How To Change Backlight Keyboard Color

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It was quite a long ago when people used simple and uninspiring keyboards for work. Nowadays, the backlight keyboard has replaced that older version and allows users to enjoy keyboard lighting. It offers the feature to change keyboard color; however, most of us don’t know “how to change backlight keyboard color.”

Apart from the striking sight of the keyboard colors, the backlight is also so significant when you need to work in a dark environment. It lightens up the keys and lets you conveniently type the letters in the dark. The backlit Keyboard illuminates the whole Keyboard in a single color, whether blue, red, green, or white. Yet the advanced RGB Keyboard even offers the customizability of assigning specific colors to different keys.

Suppose you don’t know how to change the lights on the Keyboard. Stay calm; here is a helpful guide to changing backlight colors and scouting the backlight keyboard settings.

How to Change Backlight Keyboard Color?

If the backlight of your laptop keyboard is not enabled, you can quickly turn it on with some simple methods. The easiest one is using the hotkeys to change the keyboard color. The hotkeys may be different for different laptop brands. Another way is going to the control panel and navigating the windows mobility center option in the hardware and sound settings to enable the keyboard lighting and adjust the backlight keyboard setting. Your device may have a built-in app for backlight keyboard settings. You can check it out in the system software.

How To Change Backlight Keyboard Color

 How To Change Lights On Keyboard? 

Now let’s get to the details of these simple methods:


Hotkeys are the quickest way to change keyboard color. Before using the hotkey to change keyboard colors, ensure the keyboard backlight is turned on. For some laptop brands, the hotkey for the backlight is Fn+spacebar. The other hotkey is Fn+C, showing you the color wheel for adjusting the lighting option. In the HP brands, the hotkey for changing backlight colors is Fn+f5.

Windows Mobility Center: 

Access the Windows Mobility Center can change the laptop keyboard color. Let’s see how:

  1. Type Control Panel in the search bar and press enter.
  2. Then select the Hardware & Sound settings. Here, you will see the Windows Mobility Center; click it.
  1. Now look for the option Keyboard Backlighting in the list of menus. Navigate to this option.
  1. There is a bar with low written on the left side and high written on its right side. A pointer on the bar is used to adjust the keyboard backlight’s brightness. Move the arrow to the right to increase its brightness. 
  2. You can also check if the backlight is on in the same section. Furthermore, you can also choose the time of inactivity, after which the keyboard backlight should automatically turn off. 
  1. After applying the desired changes, click OK.

Built-In Software:

Most devices have built-in software for the backlight keyboard settings. This software will allow you to change the backlight color according to your convenience. You can find it out in the system apps or write the name of your laptop model on google to find out if your laptop has one. We will discuss how to change the backlight keyboard color in Lenovo using Lenovo’s Vantage Software.

  1. By writing in the search bar, check if your laptop already has built-in software. If not, download the software file from the official Lenovo website. 
  2. Right-click on the downloaded file and choose the option Run As Administrator.
  3. Install the software, and once installed, launch it.
  4. The software offers easy adjustability to 3 levels of brightness and four zones of RGB.

[icon name=”circle-info” prefix=”fas”] NOTE:

Lenovo Vantage is designed for both Windows 10 & Windows 11 OS. It applies to Ideapad and Thinkpad. This software is not just for changing keyboard backlighting; it enhances the laptop’s performance by providing better data security and easy laptop usage.

Best Color For Keyboard: 

Although there is no absolute best color for the Keyboard, as everyone has their own choices and conveniences, white color offers much better visibility in the dark to most users. It makes the task more accessible than other backlight colors. However, many other users would still prefer blue, green, or red as the backlight color as they might be comfortable and convenient with these colors.

Problems When Changing Backlight Keyboard Color & Their Fixes:

Sometimes the keyboard backlight seems not to be working when it is on. It is due to the deficient brightness level.

Fix: Increase the brightness level till the backlight color is visible.

When the backlight is on, and you cannot change the backlight color, problems might be with the keyboard drivers requiring an update or repair.

Fix: Go to the Device Manager search bar and navigate the keyboard menu. Then select the keyboard driver and choose the option Update Driver.

If the issue does not resolve after updating drivers and increasing brightness, you should use the system troubleshooting feature.


  1. Write Troubleshoot in the search bar to open the troubleshooting settings.
  1. Go to Additional Troubleshooters.
  2. Under the section Find & Fix Other Problems, select Keyboard.
  1. Click Run the Troubleshooter. 

[icon name=”lightbulb” prefix=”fas”] Quick Tip:

If nothing else works to fix the problems, clean and boot your laptop or pc. It will prevent any app or program from interfering with the function of the backlight keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Change The Color Of Mechanical Keyboard?

You can change the color of the mechanical Keyboard using the hotkeys like Fn+spacebar, Fn+C, or Fn+f5. You can also change the keyboard color from the windows mobility center feature in the control panel. A built-in app on some devices lets you change backlight keyboard settings.

How To Make Chromebook Keyboard Light Up?

Since the Chromebook keyboard does not have a backlight feature, you must increase the screen brightness to light up the Chromebook keyboard. It will enable you to see the keys in the dark conveniently. Press the Alt+Brightness Up key to increase the screen brightness to the level that will make the keyboard visible.

How To Change Keyboard Color On Hp Laptop?

To change the keyboard color on an HP laptop, you can utilize the hotkey as the quickest method. You should simultaneously press the Fn key with the f5 key to change the keyboard color. You can also use the Zoned backlighting feature of the HP laptop. Go to the Omen command center from the search bar. You will find specific options there to change the keyboard color.

[icon name=”receipt” prefix=”fas”] Wrapping Up:

Hotkeys are not the same for each laptop brand; we have given the hotkey of some renowned brands. However, it’s the age of Google; you can always ask google if you don’t know the backlight keyboard hotkey for your laptop brand. Now you have a good insight into How to change backlight keyboard color. You can also use the windows mobility center in the control panel or the native apps to change keyboard color. Utilizing these simple methods, you can enjoy the different backlight colors, which makes typing in the dark easier and makes the task more thrilling.

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