Are Laptops Allowed In Checked Baggage

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The Transport Security Administration (TSA) has updated its list of electronic gadgets banned in checked bags. So, as per this new regulation, are laptops allowed in checked baggage?

If you are going to travel in the future, it’s an absolute must for you to be familiar with the new TSA regulations. It will prepare you beforehand, obviously not just for your laptops but for other devices like cameras, power banks, tablets, etc.

Are Laptops Allowed In Checked Baggage?

Are Laptops Allowed In Checked Baggage

Sometimes, people travel with laptops in their hands carry, labeling them as their items. However, you need to know if you can pack your laptop in checked luggage when you’ve got no carry-on. We are here to help you!

Can You Put A Laptop In A Checked Bag?

The TSA officers have the final say about what’s banned and unbanned in your checked and hand luggage, but it’s a good thing if you know about the policies beforehand to save you from any inconvenience.

As per their new policy, the answer “Are Laptops Allowed In Checked Baggage?” is affirmative! You can board the plane with a laptop in your checked baggage; however, your device must be scanned through the x-ray machine.

You can also travel with lithium batteries in checked bags, but they are banned in hand-carry. However, plenty of airlines encourage you to pack these devices in your hand-carry to access them easily. You can also pack your tablets, hand games, and power banks in your checked bags.

Although the TSA allows you to take laptops in the checked bags, it’s still not good to pack them there as they will suffer incurably due to mishandling and poor manipulation.

Why Should You Reconsider Traveling With A Laptop?

Although laptops are allowed to be taken on a flight as your personal belongings, it doesn’t mean that you should always fly with them. Instead, it would be best to consider the various risk factors and dangers that involve flying with a laptop.

Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t necessarily want you, travelers, to be on board with your laptops. That is why it took them so long to decide on banning them or not.

They have revised the policies and require you to pack your lithium battery devices like tablets, laptops, phones, etc., in a carry-on, mainly because the lithium batteries are flammable.

Although fire outbreaks due to a laptop are rare, it’s still best to take precautions. Please switch off the laptop system and ensure it doesn’t turn on while packing.

Apart from the dangers, the laptop brings to you, let’s talk about the risks that laptops may face.


One significant issue you might face while packing your laptop in the checked bag is mishandling. Your laptop is at risk due to flight turbulence, subpar manipulation, handling by security officers, bag handlers, etc.

Hence, your gadget can get damaged easily.

Your laptop will surely go through rough searches at multiple security checkpoints. That’s why protection is a must. Therefore, if you have no choice but to pack your laptop in checked baggage, ensure that it’s well-protected, and it’s wise to place it in the mid-section of your bag.

Data Theft Risk:

Packing your laptop in a checked bag will make it vulnerable to data theft and hacking. It’s not challenging for a hacker to insert a chip into your laptop and hack all your data. 

Therefore, wrap a plastic bag around your laptop. It can help you detect any tampering if done. Moreover, the plastic bag can be used as solid evidence. 

If you’ve got some classified data, install a high-level security system and a fingerprint reader, and other verifications to make data theft difficult. 

Do Airports Inspect Your Checked Bags?

Your checked baggage and hand carry will be scanned under an x-ray machine for weapons and other harmful items. The laptops in airports are separately scanned.

The x-ray screening won’t bring any harm to your laptop. However, the security officers may open up your luggage for a more thorough search. 

It’s not uncommon for checked luggage to get stolen or lost during your travel. Plenty of thieves and bag handlers are waiting to steal your baggage. You may safely arrive at your destination, only to realize that your laptop and your checked baggage are nowhere to be found. 

Hence, it’s wise to pack your laptop and other electronics in a carry-on. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Many Laptops Can I Carry On Plane? 

The TSA hasn’t mentioned the total number of laptops you can carry. However, putting your laptop in a checked bag will expose it to plenty of risk and damage. Moreover, your luggage has to be opened multiple times for a thorough security check. 

Where Should My Laptop Be Kept When Flying? 

For flight, it’s best to put your laptop in a carry-on or a handbag. This will provide you with quick accessibility to your device for instant email checking or work and save it from significant damages and risk. On the contrary, packing your laptop in checked baggage invites many issues. However, if you take precautions and properly pack it, you may save your laptop from harm. 

How To Keep Your Laptop Safe In Checked Luggage?

If you pack your laptop in checked luggage, then protect it using the following steps. 

  •  Pad the edge of the laptop to protect it from damage. You can use tape to keep it in place. 
  • Wrap a bubble wrap around your laptop for a protective covering that acts as a shield against damage. 
  • Put the laptop in a top-quality laptop bag.
  • Switch off your laptop’s system and internet and put it on airplane mode.
  • Buy an electronic organizer to keep your laptop charger and cords safe.  

Are Laptops Allowed On International Flights? 

Yes, you are allowed to bring your laptops on international flights. However, putting your laptop in a handbag or a carry-on is advisable because packing it in a checked bag invites many risks. 

Are Laptops Allowed On Domestic Flights?

Yes, laptops are allowed on domestic flights as well. In short, they are permitted on planes. However, your laptop has to go through scanning at security checkpoints.

Wrapping Up:

Now, you know that laptops aren’t banned on planes. However, some airlines are against carrying electronics in checked baggage. We have highlighted the significant risks your laptop may face while packed in checked baggage; therefore, take necessary precautions to protect your device! 

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This Article is Updated in August 2022.

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