How Much Is My Dell Laptop Worth

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One can replace the old Dell laptop for several reasons. The user may be bored with the old laptop and want to explore the latest models with advanced features. Or the other reason could be the old laptop giving a poor performance. Whatever the reason, the wise idea is to make money by selling it. I can only do it if I know: how much is my dell laptop worth?

To make a profitable trade with your old Dell laptop, you must have a clear understanding of the expected price of your old laptop. We will walk you through some ways to help you know the worth of your dell laptop.

How Much Is My Dell Laptop Worth?

Your Dell laptop has zero worth because the resale value is poor when the latest laptop models with better upgrades are available at a reasonable price. However, you could still sell it online because its worth would be 60-70% less than its price. Therefore, if you have an up-to-date Dell laptop, it may preserve its worth to some extent. You can estimate the price of your Dell laptop from online websites or laptop repair shops. 

How Much Is My Dell Laptop Worth

How Much Is A Used Dell Laptop Worth

The price of your used Dell laptop would be much lower than the price at which you bought it. The worth of a used Dell laptop entirely depends upon the condition of the laptop. If the condition of the Dell laptop is genuine and you have upgraded it to the best, you could expect its worth to be 50% of its original price. Furthermore, you can add up the price of any peripherals you use with your laptops. Damages to the laptop have greater significance in determining the price of the used Dell laptop.

As a simple rule, with every damage, deduct 5-10% from the estimated price of a used dell laptop.

How Much Is An Old Dell Laptop Worth

The worth of the old Dell laptop gradually decreases as the laptop brand releases newer models with fast technology, better design, and advanced features. However, some people still want to buy the old Dell laptop for spare parts. Therefore, the price of an old Dell laptop is negligible.

TIP: If you want to get rid of your old Dell laptop with some price exchange, a number of recycling companies could help you. They would give you some amount for your laptop and, in turn, safely dispose of the e-waste of your old Dell laptop.

Can I Trade In My Dell Laptop

The Dell company allows you to trade in your dell laptop through the official Dell trade-in website. You have to answer some questions that will define whether your Dell laptop is eligible for trade. If the Dell laptop turns out to be eligible for trade-in, you can get a handsome amount for your old Dell laptop. Even if your laptop has no trade-in value, the company will recycle it safely for free.

NOTE: The trade-in offer of the Dell company is valid not only for the Dell devices but also for the devices of any other brand. In addition, the Dell company is the authentic recycler of electronic waste.

Where Can I Sell My Dell Laptop Near Me

You may know some laptop retail shops in your area. These shops will buy your Dell laptop after examining it thoroughly. However, even if you don’t know any such shops around you, Google teachers can help you. Just type laptop retail shops in the search bar, then google will list all the laptop retail shops in your city with their location. 

Online selling platforms like OLX can also help you sell your Dell laptop near you. Put the laptop pictures with the estimated price on the app; anyone near you might want to buy it through the app.

Ways To Know The Worth Of Dell Laptop-Top 3

To state the correct price of your old Dell laptop, you should know some easy ways to make a correct price estimation of the used Dell laptop.

Number 1: Use an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon are the best tools to know the worth of your old dell laptop. There are a number of both used and new laptops of different brands. You can select the categories that best match the condition of your used dell laptop. Then, by checking the different prices, you can estimate the price of your laptop.

Number 2: Online Calculator

An online calculator is the easiest way to know the price of your old Dell laptop. You have to provide tiny details about your laptop’s condition, and the calculator will show you the market price of your Dell laptop. Gadget Salvation is the best online calculator so far. Just type the brand and model of your laptop in the website’s search bar. Then answer the functionality and cosmetic conditioning question regarding your laptop; the website will calculate the price of an old dell laptop.

Number 3: Visit Local Laptop Retail Shops

Though it sounds tiresome to carry your laptop to the local laptop retail shops, they can help you better on the demanding prices for your laptop in your area. You can even trade in your old dell laptop for the newer model with some additional price. 

Factors That Determine The Worth Of a Dell Laptop

Some chief factors eventually determine the worth of the Dell laptop. But, in any case, the worth of the old Dell laptop is much lower than the price you bought it. 


The lighter and more compact your Dell laptop is, the higher would be its worth. Most of the latest dell laptop models are lightweight and have an alluring design with expensive materials. In contrast, if you have the old dell model, which is heavy and has big dimensions, it has zero worth. 

Storage Capacity & Type

The higher your Dell laptop’s capacity, the better its market price will be. The large storage capacity enables a large amount of data to be stored on your laptop. Moreover, the type of storage also makes a difference in the laptop’s worth. Laptops with SSD are worth higher than those with HDD.


Cpu with a higher number of cores is faster. Therefore, if your Dell laptop is Core i8, it has good value. Contrary to this, if your Dell laptop is Core i4 or i5, its market price would need to be better. 

Any Damage

Any damage to the laptop components would cut the resale price of your Dell laptop. However, if the damage is done to the main components like the motherboard, graphic cards, etc., the worth of your old dell laptop will decline to zero.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Dell Refurbished Laptops Good

Ans: Based on the customer reviews, Dell refurbished laptops are good enough compared to other laptop brands. They are genuine as technical experts repair and test them. Considering the premium features, working condition, laptop exterior, and above all, the finance-friendly prices of the dell refurbished laptop are matchless and are a good choice for students.

Are Dell Inspiron Laptops Good 

Ans: Indeed, Dell Inspiron laptops are good as they provide excellent performance, good storage capacity, and extensive display size. On top of that, they are available at an economical price. Therefore, we consider Dell Inspiron a convenient laptop for business people and students as these laptops are efficient in daily tasks but are not suitable for gaming.

Which Is Better, Dell Or Hp Laptop

Ans: Both are renowned laptop brands, but as a matter of fact, Dell laptops are way better than hp laptops for some reasons. The reasons include the smooth performance, affordable prices, authenticity, and a better customer rating of the Dell laptops. However, HP laptops have superior build quality; their customer service could be better.

Bottom Line

How much is my Dell laptop worth? It has zero worth if you have a very old Dell laptop model because no one would care to buy a laptop with limited features and an old design when better models are available. However, you can make some money by selling its spare parts, as repair shops usually need them. Damages to the laptop also affect its worth and decrease its resale value. We hope that the above information will satisfy your query.

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