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With the advent of innovative technology, new methods are set in motion to charge your laptop devices effectively. If your charger port is damaged, or you are on a road trip and have forgotten your laptop charger at home, you should learn how to charge an Asus laptop without a charger.

Chargers are essential peripherals for charging your battery-powered devices. Laptops feature a powerful port system that facilitates charging. However, not all ports provide power. Some ports are presentfor transferring data and others to charge other devices. 

If your target is to power up your laptop without using a laptop charger, then this article is for you! 

How To Charge An Asus Laptop Without A Charger

Modern laptops have two types of ports: USB type and Type C ports. This introduction allowed laptops to charge via USB cables. Moreover, the inclusion of USB type B and Type C ports also facilitates the use of power banks. You can plug in the power banks designed primarily for laptops to charge your device like mobile power banks. Apart from using power banks to power up your Asus laptop, you can use a car battery, smartphones  or external batteries to charge your device. Let’s dive into their detail. 

5 Popular Methods For Charging Asus Laptop Without A Charger 

Method 1: Charging Asus Laptop Via PowerBank. 

Power banks are innovative portable chargers that use USB type C ports to charge laptops. Hence, if your laptop has a USB type C port, you can easily plug this device into your type c port and charge it. 

This portable charger comes in multiple shapes, sizes and powers. When choosing a power bank for your laptop, its voltage and power wattage is essential. It should provide up to 60 to 100W and about 20V voltage power. 

Con:  What if it doesn’t provide your laptop with sufficient voltage?  

Power banks are like double edge swords. A proper power bank can bring your laptop from dead; however, an inaccurate power voltage power bank can fry up your laptop’s battery. If the power bank fails to meet the required laptop-rated voltage as indicated by the manufacturers, the device won’t be able to charge up quickly and will probably go wasted. 

Method 2: Charging Asus Laptop Via Smartphones

Similar to the above case, modern smartphones nowadays are equipped with power bank abilities. It indicates that now you can plug the smartphones into your electronic device to charge it. It has now become quite the opposite of what was used years ago. Nowadays, smartphones and laptops can effectively charge each other. 

If your laptop has USB type C and your smartphone has the device charging ability, plug the smartphone into the power port of the computer. A window will pop up and select the power supply to other devices option, allowing the smartphone to share its battery power with you. 

Con: smartphones don’t require more power, unlike laptops. Hence, if you use your mobile to charge your computer, it would be drawing out a lot of energy from your mobile battery. Therefore, your smartphone battery can get damaged, leaving your laptop charging halfway. Moreover, this process isn’t a permanent solution to your problem. You can;t use your smartphone to charge your laptop whenever you are without a charger constantly. The smartphone can only charge your device for up to 30 minutes. 

Method 3: Charging Asus Laptop Via Car Battery

It is quite an exciting way to charge your Asus device without using the official charger. You can use a power inverter and plug it into the cigarette lighter, connect the power inverter to your laptop port, and your laptop will start to power up. 

Con: Again, this isn’t a permanent fix to your charging problem. The car battery may provide inconsistent power, frying up your laptop battery. 

Method 4: Charging Asus Laptop Via External Battery Charger

One way to charge your laptop without a charger is to use an external battery charger. These chargers come in various models, and you should purchase them according to your laptop requirements. In short, your external battery charger should be compatible with your laptop model. Just plug the charger into the laptop port, and your laptop battery will start charging.

Con: External Battery chargers can cause your laptop battery to heat up excessively, increasing the chances of it getting damaged. 


We have demonstrated how to charge an Asus laptop without a charger. Without chargers, you can’t make your laptop work. Chargers are the essential need for every battery-powered device. If you have a broken laptop charger or have lost it, you can use a power bank, a smartphone with charging abilities, an external laptop battery charger, or even a car battery to charge your device. However, you should only use these methods when in a pinch. Please do your best to charge your device with its official charger. 



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