Can I Use Windex On My MacBook Screen

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You know the MacBook screen usually gets dirty as you use it daily for work. That’s probably because the air carries dust, accumulating on the screen when we work long hours and don’t pay heed to clean the screen before closing it. When the display gets dirty enough to annoy us in our work, a question arises: Can I use Windex on my MacBook screen.

A laptop or computer screen requires a simple process to clear the dirt, smudges, and spots. To clean a MacBook, you must consult the Apple guide or go through the support on the Apple website. The guide may help you know what you can use on the screen and what can potentially damage the screen. But it is always necessary to read the operating guide before cleaning.

Windex is best for cleaning glasses and gives them a fresh new look. You may wonder if you can use Windex on MacBook air screen to get the same effect. The answer is simple ‘NO’ because you wouldn’t like the screen of your expensive Macbook to get damaged at any cost. This article will highlight why Windex is not the right choice and what things you can use to clean a MacBook. Let’s begin.

Can I Use Windex On My MacBook Screen

can i use windex on my macbook screen

Windex is not safe to clean a MacBook because it can destroy the protective /anti-reflective coating on the screen and causes the screen to look more invisible and irritating. Although it is a top-rated glass cleaner, it is not for laptop or computer screen cleaning.  It would be best if you use certain cleaners approved by Apple support, including a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe, 75% ethyl alcohol wipe, and Clorox disinfecting wipes. You can also buy the Apple screen cleaner from the Apple store. 

How to Clean the MacBook screen

To clean a MacBook, you must be extra careful regarding the screen. The glass screen used in the MacBook is not like ordinary glass. It is quite sensitive to the powerful chemicals used in Windex or other glass cleaners. If used, it will cause cracks and cloudiness on the screen, damaging it.  

Things to Keep in Mind during the Cleaning process


To clean MacBook air screen, the first thing to do is to unplug the power source for your safety and keep all the cleaning solutions away from the device. If the liquid is accidentally spilled on the device, it will seep through the openings and can damage the internal components. In this case, you should immediately ask for help from the Apple store.


It would be best if you did not use any ordinary cloth to wipe the screen. The apple recommends using a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning. The abrasive cloths and paper towels should never be used as they are rough to the screen and can cause damage. Using the apple cleaning cloth to clean a MacBook would be best.


 Don’t spray the cleaning solution directly on the screen, as the drops can enter the MacBook through the openings and damage the internal components. Instead, spray the cleaning solution on the apple cleaning cloth and dampen it to wipe the screen. 


Avoid frequent wipings as they can damage the screen’s protective coating and cause unpleasant scratches. Always be gentle while wiping the MacBook screen or computer screen.

Best Cleaning Solutions

Can you clean MacBook screen with Windex? Never if you don’t want to damage the computer screen. Many cleaning solutions are out there which are safe for cleaning a MacBook. They are available at hand and are also inexpensive compared to the Windex. Let’s discuss some basic cleaning solutions:

Distilled Water

Dampen the apple cleaning cloth or soft cotton cloth with distilled water and gently wipe the screen. It is the simplest cleaning method. The deionized distilled water is ideal as it contains no minerals to accumulate as a white cloud on the screen. It will clear all the dust and dirt.

Isopropyl alcohol

The Apple guide recommends 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean stubborn finger marks. Slightly wet the wipe with isopropyl alcohol and clean the screen from left to right or top to bottom. Don’t be harsh while cleaning.

White Vinegar 

White vinegar mixed with an equal amount of distilled water is a good option for cleaning the smudges and dirt. You can use a microfiber cloth or an apple cleaning cloth to wipe the screen.

Apple Screen Cleaner

If your MacBook screen got oily marks and spots, apple screen cleaner would work the best in this case. Spray the apple screen cleaner on the soft cotton cloth and wipe the screen with a gentle motion.

Products you should never use on a Macbook screen

Apple support prohibits the use of the following cleaning solutions to clean Macbook air screen:

  1. Bleach or hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution
  2. Aerosol sprays
  3. Window cleaners
  4. Household cleaners
  5. Ammonia 
  6. Abrasives
  7. Cleaning solution containing acetone


can I use Windex on my laptop screen 

Ans:  No, you cannot use Windex on your laptop screen because it can damage its protective coating and make it look cloudy, as Windex contains ammonia and other harsh chemicals that harm the sensitive laptop screen. Although it can be used on a glass screen, it is still dangerous, and Apple strongly prohibits using Windex on MacBook air screens.

Using distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, and hand sanitizers to wipe the screen with a soft, lint-free cloth is safe.

how to clean a MacBook pro/air screen

Ans: It would be best to buy the apple screen cleaner from the Apple store. It is well and good if you have Apple cleaning cloth; if not, any soft, lint-free cloth will work effectively. However, if not possible, you can safely use distilled water, 70% isopropyl alcohol, 75% ethyl alcohol wipe, or a Clorox disinfectant wipe. Always beware not to use paper towels or any abrasive cloth as they can damage the screen.

Before cleaning a MacBook pro/air screen, unplug the power supply for your safety. Do not directly spray the cleaning solution on the screen; sprinkle on the apple cleaning cloth and dampen it. Now gently wipe the screen from left to right and top to bottom. You are all done.

Wrapping up

This article answered the question: Can I use Windex on my MacBook screen. We hope that reading this article has ended your confusion and has given the precise answer to this question. To conclude, don’t ever think of using Windex on a MacBook screen if you don’t want to cause damage to the sensitive screen. The glass screen of the MacBook is very fragile; distilled water is good enough to clean MacBook air screen quite effectively.¬† Apple will take no responsibility if you use Windex as it prohibits using it in its manual.

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