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Have you ever faced a situation where your laptop’s battery runs out, but unfortunately, you forgot the original charger at home? Want can you do in such a situation? Whether your official charger is broken or you have forgotten to pack it up during your trip, you should know how to charge a dead laptop without a charger.

A laptop charger is important as your battery won’t charge without it, leaving your laptop dead in a few seconds. If your laptop charger fails to charge your laptop, you can use various ways to charge your device easily. If you need to learn these methods, go through our guide.

How To Charge A Dead Laptop Without A Charger?

There is nothing like the original. Original chargers are great for laptop charging. If you don’t have your original charger, then you can use multiple ways, including using a power bank, car battery, universal adapter, etc. Regular use of these methods can make your battery dead. You can use these methods twice. Let’s dive into detail.

Best 5 Laptop Charging Methods Without A Charger

Method 1: Charging Laptop With Power Bank

A power bank is the first method to charge your laptop without a charger. This method is considered the easiest and most convenient, as it doesn’t involve any tricky work. Attach the power bank to the laptop’s power socket, and your device will start charging. 

Power banks are portable chargers that assist perfectly in emergencies. However, do note that these devices need to be charged as well. Hence, at most, a single power bank can charge your device twice only.

Power banks come in various voltages and sizes. For laptops, you need to acquire one with 8 to 12 V power; only then will it be able to charge your device fully. 

Method 2: Charging Laptop With Car Battery

One method to keep your laptop from being dead is to use a car battery. If you frequently travel, finding a power outlet for your laptop to charge won’t be easy. Moreover, if you forget to bring your official charger, your laptop won’t be able to charge. For this, you need a power inverter, which can safely convert the battery power into power for the laptop. 

Plug the power inverter into the cigarette lighter and plug the other end into the laptop battery socket. Your laptop will start charging. However, the obvious con for this method is that you would have placed your device on the car’s floor. 

Method 3: Charging Laptop With Universal Adapter 

Do you own an old model laptop? If yes, your laptop charger would probably be discontinued by the respective brand. So, what to do? In this situation, a universal adapter is best for charging your device. The universal adapter can charge your laptop irrespective of its brand. Moreover, it comes in various tips, so if your laptop requires a unique tip, you can instantly attach it to the universal adaptor and juice – up your device: although you will have to purchase the tip separately. 

Universal adapter functionality is similar to that of your official laptop charger. However, caution must be taken while using it as it requires you to set the amperage. Setting the power too high will ultimately be deadly to your laptop’s battery, consequently overheating and killing your laptop. Therefore, only use a universal adapter when necessary. 

Method 4: Charging With External Battery Charger. 

One smart move to charge a dead battery is to keep an extra battery with you. If you travel or work without power source accessibility, you should keep a spare battery. This way, you won’t have to find and use power outlets. 

Many brands nowadays provide spare laptop parts so that you can access an extra battery. Moreover, you can charge that battery via an external battery charger. You plug this gadget and then place your laptop battery within it for charging. However, you need to note its compatibility with your laptop. Modern brands offer varying external battery chargers for their laptop models. It can get damaged if an incompatible charger is used for powering your battery. 

Method 5: Charging Through A Smartphone 

Modern smartphones nowadays have an excellent feature that enables them to act as power banks. Simply connecting your mobile to the laptop will charge up your device. Your smartphone will act as a power bank and power up your computer. You can achieve this through a USB type C cable. Plug one end of the cable into the laptop USB port and the other into the smartphone. Your smartphone will automatically start charging your laptop. 

It can not help your battery last for long. You cannot use it as a permanent solution. With smartphones, you can charge your device for 30 minutes, not more than that. If you are in a pinch, this alternative can help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I Use A Lower Wattage Charger For My Laptop?

You must keep in check the battery wattage requirement and the charger wattage. Wattage means the amount of power drawn from the electric socket. If a charger says 45w, it will draw 45 w power to power up your laptop. Therefore, chargers are usually divided into high and low-wattage chargers. Using a high-wattage charger that exceeds the laptop battery wattage will potentially damage the battery. You can use low-wattage chargers to charge your laptop battery; however, it will be impossible for your laptop to work at its maximum. Moreover, it will take more time for your laptop battery to charge than usual, and the process can be quite frustrating. 

Can I Charge My Lenovo Laptop With USB C? 

Yes, you can charge your Lenovo laptop with a USB C. USB C is known for its versatility. It provides you with multiple connectivity displays and is a great invention of the modern world. If your Lenovo laptop comes with a USB type c port, you can easily charge your laptop. 

How To Charge A Laptop With Another Laptop? 

The simple answer is no. In today’s modern world, plenty of gimmicks are trendy. One of these is using your laptop to charge another one. Let’s consider two conditions. One is that both your laptops have a USB A port, and the second comes with a USB C port. In both cases, connecting your laptop so that it can charge each other is dangerous. The process can end up frying both your laptops and damaging their internals. 


We demonstrated alternative methods of how to charge a dead laptop without a charger. The battery is the essential component of a laptop, and without it, laptop functionality isn’t possible. The best method to charge your laptop battery is using its original charger because there is nothing like the original. However, if you are in a tight spot and don’t have your official laptop charger, you can use the above methods to charge your device. Keep in mind that these minds aren’t healthy for a long time. Frequently using these methods can destroy your laptop. 



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