Can I Leave My Laptop In A Hot Car

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It is no doubt the most frequently asked question. Nobody wants to come back to their car after enjoying it, only to find that their precious long-lasting gadget is deplorable in your car. A minor mistake can lead to destructive consequences. Even if you shop for the best durable laptop, your best gadget won’t be able to survive the radioactive sun rays.

That’s why we are here to help you explore some effective ways in which you can keep your laptop cool, even in a hot car.

Can I Leave My Laptop In A Hot Car?

The answer to the question” can I leave my laptop in a hot car”? Is both yes and no

Can I Leave My Laptop In A Hot Car

Why Can’t You Keep Your Laptop In A  Car?

“Is it okay to leave the laptop in the car”? Firstly, the temperature inside the car is many degrees higher than the outside. So keeping your laptop inside can melt its plastic covering and make the laptop hot to touch. Moreover, this can result in great damage to your laptop. 

Leaving the computer in the hot car makes it vulnerable to theft. Someone might come and steal your laptop since the car’s security system is always promising. 

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If the car’s internal temperature is lower than the outside, the laptop may hang up and won’t start.

How Can You Keep Your Laptop Safe And Cool Even In A Hot Car? 

The first piece of advice is don’t put your laptop in a hot car. However, if the circumstances are unavoidable and you have left your laptop in a hot car, you should follow these tips! 

Tips To Keep Laptop Cool In Car:

Turn off Your Laptop:

The first tip is to turn off your laptop in the car. Don’t start your laptop in the car because as soon as you start the system, the laptop’s internal temperature will go up, and since the car temperature is high, your laptop may go slow. Therefore, could you turn it off properly? Putting your laptop to sleep mode won’t do since it only offs the display screen; internally, all the laptop components are, putting it to sleep mode won’t cut it. 

Remove The Battery:

The damage to the battery is not reversible at all. Therefore, don’t put your lithium-ion battery inside a warm car by all means. These batteries are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. The temperature affects both their battery life and their overall charging time. Moreover, they are highly flammable, so leaving them in a warm car can make them; therefore, you should take a try with you. Plenty of laptops have removable batteries, so take them with you if you can’t avoid the situation.

Park In Shade:

The most effective way to drop the car’s temperature is to park it in the shade. 


If you can’t find parking under shade, they hse sunshades. The sunshades will prevent the sun rays from coming inside and keep the inside car temperature moderate. 

Leave It On Or Under The Front Seat:

The front seat has an air conditioner, so keeping your laptop in the front seat will keep it cool. Whereas, if you want your laptop to be away from the thief’s eyes, you can put it under the driver’s seat for safety. Another effective way is leaving a laptop in the trunk of the car. This will keep the laptop away from sun rays.

Laptop Bag:

Lastly, a leather laptop bag is the best way to store a laptop. It would be effective in keeping your laptop away from harm. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

 How Long Can I Leave A Laptop In A Hot Car? 

You can leave your laptop for about 8 hours, considering that you have fully powered off the laptop, pulled its battery, and parked your car in the shade. These simple steps will protect your laptop from sun rays and keep it cool for 8 hrs approx. 

Why Is My Laptop Getting So Hot?

Your laptop keeps getting hot due to an Insufficient cooling system. The ventilation ducts may be cooled with dust, or the cooling fans might get clogged. This leads to your laptop getting overheated. 

Is It Normal For A Laptop To Get Hot? 

Your hot laptop doesn’t indicate that it has some issue. Usually, during usage, the laptop does get hot. However, its temperature should be around 95 degrees. More than that is indicative of an issue. 

Is It Bad To Leave Electronics In A Hot Car?

Yes, it is. Your USB, Phone, laptop, and camera all are sensitive to heat and might get damaged if you leave them in a warm car. Hiding your electronics might keep them safe from theft; however, it doesn’t mean that they are not exposed to high temperatures.

Wrapping Up:

In this article, we have answered the common query,” can I leave my laptop in a hot car?” Laptops are vulnerable to heat. Therefore, you should avoid keeping them in a hot car. However, if the situation is unavoidable, you can follow some tips to keep it cool. This will prevent you from saying Ah! My laptop is very hot! Best of luck in keeping your laptop cool!

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This Article is Updated in August 2022.

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