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Technology is improving with each day. Many IT experts and professionals have found gimmicks to deal with common device issues and enhance your computing experience. Most laptop users face a simple yet common problem: battery drain. Laptop gets dead, putting a full stop to your work. Many IT experts and nerds have devised a way to charge your device using another to deal with this. This gimmick has consequently resulted in people asking how to charge laptop with another laptop.

Charging your laptop is crucial to resume functioning; however, using another laptop to charge your device is now a big hype. Our article highlights the best ways to charge your laptop.

How To Charge Laptop With Another Laptop

The most popular method to charge your laptop with another laptop is via a USB cable. It’s advisable to use USB type C port laptops and a top-quality USB cable during the process. This charging method is extremely risky; if gone wrong, both your laptops can go Boom! Moreover, as an alternative, you can use the switching method, which is on the safe end.

Charging Your Laptop With Another Laptop-A 3 Step Process

You can power up your laptop with another laptop in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Go For USB Port C Laptops

One and the only way to charge your laptop via another laptop is by using a USB type C port. The charging process won’t be successful if you use a laptop with a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port. These ports won’t be able to provide you with the power voltage, resulting in an unstable power supply and, consequently, short circuits both your laptops.

The best suitable option is to opt for laptops with a USB-type C port. The Type C port is versatile and compatible with plenty of devices. Moreover, the USB port can provide power voltage sufficient for charging your laptop batteries.

Step 2: Look For A Compatible USB Cable

You have to ensure both your laptops are compatible with the USB cable. Since technology is improving quickly, plenty of laptops are being launched. Not all laptops are compatible with USB cables and may require a unique type of charger. Hence, finding out the compatibility of your laptops with the USB cable is extremely important.

Step 3: Connection

After finding the best, top-quality USB cable, you need to connect both with it. For this, connect one end of the USB cable to the charging port of one laptop and another peripheral end to the laptop’s power port. Your laptop will start charging. 

4 Pro Hacks For Charging Laptop With Another Laptop

Tip 1: Find Out Laptop Compatibility With USB Cable

It is to state that not all laptops are designed to be compatible with USB cables. Certain brand laptops work well only with specific chargers. Hence, it would be best to acquire the specific charger type for successful charging. To find the laptop USB cable compatibility, look for the laptop model on the website. All the information regarding your devices will be displayed there, outlining their compatibility. 

Tip 2: Use Best Quality USB Cable 

As stated earlier, this laptop charging gimmick is extremely dangerous, putting at risk both your laptops. If anything goes wrong, you will lose both your devices. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful and use top-quality components for charging. If you use poor quality USB cable, any potential break or defect can make your charging process unsuccessful. Therefore, always invests in top-quality USB cables for perfect results. 

Tip 3: Deep Port Cleaning

This cleaning tip is essential. Your laptop needs a thorough clean-up monthly. However, weekly, you need to clean the port system. Since ports are open slots, there is a chance that debris, dust, or hair may block the slot, hence interfering with the charging process. Therefore, it’s an absolute must that you keep the port system clean. Use a cotton cloth or compressed air to deep clean your devices. 

Tip 4: Use the Correct Method For Charging

If your laptop has some general charging method, avoid going for gimmicks and use it since it would be safer. 

Pros & Cons For Charging A Laptop With Another Laptop. 


  • User-friendly process
  • Higher compatibility with devices 
  • Convenient process

Cons :

  • Risky process: if gone wrong can potentially damage both the laptops. 
  • Not best for laptops requiring a different charger 

Should You Charge Laptop With Another Laptop? 

It is a common question that baffles plenty; however, the answer is simple, no! The reason for the Big Fat NO is that it’s a risky process that puts both your laptops at stake. Moreover, the chances of it being successful are less than 50%. 

Instead of using this method, you can opt for a switching method which is a lot safer. In this method, you can remove the laptop battery and insert it into another laptop for charging. However, it’s easier said than done because, in this scenario, both your laptops should possess removable batteries. Moreover, their power voltage requirement and battery slot size should also be the same. Only then can you use this method.

 Lastly, many people don’t find this method convenient, as it always requires having two laptops with you in emergencies. This fact makes it a not-so-loveable method. However, on the bright side, it’s much safer than using another laptop to charge your laptop. 

What Are The Best Methods For Charging a Laptop Without Another Laptop

Apart from using a laptop to charge the laptop, there are safer options; these include charging via a power bank, smartphones, or car battery

  • Power bank: power banks are necessary for emergencies. These portable chargers must be plugged into the port to charge your device. They are even capable of charging your smartphones and tablets. 
  • Car battery: you can use power from a car battery to charge your laptop. For this, you need to have a power inverter and plug it into the cigarette lighter. Then plug your laptop into it, and your device will start charging.
  • Smartphone: Smartphones have charging features nowadays, meaning you can use them to charge other devices. Just connect the Smartphone and laptop via a USB cable, and your laptop with start charging. 


We have demonstrated how to charge laptop with another laptop. You can use a USB cable for charging. However, it’s a risky process and may damage both of your gadgets. Apart from this, you can opt for a switching method; however, it isn’t foolproof and is inconvenient for some. If you don’t want to put your device at risk, you should opt for other charging methods, including using a Power bank, a car battery, or a smartphone device to charge your laptop. They are safer and yield fruitful results. 



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