How Long Should A Dell Laptop Battery Last Per Charge

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Dell is one of the most widely used laptop brands, offering its users superb performance. However, a laptop’s battery is an essential factor in determining performance. If the battery wears out, you must plug in the computer continuously during work, which is sometimes quite tricky. So, one must know how long should a Dell laptop battery last per charge.

Suppose you are using a Dell laptop and want to acquire information on the Dell laptop battery. In that case, this article answers a similar query on the average usage of Dell laptop batteries. So let’s give it a read.

How Long Should A Dell Laptop Battery Last Per Charge?

The new Dell laptop battery should last approximately 7-9 hours on a single complete charge. Yet, the average run time of the Dell laptop battery fluctuates due to factors including the type of work, battery life, laptop quality, and screen brightness. The Dell laptop battery works efficiently for up to 2-3 years, after which the battery’s running time per charge decreases, and the performance is affected. So either you have to work on a laptop being plugged in or replace the worn-out battery for a better experience. Dell gaming laptops typically have better battery timing.

How Long Should A Dell Laptop Battery Last Per Charge

Which Dell Laptop Has the Best Battery Run Time

Dell Latitude 7320 is the best dell laptop so far with excellent battery run time, admiring professional business people. Its design looks classic as well. With a premium quality battery, it has a battery run time of up to 13 hours approximately. Though it might be a bit pricey, its battery performance is priceless. 

Factors Determining Dell Laptop Battery Timing-Top 5

1: Type Of Work

Battery timing is somehow determined by the work you do on the laptop. If you use heavy software for editing videos or graphic designing, the battery will deplete faster. It can hardly run up to 5 hours on a full charge. On the contrary, the battery can continuously run up to 9 hours or more if you write any document. For a power-intensive game, the battery might get discharged within 3 hours.

WARNING: When you multitask or use heavy software, it might cause the laptop to overheat. Unfortunately, this harms the laptop’s battery. Thus, ultimately reducing battery running time.

2: Screen Brightness

The higher screen brightness takes up much of the charging of the battery, and the battery finishes faster. Therefore, the battery can run for a long time with low screen brightness. However, it might be stressful for the eyes. Therefore, a medium screen brightness would also be acceptable for the battery and the eyes.

3: Laptop Design

The battery timing depends on the laptop built too. For example, the gaming laptop is designed for heavy gaming, so the battery is of superior quality and can last longer than an ordinary laptop. Yet such laptops are way too costly.

4: Battery Quality

The higher the battery quality is, the longer the battery timing. So, the top brand laptops like Dell are equipped with top-quality batteries that last longer. The batteries which have higher mAh capacity have long battery timing.

5: Battery Life

When the battery life of the laptop reaches, its efficiency gets slow. The average life of a quality battery is usually 6-9 years, after which the battery starts to get discharged quickly. So, when the battery gets old, its battery timing reduces. Eventually, a time reaches when you have to put the charger on continuously while working.


  1. Select a dark desktop background as it consumes less power, increasing battery life.
  2. Switch off the keyboard backlighting to improve battery timing
  3. Disconnect linked devices as they consume battery.

What Is The Average Battery Life Of a Dell Laptop

Dell laptops have a good battery life of 7 to 9 years if handled with reasonable care and maintenance. However, depending on the work you do on your laptop, the battery life can be more or less. For example, the battery time would gradually decrease if you frequently use power-intensive apps on your laptops.

What Can Be Done To Improve The Dell Laptop Battery-5 Easy Hacks

Hack-1: Use For Purpose Only

Use the laptop only when needed, don’t use it unnecessarily. Shut down the laptop when not in use and put it in a safe place away from the children. This way, the Dell laptop battery can last for a longer time.

Hack-2: Decrease Screen Brightness

As higher screen brightness reduces the charging fast, decreasing the screen brightness increases the battery run time. Thus, improving the battery life and performance. But don’t reduce it to a level that strains your eyes.

Hack-3: Never Overcharge Battery

An overcharged laptop battery can burst and make it useless. Always put it on charging when the battery is utilized fully; it will improve the efficiency of the charging cycle. It is also not good to keep the laptop always charging when working; it will affect the battery life.

Hack-4: Close Background Running Apps

The apps running in the background consume much charging and make the battery discharge faster. Therefore, closing the background running apps will preserve the dell laptop battery and is good for battery health.

Hack-5: Avoid Wireless Networks

The charging drains faster when the laptop uses any wireless network like the internet, Bluetooth, etc. So, use the wireless network only when needed and turn them off for the rest of the time. It will make the Dell laptop battery last longer, increasing its average lifespan.

How To Assess the Health Of a Laptop’s Battery

It is better to measure the health of your laptop’s battery when you notice that the battery is discharging more quickly than usual. You can find several reliable software to assess the battery’s health. For example, Battery Care is one of the software that gives you a slight idea about battery usage and charging capacity in percentage. Utilizing any of such software, you can easily estimate the health and efficiency of your Dell laptop battery. Then, based on the assessment, you can decide to buy a new battery or continue to use the same with some adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Battery Do I Need For My Dell Laptop

Ans: Dell laptop brand uses rechargeable Li-ion batteries. You need the original Dell battery for your Dell laptop. The Dell batteries are specific to different Dell laptop models. Most of all, the Dell battery should be compatible with the Dell laptop model. Any unauthorized or non-compatible battery is hazardous and may explode.

Why Is My Dell Laptop Battery Draining So Fast

Ans: Numerous reasons account for Dell laptop battery draining fast. The most important one is the worn-out Dell laptop battery which needs replacement. In addition, the battery may drain fast when the screen brightness is too high. Multitasking also contributes to the fast-draining battery. When too many apps are running in the background, the battery usually depletes faster. Sometimes, the battery drains faster when using any power-intensive software or app.

Can I Replace My Dell Laptop Battery

Ans: If the Dell laptop battery is removable, you can easily replace it. However, if this is your first time doing it, you should first watch any tutorial video to prevent any possible mistakes. Also, some latest Dell laptops have nonremovable batteries. A non-technical person is unable to replace such batteries. So, always consult Dell laptop repair service in such cases.

Are Dell Laptop Batteries Interchangeable

Ans: No, each dell battery is specific to the dell laptop model and is incompatible with other dell laptop models. However, if you try to use any unauthorized and non-compatible battery on your laptop, the battery can explode and damage your laptop.

How Much To Replace A Dell Laptop Battery

Ans: The replacement cost of the Dell laptop battery is quite reasonable. The total replacement cost can range between $120-150, including the dell battery cost. However, the prices may vary for different Dell laptop models. It is good if you are technical enough to replace the battery yourself.

Bottom Line

This article has enlightened you on How long should a Dell laptop battery last per charge. The heavy software and power-intensive games would consume the Dell battery faster than light tasks like writing documents and emailing. With the proper knowledge of the average battery life and the purpose of the laptop, you should optimize your work accordingly. We hope that this guide has helped you find the correct answer.

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