesn’t have that, press the connection/pairing button for 15 seconds to reset/reprogram the receiver.

Can You Pair A Logitech Mouse With USB Receiver 

Yes, you can easily connect your Logitech mouse with a USB receiver. For this, you need o inser the USB dongle into the USB slot. Your laptop will immediately show the notification of a device connected. Power on the mouse. Your Logitech mouse will get synced with your laptop via the receiver.


We have demonstrated how to connect a wireless mouse to a different receiver. If you have unfortunately lost your USB receiver, you can also use a different one; your wireless mouse is Unifying receiver compatible. You have to install the unifying app and then pair and unpair your device through it. The USB receiver holds great importance; without it, you can’t connect your wireless peripherals to your laptop. The receiver acts as a signal receiver and will sync your device with the laptop/computer. I hope you have found the answer to your question!

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