How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI Laptop?

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Many people like the MSI distinctive color keyboards because they add beauty and convenience, enhancing your productivity. Working on a laptop with RGB or backlit feature is more pleasing than a standard non-RGB /non-backlit keyboard. MSI keyboards come with a color change feature. Many people don’t know how to change keyboard color on MSI laptops.

MSI laptops come with preinstalled software that allows you to customize your keyboard. As a writer or a gamer, this customizable MSI keyboard is undoubtedly a productivity-centric feature that you can alter according to your working mood and preferred style. We have highlighted the steps in detail so you can customize your keyboard effortlessly.

How to Change Keyboard Color In MSI Laptop?

Changing your MSI keyboard color is a piece of cake. You can use 3 methods. The easiest way is by using the function keys. All you have to do is press the F9 or Fn+F9 keys to change the RGB color. The second and third methods include downloading software i.e. MSI Dragon Software or Steel Engine Series software. You must install software and navigate through it to change your keyboard color. You can choose between default or a new configuration. You have to follow a few steps that would take only a minute. Let’s did into their details.

How To Change Keyboard Color On Msi Laptop

How To Change MSI Keyboard Color? – (3 Easy Methods) 

There are 3 methods by which you can change your MSI laptop keyboard color. These include

Method 1: Msi Keyboard Color Change Via Keyboard Function Keys

You can change the MSI keyboard color by using the keyboard function keys. The keys help in changing the RGB pattern of your device. Depending on your laptop type; the function key can be anyone from F1 To F12. However, the F9 or Fn+F9 key is used for MSI laptops to change the RGB color.

Method 2: Keyboard Color Change Via Msi Dragon Center

Step 1: Download the Application

The first step to changing your RGB keyboard color is by installing the MSI Dragon Centre. The MAI Dragon Centre has versatile functionality. It can not only change the illuminating keys; it can also regulate your laptop fan speed; system temperature etc. After downloading the file; you need to run and open the application

Step 2: LED Wizard

After opening the Dragon Centre; you need to click on the LED Wizard icon; located on the left side of the G icon; below the system monitoring heading. By clicking this option; you get to decide your keyboard keys into 3 different parts and set their RGB color. Moreover; you can also change the brightness levels and adjust color combinations.

Quick Tip: If you are unable to decide on the new color that you want to add; it’s better to use the color wheel option. You can create new color schemes with this feature.

Method 3: Msi Keyboard Color Change Via Steel Series Engine 3

Step 1: Download Software

You need to download the Steel series engine. Make sure it’s the latest version. This software is a real keyboard color changer. Without it, you cant change your MSI laptop keyboard color.

Note: Steel Series Engine 3 requires you to create your profile first; after that, you can change the keyboard color.

Step 2: Navigate Through The Software

After downloading the app, install it and then start navigating through the app. Look for a Gear option and then click it. After that, select MSI Per key RGB keyboard.

Step 3: Set the Configuration

After selecting MSI Per key RGB keyboard, you can configure; it by clicking on the configuration option in the button left corner. You can find templates on your right. If you want to create your configuration, follow the next step. 

Step 4: Setting New Configuration 

Click on the new button and then start changing the settings. Assign a new name to the configuration. 

Step 5: Personalize Your Keyboard Color

For keyboard personalization, you can make use of the following tools. 

Firstly, you have to select the keys that you wish to customize. Then you can apply a special effect on the keys. These special effects include static, gradient, pulse, spectrum wave, and custom. Let’s discuss them one by one! 

  • Static: this means that the color effect is applied to all areas. 
  • Gradient: this special effect features different colors fading in and out
  • Pulse: varying colors provide a pulsing effect. 
  • Custom: this feature lets you see colors that you want
  • Spectrum wave: This feature provides a color spectrum with colors varying simultaneously. 

You can apply these special effects; with the assistance of the following tools:

  • Select This tool; lets you select the zone/ area of the keyboard of your preference
  • Magic Wand: This tool lets you select all the keys with similar functions
  • Group Select: As the name suggests; the group select tool lets you select keys or areas in a group
  • Paint Bucket: With the help of a paint bucket; you can paint keys of your preference
  • Effect Picker: It selects the color effects.
  • Paintbrush: You can paint keys/areas/zones
  • Eraser: It removes the color/ impact previously made on zone/keys and sets it to default.

After personalizing; click on the save button to save changes

Pro Tip: If you work in dim-lit environments; you should customize your keyboard with brighter colors; for a bright environment; go for a darker color scheme; one that is not too bright.

Top 4 Reasons For MSI Keyboard Color Change

Perfect For Night Owls:

The MSI illumination keyboard is perfect for individuals who work late at night and are night riders. The coloring keyboard keys provide them a great benefit in the dark. You can smoothly type with the key glow feature even when lights are out or your family is catching zzzs. For amateurs and professional typists, this is a noticeable feature that lets them work without compromising productivity.

Source of Motivation And Comfort:

The MSI color change has an optimistic impact on the user. The illuminating keys provide gamers and professionals with a sense of connection, motivating them to work to their fullest. You can simply change the key’s color through the MSI keyboard lighting control feature if bored.

Provide Great Convience:

Since the MSI keyboard allows you to change its color to your taste and mood, you can effectively utilize this feature to easily various keys. Whether you are a novice or a professional, it doesn’t matter; providing different color codes to the keys increases your work productivity. Similarly, this feature comes in handy for gamers as well. While gaming, they can color code the common arrow or ASWD keys, enabling you to glare less on the keyboard and more on the screen.

Lets You Alternate Colors:

MSI RGB keyboard lets you switch between varying colors. However, one additional feature that adds comfort and ease is its default function. You can customize your keyboard color scheme and then set it as default, saving you from the hassle of customizing again every time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

How Do I Control The Lights On My MSI Keyboard?

You can easily control MSI laptop keyboard lights. Firstly, press the Fn button, and pop up the color wheel. Then use the keyboard arrow keys to change the color. Your keyboard lights will get changed. 

How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI gl65?

You can easily change the MSI gI65 keyboard color by following the Steps.

  1. Go to the MSI Dragon application that’s preinstalled on the laptop.
  2. From there, choose system tuning and go to the keyboard lighting option.
  3. Now, you must choose whether you want a preset feature or to create your color pattern. After choosing either of the options, select enter.
  4. Your keyboard color will get changed.

Why Is My Keyboard Lighting Up But Not Working?

Sometimes; your keyboard would light up but its keys won’t work anymore. The keyboard and the illumination feature only have a power source in common. The main reason why your keys stop working could be due to faulty/ corrupted or outdated keyboard drivers. To fix this issue; you need to update the keyboard drivers.


We have underlined the step-by-step process to customize your MSI keyboard. You can easily personalize keyboard colors by using the preinstalled software. Working on an RGB MSI keyboard provides you with a premium vibe. You not only get to be a night rider but its comfortability and illuminating keys motivate you to work more. We hope you have learned how to change keyboard color on MSI laptop. Follow the steps mentioned above and customize the keyboard color to your taste. Give a boost to your creativity and productivity with this rainbow beast. Best of Luck.Bye! 

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