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Can You Use Any Mouse With A Macbook

Though Apple is highly remarkable in providing us with the premium MacBook, regarding hardware components like the Apple Magic mouse, more is needed to satisfy some customers. Most users resort to using a third-party mouse with a MacBook. You must be curious to know: Can you use any mouse with a MacBook? 

Suppose you don’t admire the Apple Magic Mouse and want to use a third-party mouse on the MacBook safely; we understand. Our article highlights some facts and appropriate ways of using any mouse on a MacBook. Let’s begin.

Can You Use Any Mouse with a MacBook?

Can You Use Any Mouse With A MacBook

Modern MacBooks are equipped with a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity options, so you can use a USB or Bluetooth mouse quite conveniently with MacBook. The primary mouse features like clicking the right or left button, scrolling wheel, and tracking cursor are available in any mouse when you use it on a MacBook. Even if the mouse is specially designed for Windows OS, specific features like dpi changing and windows switching with a button might need to be fixed on MacBook. However, the mouse serves the essential navigation purpose. These specific features need special drivers from the manufacturer, which are not available in MacBook air.

Best Conventional Mouse To Use With A MacBook

There is no second opinion that for a MacBook, Logitech MX Master 3S is the best mouse so far. It supports the hand in a comfortable position with its ergonomic design. The thumb resting on the mouse’s left ensures a firm grip during intricate tasks. The thumb wheel above the thumb rest allows moving the page from left to right without moving down the mouse to the scroll bar. It has a rechargeable battery with good battery life. You can use its seven customization buttons to make it work best on macOS. Though the Logitech MX Master 3S is quite expensive, considering the premium features, it is worth the price. In short, it is the only mouse best compatible with a mac.

Why Using A Third Party Mouse With MacBook

Many people are comfortable with the Windows operating system and want the same on the MacBook. Fortunately, there is a way to run windows on Macbook using the boot camp program. The Apple Magic mouse has zero significance when the MacBook user uses boot camp to run windows. In that case, using a third-party mouse with a MacBook becomes necessary. 

TIP: Those who don’t want to use any mouse with MacBook, use a magic trackpad instead, as it is a better option than an apple magic mouse, especially when the task needs fast editing and cutting.  

Setting Up A Mouse On Mac-Simple Process

Now let’s explore how you can set up any mouse on MacBook. You can connect the mouse to the MacBook in two ways.

Through USB port

The USB port allows wired and wireless connection of the mouse for MacBook pro. The process is plain sailing if you use the USB cable mouse for a wired connection. All you have to do is connect the mouse’s USB cable to the mac USB port, and the mouse is ready to use. For the mac USB mouse with the dongle, insert the dongle into the USB port to make a wireless connection.

Through Bluetooth

You must follow the same protocol for connecting any Bluetooth device when using the Bluetooth mouse. 

  1. First, go to Bluetooth and other devices from the search bar.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth in the right column. 

3. Then select the Add Bluetooth & other devices option. Add a Device window will pop up.

4. Click on Bluetooth. The system will now start searching for your Bluetooth mouse.

5. Turn on the pairing button on your mouse. Once the system detects your mouse, click on the mouse name and select Pair.

WARNING: If you are using a Bluetooth mode of connection, make sure to disconnect all the other Bluetooth devices from MacBook, as they can interfere with the mouse’s functioning.

How To Change Mouse Settings On Mac

Now that the mouse is connected to the MacBook, here are some features you can customize by going to the mouse settings from the System Preference.

Double Click Speed

You can set how fast the two clicks should be counted as a double click.

Main Mouse Button 

You can select either the right or the left button as the primary mouse button.

Cursor Speed

You can customize the tracking speed by changing the mouse sensitivity.

Scrolling Speed

You can adjust the scrolling speed and direction according to your convenience.

If there is no such customizability, working on the MacBook with any mouse other than the apple magic mouse would be difficult for tasks like photo editing and graphic designing.

Third-Party Softwares For Mac’s Mouse

When using any third-party mouse on MacBook, you may face a few troubles like unsmooth mouse movements and jumping cursor. Unfortunately, Apple has no built-in mechanism to deal with such issues. The Apple mouse drivers don’t work on any third-party mouse. So, you need to install third-party software to tweak mouse settings.

USB Overdrive 

The USB Overdrive is a software that offers easy customization of the mouse settings that the mac mouse driver does not support. You can adjust the mouse settings according to your convenience. The software allows you to add or remove the specific actions of the mouse as required to make the work easier. However, remember that USB overdrive is paid software.

Better Touch Tool

Another paid software for Mac mice offers users a 45-day free trial. You can customize the mouse settings to the micro level using the software. Holding the modifier key can change the cursor speed easily by holding the modifier key.

Linear Mouse

Linear mouse is also a third-party software for tweaking the mouse settings on a third-party mouse. You can reverse the scrolling direction on the mouse with this software and even disable the cursor speed and acceleration.

Steer Mouse

Steer mouse is a paid third-party software for changing mouse settings on MacBook. You can use it for both Bluetooth and USB mice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Connect USB Mouse To Macbook

Ans: To connect a USB mouse to a MacBook, insert the batteries in the mouse and turn it on. Now plug the USB receiver/dongle into the USB port of the MacBook. The USB receiver will automatically connect the mouse to the MacBook. If the mouse is a wired USB cable, you have to insert the USB cable into the USB port to connect it to the MacBook.

How To Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse To Macbook 

Ans: You can connect the Logitech wireless mouse to Macbook using Bluetooth or a USB receiver. With the Bluetooth method, you have to turn on the Bluetooth feature in your MacBook and power on the Logitech mouse. Press the pairing button next to the power button on your mouse. Once your system detects the Logitech mouse, click on Pair. After pairing, the mouse is ready to use. When the mouse is a USB receiver, insert the receiver into the USB port and turn on the mouse to connect it to the MacBook.

How To Emulate Middle Mouse Button On Mac

Ans: To emulate the middle mouse button on mac, you must access the System Preference on your MacBook. From there, go to Security and Privacy. Then click on the Privacy tab. Navigate to the Accessibility option. You will see the MiddleClick with a box on the right column next to it. Please tick the box next to it, and you are ready to emulate the middle mouse button with the MacBook trackpad.


This guide has given authentic facts and knowledge regarding the query: Can you use any mouse with a MacBook?As the Apple magic mouse is not very convenient, most MacBook users prefer to use the third-party mouse with the MacBook. There is no harm in using any mouse with the MacBook other than the Apple magic mouse, except that it should be compatible. Hence, you can reliably use a USB or Bluetooth mouse with MacBook.

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