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Phones are a blessing given by the modern world. These convenient gadgets have turned our world upside-down. You can communicate with your family members, send emails and even stream videos with just a touch. However, these battery-powered devices need to be charged. Many ask, “Can I Charge My Phone With My Laptop Charger.”

Phones come with their original chargers. However, if your phone charger has been damaged due to mishandling or you have lost it, people will obviously opt for power banks to charge their devices. However, this has also struck some as to whether they can use laptop chargers to charge their smartphones.

Let’s dive into its details.

Can I Charge My Phone With My Laptop Charger

Yes, you can use laptop chargers to charge your phone. Chargers are essential to charge your devices. Since every battery-powered electronic device has a charger, it’s awkward to charge your phone with a laptop charger. However, since technology has improved so much, it’s not impossible to think that your laptop charger can also charge your phone. For this, both your devices should be USB C compatible. The trick for charging is compatibility. Both the devices should match one another. 

Let’s find out why it’s important to use USB type C for charging both devices.

Why Use USB Type C To Charge Your Phone?-Detailed Guide

Phone chargers are usually of 3 major types:

  • Micro USB 
  • USB Type C
  • Lighting 

Micro USB Ports: In the past, these ports were the standard. However, not anymore. USB type C are going to replace them.

USB type C: They are well-reputed for fast charging and data transfer rates. They are rumors of USB type C becoming the latest standard.

Lighting: Lighting ports are found in Apple gadgets. 

USB Type C connectors are different from the old USB types. It is because the older USB versions were not capable of charging laptops. They could not match the laptop’s power needs. However, USB type C is unique. It’s a universal charger that can provide sufficient power to all devices. It’s considered the best for charging laptops. Hence, experts believe that since it can perfectly power up laptops, the same can be said about phones. They can charge your phones as well.

How To Identify USB Type C Charger?

Now, the question is,” how do you identify your laptop or phone has a USB type C charger?

There are two ways you can perfectly find USB-type C chargers.

  • Look at the connector. It should be round and small. The USB type c connector won’t be able to fit into other USB port slots.
  • You must flip all other connectors to the correct side to insert them into the port. However, for USB C, there are no such restrictions. You can easily plug it by flipping it to any side.

Is It Safe To Charge Your Phone With Laptop Charger?

Probably, it’s not a safe process. Charging your phone with a laptop charger is quite risky. A laptop charger can draw more power from the electric outlets hence your device can also charge faster. However, this comes with a potential con. The total voltage requirement for laptops and phones is quite different. Laptops require more power, so laptop chargers tend to extract more from the outlet. However, this is not suitable for phones. Getting more power than their requirement can fry phone’s battery. Hence charging a phone via a laptop charger can be dangerous.

How To Pin Down The Risks?

Your USB type C charge should be genuine. It is because a fraudulent charger can burn your phone. Moreover, smartphones have internal voltage control systems. This system prevents them from getting overcharged. Therefore, the laptop charger won’t damage the phone. 


The query” can i charge my phone with my laptop charger” depends upon your device’s compatibility. You can easily charge your device if both the devices own a USB C port and charger. However, it would help if you used your phone’s original charger to power up your phone. It is because charging your phone with a laptop charger is full of risks; hence, your phone battery can get damaged. It isn’t a safe process; however, if you are in a tight spot, the method can surely bring your dead phone back to life.



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