How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dell Laptop Screen

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A laptop has become a basic necessity for productivity and entertainment. However; you can’t enjoy it; if the screen gets damaged. Broken pixels or even a slight crack on the display can ruin your viewing experience. Hence; this heats the question: how much does it cost to fix a dell laptop screen?

Dell is an impressive; budget-friendly enterprise; that continues to contribute to the digital world. However; when it comes to repairing its devices; the cost usually fluctuates depending on various factors. It includes not only the repair services that you approach but also the model and the warranty of your device. Let’s get into the details of it.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dell Laptop Screen?

This is a much-heated question. The average cost for fixing a dell laptop screen ranges from 45$ to 80$. However; this price may shoot up to $250- $600 depending on the laptop model, the accessibility of the laptop parts; the type of damage, the screen type and whether you are opting for a repair company or fixing the screen by yourself. Let’s dive into the detail.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Dell Laptop Screen

Dell Laptop Fixing Cost

A broken dell laptop display can halt all your tasks, as it facilitates visual defects. The screen may have pressure cracks, spider cracks, bleeding issues, flickering or blinking issues, vertical lines, broken pixels, white blotches, black patches etc. This could happen if you have accidentally dropped the gadget or it has crashed with a sharp object; no matter the cause, it’s time for you to fix the dell screen. The first thing that you need to decide is whether you want to opt for a repair agency or you want to fix the screen by yourself. 

Repair Agency ($150-$300)

There are plenty of Laptop repair agencies around the globe that are certified with the dell company. A few of these include Ensure Services, Prime Net, Netway Solutions etc. The screen fixing cost in all these agencies defers depending on their expertise, professionalism and the damage. For example; if the screen has blinking or flickering issues; then you need to spend at least $45 to $50 as it requires only a minimum service. An average repair company will cost you around $150 to $300. If along with the screen fixing; some other issues in the hardware rise; the dell laptop fixing price may touch $600.

Note: If you go to the Dell brand’s repair agency then it will surely be expensive. You may have to cough up $250 to $500 if you don’t have a laptop warranty.

Laptop Warranty (Free)

If your Dell laptop still has a warranty then the DEll repair agency won’t charge you even a single penny for the damage. They will fix all the issues regardless of the nature and type of damage. However; if your laptop warranty has finished; then the Dell repair agency will excessively charge you. 

DIY Dell Screen Fixing ($70-$240)

Some DIY enthusiasts believe that they can fix the dell laptop screen by themselves. Do take note; that fixing the screen is a big move; therefore you shouldn’t go for it unless and until you are truly confident that you can resolve it. Moreover, this process is all about perfection and correct assembly and disassembly of the laptop parts. There are plenty of Youtube tutorials and videos available teaching how to fix the screen; however with little knowledge; the process may do more harm than good. Moreover; the more blenders you make; the more money you will have to cough up.

If you are planning on fixing the DEll screen by yourself; then you would need to purchase a screen repair kit that costs around $20-$40. If the issue is minor; then with the assistance of the repair kit; you can fi the screen immediately; however; if the damage is beyond repair and you need to replace the screen; then you would have to spend a few bucks on the screen a s well; which will cost around $30-$200. This price will also fluctuate depending on the screen type that you are purchasing. 

Note: Despite how much confident you are; some screen issues can’t be solved at home, and require professional assistance; therefore instead of dealing with it yourself; go to a professional; to save yourself from further damage.

Type of Screen

 Dell laptops come in two types of screens and the screen fixing costs are heavily dependent on them.

LCD screen Cost ($30-$100)

The LCDs are liquid crystal displays that don’t use light but rather use some sort of reflector or a backlight to generate images. The  LCDs are famous for their energy-efficient properties; and compared to CRTs. they are known to use 25% less energy. Now if your dell laptop has an LCD; then the fixing cost will range from $30-$100. 

LED screen Cost ($50-$200)

LED screens’ unique feature is that they Make Use Of light-emitting diodes to generate images. Unlike LCDs, LEDs are quite expensive and are often used in laptops so that they can be used outdoors. The average fixing cost of an LED screen ranges from $50-$200. However; donate that if your LED screen needs replacement; and the screen is not easily accessible for your laptop model; then the price may become higher.

Tip: Most of the time; the screen fixing cost becomes higher than the replacement cost. Therefore; it’s best that instead of fixing the issue; it’s best that you entirely replace the display to save yourself from further troubles.

Laptop Model ($50-$80)

As stated earlier; the fixing cost of dell laptop screen also highly depends on the laptop model; if the laptop model is too old; like 7 to8 years old; then its highly possible that you won’t be able to easily find its spare parts; hence the repairer may charge you $50-$80 extra for it. 

Laptop Screen Size ($20-$30)

The fixing cost also depends on the screen size. If the laptop screen size is large; then surely you will be charged more compared to a smaller screen size. The repairer may charge you $20-$30 more than smaller screen sizes.

Cost of 2nd Hand Screens ($50-$80)

The cost of second-hand screens is less compared to first-hand ones. If your laptop screen is beyond repair; and you may need to replace the Dell screen entirely; then instead of installing an expensive; new laptop screen; you can opt for a much more reasonable second-hand laptop screen providing results similar to the latest one.You can easily seal the deal within $100 or maybe less depending on the laptop model and accessibility.


The Dell laptop screen is quite vulnerable to shocks, and this surely lets users wonder how much does it cost to fix dell laptop screen. The answer is quite complicated as this price depends on multiple factors. But considering an ideal situation; the price is around $45 to $80. But this price can exceed $250 to $600 depending on the screen type, the nature of the screen damage, the repairing agency you are opting for, the screen size and the laptop model. The screen price can get lowered if you are going for a second-hand one. The total price is a combo of all these factors that’s why it always keeps fluctuating.

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